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  1. I'm running out of patience. My laptop user profile internet speed is horrendously slow compared to my son's profile internet speed. I only have one of us logged in at a time, yes, I completely log out of one account before logging into the other. My issue is my speeds are at 20-50 Mbps down, 7-8 Mbps up. Same laptop, son's account it's 250-290 Mbps down 10-12 Mbps up. Screenshots of my son's task manager and mine. His are the top 3, mine are the bottom ones. http://imgur.com/a/B3U3Ve2 Screenshots of speeds: http://imgur.com/a/vSLh0X5 I've posted to windows 10 forum and Reddit, now here. I'm hopping someone can help me figure this dilemma out because I'm at my wit's end. I am using Windows 10 Home have an I7 8750H, 16 GB Ddr 4 ram, Intel Wireless-AC 9560 network adapter and a Realtek PCIe GbE ethernet controller. All drivers are up to date. This issue is happening on wireless and ethernet so it's not my computer. My modem is a Netgear CM 700 and my router is a Nighthawk X6S AC3000 (model R7900P). It's only on my profile that this issue presents itself. If I don't log out of my account it also affects my son's. Please help!
  2. Griffscavern

    Division error 20010186

    You're welcome. Glad you found a solution.
  3. Griffscavern

    Division error 20010186

    Yeah I had just edited my post when I got your reply.
  4. Griffscavern

    Division error 20010186

    I found this. See if it helps you out. http://techfaqs.net/games/how-to-fix-error-delta-20010186-in-tom-clancys-the-division/ Edit Actually this page says a fix has not been found. Sorry.
  5. Not sure if this will help, but thought I'd try. http://www.howtogeek.com/223530/how-to-lock-down-your-android-tablet-or-smartphone-for-kids/ It's a parental feature, but may be what you're looking for.
  6. Griffscavern

    How should I name my white and purple rig?

    How about Deep Purple? 70's and up English rock band. Or the name of one of their songs. Probably too young to appreciate that, but thought I'd try.
  7. Griffscavern

    Why do you hate sqeekers so much

    Because some morons just have no patience or empathy. My son was a squeaker up until a couple of years ago and it happened to him too. I, personally, had no problems playing with "squeakers" because at one point, and for a lot of those that complain about them, they forget that not long before they were just the same. It's an immature person that overlooks that.
  8. Griffscavern

    Just Joined - Wanted to Introduce Myself

    Welcome aboard. Glad to have you. Figured I'd start off the welcoming.
  9. Griffscavern

    joining the military at 23

    Not only that, but future employers look favorably on people with a military background. Increasing your chances for hire. They, generally find military vets more disciplined and trustworthy in a lot of cases. If it is your wish to do so just make sure, as you have stated, that your MOS is transferable to civilian life. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  10. Griffscavern

    joining the military at 23

    Just realize at your age, even though 23 is not old by any standard, you will be called old man and Grandpa by those you are with, but it is not a bad experience. Even in the guard, however, you stand a chance of being deployed at any given time to an active war zone. Food for thought. I am a former Marine and I have a son, who I will try to discourage from joining the military if he so desires, but will not stop him from doing so if he decides he wants to. I will make sure that his MOS choice is one that will benefit him in civilian life. I will also dissuade him from joining the USMC or Army, and rather hope he joins the Coast Guard, Air Force or Navy. In the hopes that he does not end up in a grunt position. So that he might find a decent MOS.
  11. Griffscavern

    Why is RUSH the best band ever?

    They are, by far, one of the best bands there are. I've seen them in concert a couple of times. Their music is outstanding, and Neil Peart is, by far, the best percussionist there is. He not only keeps the rythym, but is an integral part of each and every song. He also is the lyricist for the majority of their songs.
  12. Griffscavern

    is it okay to not floss with braces

    One thing about braces is they will hold food in them. You want to at least rinse really well. See if you can get a water pick machine too. They are great. After a few days the pain that the braces are causing, by moving your teeth, will subside.
  13. Griffscavern


    I'm not sure about other countries, but I do wish the U.S. would make the 24 hour clock a standard. In my opinion it's more accurate and people wouldn't have to ask "is that A.M. or P.M.?'
  14. Griffscavern


    Totally understand your point. Plus telling a civilian that it's 0000 kinda confuses them. I've also been teaching my son military time and the military phoenetics alphabet too. Not sure why, just felt it would be something for him to know. Don't want him to join the military, but I leave that choice up to him.
  15. Griffscavern