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  1. TrigrH

    Windows 10 adds keyboard layouts by itself

    i get this issue from time to time, i just use powershell to remove all languages that I dont want
  2. TrigrH

    Titan Xp to 2080 Ti or not?

    You should have enough pcie lanes to keep the two current cards and get a single 2080ti just for gaming right?
  3. TrigrH

    Accurate SSD health software?

    same 'im down to 96% over 3 years of daily use
  4. TrigrH

    Accurate SSD health software?

    try crystaldiskinfo
  5. TrigrH

    Which SSD is better?

    Crucial MX500 250GB 3D NAND - $49.95 is the best choice here price/performance.
  6. TrigrH

    CPU Question

    yes but you should atleast get to 4.2ghz
  7. I should probs update winrar then aye, guess ill have to crack it again /s
  8. TrigrH

    DARK ROCK PRO 4 without the front 120mm fan

    Depends on case airflow and multiple factors, why would u want to do this?
  9. TrigrH

    Is Ethernet and this wire the same?

    if it fits and it comes from the router to the pc, it will work. (providing you have drivers for the network port on the pc)
  10. The setting was enabled for me, I recall having it disabled.
  11. TrigrH

    I still don’t get it!

    there is 2 pins on the motherboard which you connect the cases power switch to. quickstart page 5 of the manual (pins 3 and 4, counting from left to right across the top)
  12. TrigrH

    Do I need 1TB SSD?

    You don't NEED it, 500gb is plenty if you use other storage but if you are lazy or load a lot of games onto the SSD, you will need 1tb+