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  1. Mnpctech

    Metro Exodus PC

    Corsair 570x case mod & build details, https://mnpctech.com/metro-exodus-4k-gaming-pc-build-case-mod-mnpctech-worklog.html
  2. Very cool! What's the theme of your next build and mod?
  3. pair for $12.99 on this page, https://mnpctech.com/pc-case-lan-party-gaming-carry-top-server-tower-handles/
  4. for sure, Mnpctech billet handles fit and look great on fractal MATX and ITX cases
  5. nice detailing, very well done and clean!
  6. for a sec, I thought Corsair sold you my build... well done, you almost had me fooled! https://mnpctech.com/rogue-one-k-2so-toy-600c-corsair-gaming-pc.html
  7. Thank you everyone for being patient! Here's Ep4 of my Retro PC Build Series, https://youtu.be/qE4z6zRPu7M thats the FIRST wave of photo submissions, I will have more in next Ep!
  8. looking on ebay at 3dfx cards, BIN listings, which doesn't mean they will sell, but none the less, wishing I kept my voodoo 5 card.
  9. Much earlier, Hardware labs started before Danger den, which started in 2000.
  10. I'll have first wave of submitted photos on Monday, I've created Retro Gaming PC Video Playlist
  11. theyre still my all time favorite cooling fans, if you wish to paint them, diy guide for dismantling the scythe gentle typhoon center blade hub,
  12. It's been a lot of fun doing this retro series, it's invited so many cool new online friends! This morning I met Martin, Author or "The Legacy of 3dfx" book on kickstarter. He told me he has over 50 vintage 3dfx video cards in his personal collection! It would be fun to possibly do a 3dfx theme mod with an actual case from same release year as a card.
  13. Derek's Windows 98 Gaming PC build, Keep the photos coming, Thanks guys!
  14. Episode 3 of my Retro Pc Build series! This ep has glimpse of Gareth's system. I'm still collecting your vintage PC photos for a montage in future episode.
  15. Glad you like it! Looking at the SR209 cooling mod options. Lots of options if you don't mind picking up a power drill and have arsenal of hole saw attachments with an arbor. Easiest to most time consuming air cool mods for the Chenbro SR209 1. Swap to higher CFM 120mm exhaust fan *120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoon, https://www.coolerguys.com/products/gentletyphoon-120mm-silent-case-fan-series-d1225c12b-1450-1850-2150-and-4250-rpm *Fractal design Venturi HP, https://www.amazon.com/Fractal-Design-Venturi-HP-14-FD-FAN-VENT-HP14-PWM-BK/dp/B00VYEI17U *Corsair SP fans, https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181027 2. Add 120mm or 140mm fan to floor, and raise chassis with large feet 3. Add 1 or 2 80/92mm fans to right side panel, toward front, ala Jim Hanson at Coolcases style 4. Add exhaust fan(s) to left access panel (not my fav option, must disconnect fan wires for access) (Note: Your PSU intake fan in the SR209 fan will also help with cooling, as warm air exists thru the PSU as well)
  16. My SR209 workstation from 2004 arrived, and WOW! that "New Box smell" brings back so many memories. I forgot about the great features Chenbro offered! $49.95 Shipped! https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Chenbro-SR209-White-ATX-Tower-Chassis-Server-Workstation/142627851418?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Flashback Smiles! *overall construction, fit and finish of everything is excellent *120mm exhaust for 2004 was a big deal. *kensington side panel lock *locking front bezel *front bezel quick release latch! *tool-less fan holders *optional hot swap HD bay Flashback Frowns! *No access to back of motherboard. The Top and right sides are ONE panel (non-removable). This may explain the warehouse full of new SR209s from 2004. *No filters. (Recalling why Jim Hanson from Coolcases sold thousands of fan filters during this era) Obviously the smiles outweighed the frowns, but I still haven't decided if I want to do full-on retro gaming pc build or use modern hardware, or cannibalize it's bezel for another "retro-look" project with the Fractal Design S2. In any case it was only $50 for a friday night flashback experience.
  17. FYI guys, In my next episode, I share this awesome find on Ebay, (New in Box) Chenbro Workstation Case from 2004 for $49.95 Shipped! I have no doubt they will sell out quickly, once my ep3 gets published, either friday or this monday, depending on my time to get the editing finished. Your retro build photos will be featured in ep4. I will share that episode link here, once it's published.
  18. y2k_se's PC systemInwin A500 CaseASUS P2B v1.12 MotherboardIntel Pentium III 1 GHz Coppermine CPU SL4KL256 MB PC133 RAM80 GB Western Digital IDE (one of the 7200RPM 8MB cache versions)32x HP 9100-series CDRW12x Creative DVD-ROMMatrox G4002x VooDoo 2 12 MBCreative AWE 64 ValueLinksys PCI NIC