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    I7 3770
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    Predator G3620
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    Some RAM that totals to 16GB
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    GTX 970 Strix
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    G3620 Case
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    Seagate Barracuda?
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    Idk at least its 80+ bronze
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    Armageddon foxbat
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    Windows 10
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  1. Yep, green works. I'm guessing its the internal CPU that is causing the problem
  2. Hi all, I have a Coolermaster Masterkeys pro L right now and it has lasted me 3 years thus far (out of the warranty period). When I booted up my computer, I realized that one of the key (Numpad 7) RGB color was off, it is not synched with the other keys. Attached is a video of what is going on with my keyboard right now. Is there way to rectify this, especially since my keyboard is right now out of warranty? Video Description: Profile 4: The pink color is not matched with the other pinks surrounding the Numpad 7 key Profile 1 & 2: The color is not even synched once I switched the profile. Starts off with a jittery orange color Profile 3: The white is not that white I have tried to tweaked the settings in the Cooler Master software but to no avail. I assume it is a problem related to the onboard CPU of the keyboard, and yes I have tried plugging the keyboard in and out. Is there any ways to fix this? Edit 1: added the video VID_20191219_214055.mp4
  3. Hi, does anyone know of any device that will allow me to plug both headphones and speakers in, but audio output able to switch between the headphones or speakers? It is currently quite frustrating to keep unplugging and replugging my headphones and speakers whenever I change between them Edit 1: Thanks for all the amazing solutions, but i currently own a laptop, is there any solutions for that?
  4. Hi, I decided to factory reset my computer as it was running too slow. However after the reset, I havs been stuck at the 'Other Users' login page and is unable to log in. How do I bypass this page and go straight to the homescreen?
  5. Was using GPU for GPU intensive tasks before this happened. I overclocked it to a stable 1523Mhz and the temps were quite fine around 67 degrees. However, the GPU suddenly decided to idle at 135Mhz. Any idea how to solve this?
  6. Hi, I currently have a GTX 970 OC to 1543MHZ with temps of 67 degrees Celsius. I am currently mining Monero under the pool minergate and i am getting hash rates of within the 400 range. Assuming I solo mine, how often will I be able to look for a block, and how much Monero am I looking at when I mine that block?
  7. Then will i be able to use 2 different cards in 1 machine for mining?
  8. CPU may not matter much in mining, but it does help abit. So does a CPU with more cores mine better than a CPU with less but more powerful cores or is it otherwise?
  9. I will be getting a wireless usb adapter soon for my computer but i am unsure if all the wireless usb adapters would provide support for 5GHz network. Like for example, i am unsure if a dongle which goes up to 150mbps support 5GHz network? But mainly, what are the requirements for the dongle to support 5GHz network?
  10. sorry if i didnt explain it enough. What i meant was how long will it stay relevant within the 1440p range?
  11. How long will the gtx 1070 last in 1440p 60hz? I plan to get the GTX 1070 for 1440p gaming.
  12. Is it possible to use your phone as a VR headset connected to the computer? This is a very random idea but if it is possible it would be quite cool
  13. ok so during english class today, all of us saw this word bicycling. My English teacher does not know how to pronounce it, so does the students. How do you pronounce the word? Is it Bi-si-cling or Bi-sai-cling?
  14. Instead of buying a keyboard, i plan to make a keyboard from scratch. You guys got any pointers for doing it? So far the only part i have problems finding is the keyboard plate (the one below the keys). I plan to build a full sized keyboard.