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  1. I've got a 905p U.2 in an isolated storage compartment (Alienware Area 51 Case). Intel recommends "Airflow across the drive to provide cooling, such as a front fan and rear fan", but do you think it's really necessary in an isolated compartment? I mean do these things need cooling even without any extra heat sources? I found this: "the upper operating temperature range has been expanded from 70c to 85c"
  2. Oceanwave

    Rad+Fan Covering RAM DIMMs?

    Thx. The RAM will be covered on mine since I'm installing an H80i v2 (wider) + the push/pull. But the RAM isn't touching anything, there's clearance.
  3. Oceanwave

    Rad+Fan Covering RAM DIMMs?

    Agreed lol. So would you recommend I just keep it there with the push/pull?
  4. Oceanwave

    Rad+Fan Covering RAM DIMMs?

    I'm using these fans ML120 PRO 120mm. Here are the case internals. (Minus the Liquid cooled GPU's)
  5. Oceanwave

    Rad+Fan Covering RAM DIMMs?

    I was under the impression it helps move some extra air off the DIMMs/GPU. Well my case (Area 51) has limited mounting options, and this is the arrangement it ships with. Not sure of any other options. I would but since my case (Area 51) has limited mounting options and due to dust filtering issues, it seems like a no go.
  6. Hi, I'm planning on installing my AIO with push/pull (like pictured below except I have two DIMM slots on each side of the CPU), BUT this setup would completely cover my DIMMs on the left side of the CPU. Would you recommend using 1 fan instead to avoid any DIMM coverage? Thanks!!!!!!!
  7. 1) I have a rear 120mm AIO (CPU) exhaust. Does it make much difference which side of the rad the fan is on? 2) Would this push/pull setup be OK? Inside Fan (pushing through) on CPU header (PWM) Outside Fan (directly exhausting) at fixed low speed
  8. Is it possible their 3200MHz Dual Channel option, is 2 identical Dual Channel kits running together in Quad Channel?
  9. But why are they advertising this: If it sheds any light on the matter, I have an Area 51 Threadripper atm, with only 4 DIMM slots and it shows running in Quad Channel.
  10. But this Skylake X system only has 4 DIMM slots total. Can they make their motherboard run Quad Channel with only 4 DIMM slots? Dellianware doesn't list detailed motherboard specs for this high end system. What a joke.
  11. I wonder why they offer: "64GB (4 Sticks) Dual Channel at 3200MHz". What gives? lol
  12. Must be that they're offering cheaper 3200MHz RAM then. Thanks guys!
  13. This is for an Alienware Area-51 R7 Intel X299. Their order configs suggest supporting 2933MHz in Quad Channel and 3200MHz in Dual Channel. Is it possible their cheap motherboard is limiting Quad Channel to 2933MHz?
  14. Any idea which set would win most of the time without any overclocking/BIOS adjustments?
  15. Oceanwave

    Best way to connect 3x Fans to Molex Power

    Thx! If you wouldn't mind, could you recommend a quality splitter?