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    Going Insomniac
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    Cup noodles, Video Games, Anime, Pretty Ladies (3D)
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    Failing Student


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    Athlon x4 860k
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    ASUS A78M-E
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    8 GB RipJaws 1600mhz (4x2)
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    Galaxy Geforce GTX 660Ti 3GB GC edition
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    Rosewill Line-M
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    Western digital Blue 1TB
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    EVGA 500 Watt 80+
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    AOC E2050SWD
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    Stock FM2+
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    Noppoo Spyder 87 (Blue Kailh)
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    Blu Talon
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    Audio Technica Sonic Fuels
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    OS X, just kidding Windows 10

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  1. Had to take the entire monitor apart and remove it from the inside. If anyone ever stumbled upon here and wanted to know.
  2. How do I get rid of this protruding piece. I can't mount any vesa cause of it. https://imgur.com/a/LPptJtE
  3. I have never used any iOS device. I was wondering can I just install whatever file i want or do I have to root it first? Example: Download whatever APK I want and tell android dev whatever option to F off and I can install whatever app Does iOS work in similar fashion? Thanks
  4. What is this thing? often represents databases? I would assume Database servers are rectangle boxes stacked.
  5. I want to have a bunch of RFID cards and have it scan them and know the unique RFID cards and have them uploaded it to the cloud I was thinking about having some sort of RFID key card system to log the entry and exits Thanks
  6. This is for printers. I was connecting to one of the printers and I saw that there were options for port selection. I had the ability to simply choose the IP address of the printer and also gave me options for _1 and _2. Are those same as x.x.x.:1 and x.x.x.x:2? OR _1 and _2 aggregate a bunch of ports? Why this type of notation? Thanks
  7. I am just shooting in the dark here. Are they all connected to the same power source? I'm out of ideas since you did pretty much did all the things I would suggest you doing. Let me know where things go, very interesting
  8. Where'd you get an i6 from? /s I mean if anything by increased resolution you are alleviating the pressure the CPU. You are fine, with Ryzen 5 2600 you are actually going to get similar performance if anything a simple boost nothing great. As intel's architectures are still single thread kings, which matters more for gaming compared to productivity.
  9. I am 18. At 22 I will graduate and maybe enter work force
  10. Mostly because I have to travel to different office 15 min walking locations. Also commute is 3.5 hrs Ye but that's it? You become your job? 22 years of preparation for this? Nah I don't make enough to eat around where I work. I bring food from home. Maybe because of commute time it's tiring but nonetheless very anticlimactic for what I was told be prepared for 22 years. Not looking forward to graduating
  11. I got myself an internship. As a computer information systems analyst. I pretty much do anything IT. From fixing people's outlook problems to setting up cisco routers, highest level of work I have done imo. They are offering me full time for whenever I don't have school. Right now is winter break and I am doing 9-6. My question was that is this it? Like when you get older and become a real adult you just work 9-6/5. I came home tired and watched netflix. You just crunch in 8/9 hours every day of the week? Feels really idk anti climactic?
  12. You add printer through your system os. So for windows 10 just search printer and devices. Then scan for your printer assuming you have it either hard connected or in the same LAN
  13. I had a LG K10 and I opened it and trying to mess around with I broke the solder for the 3.5mm jack. Then there was a black hole where the 3.5mm jack supposed to be. If you have thermal pads laying around you can place those. Not really much you can do unless there are specific mods for your phone model.