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  1. It's finished! Enter Our partnered DiRT Rally 2.0 Cooler Master Gaming PC Case Mod Giveaway here, <Link Removed>




    amazon-final-dirt-rally-2-4k-gaming-pc-case-mod-build-mnpctech8 copy.jpg

    amazon-final-dirt-rally-2-4k-gaming-pc-case-mod-build-mnpctech7 copy.jpg

    amazon-final-dirt-rally-2-4k-gaming-pc-case-mod-build-mnpctech4 copy.jpg

    amazon-final-dirt-rally-2-4k-gaming-pc-case-mod-build-mnpctech6 copy.jpg

    1. TVwazhere


      I really dig the hood scoop! And the start/stop button is one of my favorite features on my Corsair 380t. Wish more cases had it!


      Also I think it would be funny if instead of boost, it was Boost measured in PSI ?

    2. SansVarnic


      I have removed the short link in your comment, Short links are not allowed unless otherwise given permission by the mod team. Please insert the full link. Thanks.