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  1. Naveronasis

    This is what happens when Linus is on vacation.

    Don't forget, they are trying to sell "Dank Merch" too. I didn't even realize that on the bottom scroll when I posted this last night XD
  2. To be honest the image speaks for itself. I'm pretty sure Luke was passed out drunk before the show, you can see all the marker all over his shirt and and James is just high as fk. . . . . . . . . . . Obviously Kidding XD Paused it here to get a drink and couldn't help myself. Anyone else have a better explanation or caption? Go for it! :D
  3. Naveronasis

    Tempered Glass

    PS, just for the record, this sight seems to have the best prices and options if you want to order Custom Glass, you could save like 5-10 bucks on a few other sites but you lose options like what kind of edge. You can even order custom holes etc. https://www.onedayglass.com/ I'm trying to convert an old Mountain Mods case to tempered glass.
  4. Naveronasis

    Tempered Glass

    What thickness is the tempered glass they use on cases? 1/8th? or is it thicker.
  5. Naveronasis

    Truck pc

    Here's the idea I want to modify my existing computer to be able to be taken on a semi. The computer probably won't be running while the truck is driving and so my question is should I use laptop mechanical hard drives for more vibration resistance if I'm not able to spend what I need for ssds or because the truck is not moving while the computer is on is it okay to just use normal mechanical hard drives. I will be using three or four drives in raid 5
  6. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    I know, I am not calling for a lawsuit either. I was just sticking that video somewhere I would not lose it you should go talk to the nuts over on notebook review's forum they are calling for blood they are crazy.
  7. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    Here is another example of their promise of upgradeability
  8. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    You can even force a type of cooperative rendering on the 750ti I have done literally that, im trying to dig up the software... ist just awful boost, like... 20% or less.
  9. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    There are 3rd party tools for DX11 and earlier to force SLI on cards that do not support it, even in driver, even without a bridge, etc. Its just not worth it for the performance boost unless you just have the cards laying around for some other unrelated reason. Also we have gotten way off topic.
  10. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    There are tools to force cards to SLI,even cards that are not the same, or cards that do not normally SLI... But keep in mind you wont have a SLI bridge, and if you mismatch cards it will use the lowest specs between them to force cooperation. Also you can even force mismatched brands to work togather BUT it will basicly just use 1 card + the vram of the second card. And its using the PCIE buss to convey that ram's storage so performance improvement is minimal if not none. DX12 on the other hand will have its own multi-gpu support but details on that are unknown Ill google around and see If i can find those 3rd party tools again. its been a few years... But your probably better off with 2x 900 series m cards.
  11. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    http://www.eurocom.com/ec/main()ec sells alot of MXM cards direct, even for non-eurocom systems. Their store matches computers to parts though... So if you wanted to test out the card in a system without the quadro on its compatibility list you will probly have to put in a special request with customer service.
  12. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    PS: I'm not saying the channels should start some kind of crusade on behalf of GT80 owners... Im just saying if they could give a mention that this is going on in their podcast... Any GT80 owners in the audience are going to perk up, realize this is going on, and spread the word. Yeah if you buy some random HP from bestbuy you wont remember what model it is... But when you drop 3000-4000usd on a laptop, you will never forget "I own a GT80" so they will notice.
  13. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    Actually I was talking about this with a friend of mine saying how great a tech channel would be for laptops only for exactly this reason. Personally, I am not a huge laptop fan. But there is a huge need for this kind of content and I would be happy to do it except.... I dont have the income to just go buy laptops and review them... even if I immediately flipped them on ebay for only a minor cost. Even these big youtube channels like linus and jayz generally either have the ultra high end stuff they review sent out as review samples or donated to them.... And without making a name for yourself first... its very difficult to just... drop constantly high dollar amounts to buy and resell laptops for review. Most channels wont pay 1200 bucks to play around with a titan that is out of pocket... A laptop review channel would spend a lot more than that... On every single laptop x.x. Maby some day in the future if there is still no channel and I start making a little more income I will think about it... I just can't right now.
  14. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    They do have a 4k version now, so it would make sense for that.... Also the power delivery issue has to do with the new NVlink instead of MXM3 so while MSI may have lots of problems... this one was made a problem by NVIDIA and MSI is stuck in the middle. The question is... Did MSI make this MXM decision based on promises made by NVIDIA, or, did they develop it in a vaccume and just end up eating their words. Either way for people like me who have no way of using a desktop this laptop is sort of a best case scenario. Granted, my life is weird. And im not really that upset because i got my GT80 half off, so I win with or without upgrades compared to other laptops in the same price range. BUT I don't like to see them trying to hide behind a 2 month application window for the ability to upgrade in the future. That's why I made this post... I also tweeted it out to the other tech news youtubers (ncix, awesomesauce, newegg, jayztwo, barnacles, etc. Because if they are going to do this where you have to send a form in... Someone needs to get the word out to owners... Because MSI isn't.
  15. Naveronasis

    MSI GT80/GT72 Upgrade MAJOR NEWS

    Also considering their documentation says that its a "Trade In Upgrade Program" It could be awful, we don't know what the deal "is" but it could be like "Give us your laptop, and we will let you have a new one at X price" where X could be a large number. Also this still only covers people who talk to them BEFORE October... If I had not discovered this completely on accident I would have gone looking for an upgrade to Nvidia 11 series GPU's and found out "oh well like 2 years ago you didn't fill out the proper form and now your in trouble" Hopefully Linus will check this post out and mention this on the wan show. I know the GT80 is a premium product very few people own (I'm lucky I got mine half off) but the word about this needs to be spread so that owners know about it. Especially since Linus him self said in multiple videos (the one above + the one at computex 2015) that 2 generations of GPU are supposed to be available, I would think he would want to go on record stating that has changed. Since many people (my self included) were turned onto this laptop through his coverage of it.