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  1. Mnpctech

    Vertical GPU Mount

    He's using 16x PCI-E riser cable to connect the GPU to the motherboard, https://mnpctech.com/pci-e-riser-cable/ No need to any cut holes with the Stage 2 vertical 120mm mount bracket, as shown in this video overview
  2. Mnpctech

    Vertical GPU Mount

    ^ Awesome DIY fab work by @Defyant hmmm, for MATX, space for Vertical GPU gets real challenging, Carlos used the Mnpctech Stage 2 120mm Vertical to mount his GPU onto 120mm fan opening in the floor of the Fractal design Nano S, which is also a MATX case, he told me cooling hasn't been an issue, as the GPU is located alongside two 120mm intake fans.

  4. Mnpctech

    Show off your latest purchase!

    new build, https://mnpctech.com/corsair-crystal-series-570x-rgb-watercooled-gaming-pc-build-rainbow-brite-case-mod.html
  5. I've also noticed that manufacturers have gotten real picky about people having a good social media presence.
  6. I really like Carlo's Nano S build, so clean and stylish, 
  7. Mnpctech

    Any custom-builder suggestions?

    Appreciate the Referral, but I'm booked thru 2019
  8. This question comes up frequently, "What's the current most popular case?" Based on my observations as manufacturer / retailer, I'd say these 3 atm
    ($139) Fractal Design Define R6, http://goo.gl/SaLbfW
    ($69) NZXT S340, http://goo.gl/Y552Uy
    ($39) Cooler Master Masterbox Lite, http://goo.gl/2FFg7C
    Why isn't In Win there???? There is no question that they make exceptionally good cases. Based upon my personal experience of working with In Win, I believe they don't focus enough of Marketing efforts at the US market. The majority of US based consumers IMHO are largely unaware of their brand. It's a shame, but those brands who engage with consumer, ultimately win sales.
    and Yes, Corsair and Phanteks have contenders as well.
    1. Mnpctech
    2. XenosTech


      I know but I can't find it locally, or even the one you'd find on speakers

    3. XenosTech


      Actually I might just buy this lol, do you ship outside the U.S ?

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  9. Mnpctech

    Fractal Design Define R6

    Hold out for The Gunmetal finish, it's very nice.....
  10. BIG Thank you to Corsair for the opportunity to create a case mod tribute to ROGUE ONE http://goo.gl/6qT667  with Corsair 600C. I love the inverted motherboard layout and clear panel. #MayTheForthBeWithYou


    1. XenosTech
    2. Mnpctech


      Thank you, it was fun, I hope to create another for Solo movie


    3. XenosTech


      Haha I hope you do, I'd like this one if I could afford it now

  11. Mnpctech

    Military Surprise

    looking forward to seeing the system!
  12. cool grills, remind me of car rims
  13. Mnpctech

    COSMOS - titan update + battlestation

    cool, look for forward to seeing this finished.
  14. Mnpctech

    Project Imperium

  15. Mnpctech

    Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Props again for an awesome job Jokot!
  16. Mnpctech

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Vintage Marantz SR3100 Receiver & Carbon Debut TT custom feet on Project Audio Turntable, https://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/technics-turntable-replacement-custom-feet/
  17. Mnpctech

    What song are you listening to right now.

    My Playlist is always changing....
  18. Mnpctech

    favorite tv show(s)

    into 3rd season of Vikings atm, ...and patiently waiting for next battle.....
  19. Mnpctech

    Finding a Compatible Mini Itx Case

    I agree with the suggestion for the Fractal Design NANO S, as it fits CPU coolers up to 162mm in height People have complained about the front bezel on the EVOLV ITX case being restrictive for airflow.
  20. Mnpctech

    Watercooling Case - 2 Hardline Loops

    Phanteks Enthoo Primo is $239 has lots space for your loops, https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811854001 We did this overview of it's features
  21. Corsair 600C case you posted is great, I used it for this ROGUE ONE tribute PC I built for Corsair's HQ in California.
  22. I use an Air Compressor, otherwise Can of Air as already suggested above is great
  23. Mnpctech

    Oddball case

    iStar make decent quality and priced Rack Mount cases, https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811165511 more styles on their site, http://www.istarusa.com/en/istarusa/product_speclist.php?series=Rackmount Chassis&sub=D STORM&Factor=3