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    Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 4
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    G. Skill Ripjaws 2 x 4GB 1600
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    GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0
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    Samsung 840 128 GB
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    Dell U2713HM
  1. Same reason people buy expensive mice and keyboards
  2. They also didn't intend for people to send full frontal nudity over snapchat. You must be one of those poor souls that think that the free websites you visit don't have a cost of some sort. I'm not a mindless drone I'm just realistic.
  3. I am confused at how collection of data somehow diminishes your freedom. As for your privacy. You gave that up when you bought internet service. I would bet over 99% of your data is already used to target ads at you by private businesses.
  4. The constitution and the bill of rights weren't designed to protect terrorist and criminals. When you design a intranet just in the confines of your home I will advocate for it rights. Until then the Internet is not a do whatever you want and get away with it utility.
  5. Privacy advocates are going overboard on this stuff. Nobody cares about your porn habits and browser history. Just because it's stored doesn't mean the gov pays someone to look at your crap. It means that if needed the gov can get your information to prosecute you because you are a bad person for one reason or another.
  6. No I was saying this in the sense that Zen will not be so incredible to allow AMD to become profitable on its own. AMD needs a few years of competitive products to get back to profitability in its CPU products. I don't think that everyone should have i3s. I just don't believe that one CPU line will make everyone want to upgrade. Yes of course some people will upgrade, but still a CPU upgrade is not as common as a GPU upgrade. Btw you seem angry. You should clam down.
  7. I'm sorry but there is no way that zen will be great enough to make people sell their perfectly good CPU for a new zen CPU. A new processor doesn't give you the same bang for your buck that a gpu does. They would only capture some people upgrading from 7-8 year old CPUs. My 2500k still has a bunch of life before I will upgrade.
  8. I really don't understand these days what takes so long to make a console. All they are now are locked down PCs. I hope steam machines slowly kill consoles. The only thing consoles have going for them is that you can resell your games.
  9. It's not android hate. It's my opinion. Also my tone is not hateful. I don't think Apple is the Messiah but I do know one thing for sure. My iPhone offers me a very smooth experience and I am willing to pay for a phone that easily last me 3-4 years. I used a 5 for 3 years and plan on using my 6s for 4. BTW you sound like one of those android whiners who doesn't understand that you don't have to complain about Apple. You can just not buy there stuff.
  10. I really don't understand all the iPhone hate. My iPhone makes calls, texts, uses google maps, browses the web, and plays games. Overall it offers a way better experience than any android I have ever used. As for battery complaints I don't really want to carry around a brick so I can have a "2-3 day" battery. Apple is excellent about software updates and covering older devices. My only real gripes are 2GB took way to long to make it into a phone and 32GB should be the minimum. I don't feel the need to customize my phone like my PC I guess. It's just a phone.
  11. I just got the 6s and I can absolutely guarantee it is the fastest phone I have ever used. All the games I have load way faster than I could expect. It really is a great phone despite all the apple hate out there.
  12. iOS 9 is VERY buggy right now. More so than 7 and 8 ever were. I am using an iPad 4, which is pretty powerful for its age. Still I almost wish I would have waited to upgrade. Btw I never felt that way from 7 or 8 (unless you count in the change to pastel colors in 7 which I still don't like)
  13. Look at the horrible posture of the girl in the video. She has very little self esteem. Just sayin
  14. Just vote with your wallet and be quiet. This is a rant of a thread. Not really news worthy.