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  1. Mnpctech


    Black Ice Nemesis GTX 80mm radiator may have won me over, instead of the scale generic radiator, sometimes you just gotta do things that feel right.. It also allows options for different compression fittings, versus the welded inlet/outlet ports. I've mounted the classic aluminum framed Evercool 80mm fan. I'll probably paint the fan dark grey.
  2. Mnpctech


    What do you use for cutting small holes? I made this guide for Step Drill Bits I found Max's Falcon rim in web search attached Nikko Toyota HiLux 4WD R/C truck, but I'll check the R/C Hobby Stores Our scale V8 sitting next to Black ICE GTX 80mm radiator. This morning I found 36mm thick 80mm radiator online shown below. Suppose Flex tube loop would be appropriate.
  3. New Video Case Mod Guide: Using Step Drill Bits for making small holes for cables or liquid tubing













  4. New Video Case Mod Guide: Using Step Drill Bits for making small holes for cables or liquid tubing
  5. Miura concept, http://www.lambocars.com/lambonews/kasim_tlibekov_creates_a_miura_fr_concept.html
  6. Mnpctech


    Do you recall the Red pull switch on Max's stick shift for his Supercharger? I thought it would be fun to somehow implement it into my Mad Max tribute build. The switch is used in commercial vehicles for controlling a two-speed axle assembly. I found it on Ebay as Cole Hersee part number 50036-BX.
  7. Mnpctech


    To emulate the rear fuel tanks in the Falcon XB, I'll be using EK-RES X3 150mm reservoirs. btw, these photos are stills from video I'm making of the entire build, once it finished for my YT channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/MonsterMawd I'm wondering if I can use clips from the movie without audio in my video? no clue...
  8. Mnpctech

    Do Card Support Brackets Work?

    reviews of machined aluminum version with rubber bumper, https://mnpctech.com/gpu-support-bracket/
  9. Mnpctech


    That's location for the GPU with this do-it-yourself vertical mount. The final GPU will have water block. Next stage is modifying the top rear portion of the Enermax Equilence case to hold two water reservoirs to emulate the rear fuel tanks on the falcon XB.
  10. Mnpctech


    Had opportunity to get back into the workshop yesterday and make some progress on my Mad Max / Road Warrior / Fury Road tribute PC build. I've decided to locate the V8 to the top panel. I'm going to mock up a 120mm slim radiator to see how it looks in front of the V8 engine and bezel. Hmm, on 2nd thought, maybe a 80mm radiator would be better scale? I still need to fabricate the proper diamond blower for the engine. The Enermax Equilence case lacks a vertical GPU mount, so I've modified the chassis for this compact ITX/MATX vertical GPU bracket, https://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/mnpctech-small-vertical-video-card-gpu-mounting-bracket-black-requires-cutting.html It's mounted on aluminum diamond plate, painted matte black. Here's a photo I found of the Falcon XB from the Fury Road movie before some stages I captured of my progress. Compact Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket for MATX & ITX cases, https://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/mnpctech-small-vertical-video-card-gpu-mounting-bracket-black-requires-cutting.html
  11. One of my Bucket List items was recording Erik Noren from Peacock Groove build one of his custom bicycles. He makes all of his frames and forks by hand. His bikes have won several awards and even stirred up controversy. He rides over mediocrity and loves challenging the industry with different ideas. While recently in his workshop, my eye caught an Orange Metal Flake Fat bike frame, “I want to record you building this bike!” Please share with any of your friends into Fat Tire or Custom Mountain bikes. This is the first time Erik has shared his assembly stage and it’s loaded with tips and he’s also hilarious!




  12. Mnpctech

    Would you trust this product?

    Thank you @AddonCustoms those 90 degree motherboard connectors sold out first day they were listed, hopefully should have more listed soon! Edited; We've had to limit quantity you can order due to people buying 5 - 10 pieces at a time, https://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/90-degree-angle-24-pin-atx-connector-for-motherboard-mainboard.html
  13. We explore a MASSIVE yard of VWs & Audis



  14. We explore a MASSIVE yard, filled with AUDIs / VWs for parts
  15. Mnpctech


    Amen, and Thank you for the post Rod! oh, and no RGBs will be used in this build (lol)
  16. FREE Fan & Radiator Grill templates, https://mnpctech.com/pc-cooling-fan-templates.html

  17. FREE Fan & Radiator Grill templates, https://mnpctech.com/pc-cooling-fan-templates.html
  18. Mnpctech

    (UPDATED) NZXT AIO leaks on 1080ti DEATH

    I'd point NZXT Customer Service to this thread. They need to advise their Quality Controller to inspect the reason why your unit leaked. If one unit leaks, there will be more...(just ask EK)
  19. Mnpctech


    Thank you for watching! Post any suggestions too, if you like If anyone's interested, my DIY guide on using hole saw to improve airflow in a plastic PC bezel, https://youtu.be/stysHOBOfvk I cut this opening in the Equilence bezel with a Jigsaw.
  20. I like the billet combs.
  21. Mnpctech

    Cases with support for vertical 2.5 slot gpu

    at some point this summer I'll be making a new adj telescope rod with cushioned dampeners on both ends for supporting single card setups. Everyone loves simplicity. (yeah dixie's tongue hanging out out reminded me of GPU sag)
  22. Mnpctech

    Vertical GPU Mount

    Yes, out an open PCI slot.
  23. Mnpctech

    Evil Elegance - A NVC build (No visible cables)

    nice work!
  24. Mnpctech

    Ryzen 2700X Editing/Streaming/Gaming build!

    Define C is a great case choice.