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  1. So, I did try the monitor with my old macbook air and connected it mini display port to display port and the resolution was 1440p. So I'm just going to buy a USB C to display port cable and I think that should solve the issue
  2. Would a USB C cable to Display port work?
  3. Hi guys. I have quite an old monitor (Samsung S27A850T) which should be capable of 1440p resolution, but when connecting my MacBook air 2019 trough USB C to HDMI the monitor only defaults at 1080p. Any ideas how I can get the monitor to run at 1440p? Thanks
  4. I like a keyboad to be quite minimalistic and mechanical keyboard aren't. They look quite bluky. Also they make more noise then a membrane keyboard, and the travel distance when pressing the keys is longer, and this to me feels less snappier
  5. Hi guys I am looking to buy a new keyboard (non mechanical) but I am strugalling to find something that thicks all the boxes. I don't really have a budget limit if I can find something with all the requirements bellow. Here is what I am looking in a keyboard: wireless a keyboard without the numeric pad (ten keyless, 60% or however you want to call it) high quallity construction good typing experience (Logitech keyboards are quite good imo, for example the K380 which I tried and really liked the typing feeling, but I find the keys too small. There is also the Logitech K810 which is now discontinued which I also liked. That keyboard whould have been perfect for me. Too bad they don't make it anymore) Optionally: backlight black/grey I know there is the Apple keyboard which I am starting to considering, but I really wish there was a keyboard out there with all of the above that would match the typing experience of the Logitech K380 or the discontinued K810. In my opinion the above Logitech models are a bit better than the Apple keyboard when it comes to the keys feeling, this is why I am hesitating in buying a Apple keyboard. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks
  6. I don't like flashy headphones. Like my PC setup it has to be 'clean'
  7. I think I might do just taht, get a bluetooth mic.
  8. I am actually considering going or at least trying the Audezze Mobius, or the Hyper X cloud orbit, which apparently uses the same driver as the Audezze but its a bit cheaper because of the materials used.
  9. I fogot to quote. my reply above
  10. Will have a look at Senheiser, but for starters I don't like to alien look of the Sennheiser GSP 670
  11. Hi guys. I currentlly have a Beyerdynamic DT 770Pro wired headphones and I would like to get seel them and get something wireless. I am really happy with how thees sound and also with the weight of thees headphones, so the confort is quite good. Is there anything that sounds just as good but is wireless and has a microphone? The SteelSeries Arctis Pro looks to be quite decent, but not sure how they sound in comparison to the DT 770 Pro and also they seem more heavy, so not sure on the confort side. Any opinions on this, or suggestions on other pair of headphones?
  12. Hi guys I am looking for a high quality TKL (without the number keys) membrane keyboard similar to the discontinued Logitech K810. (not reallt a fan of the bulky and noisier mechanical keyboards) What I am looking the the keyboard is to feel high quality, and have a small footprint (without the number keys), and have a minimalist look. I really liked the Logitech K810, so I am looking for something similar. I like the look of the new Logitech MX keys, but unfortunatelly that does't come without the number keys. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  13. Thanks. Just let me know what are your thoughts on which one is more silent
  14. Hi guys. I am looking to plan out my next water cooling build, and have been looking at thees two pumps combos. Initially I wanted to go with the EK D5 pump, but then I saw this Alphacool VPP775 pump V3 which apparently is more powerful and more silent (has less vibrations which can be transmitted to the case), which is really important to me as I'm planning a silent build. I am not saying that the EK pump is not silent being a D5 but some review have shown that the VPP775 V3 can be quite powerful and also a bit more silent. I also found from research that the VPP775 had some reliability problems in the past with previous versions, this being the V3, apparently they have fixed this issues. On another note I saw that somewhat the Alphacool parts can be slightly cheaper sometimes. Has any of you had experience with thees pumps? Which one is more silent (has less vibrations and more silent sound wise)? Which one would you choose? Thanks