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  1. I'm fortunate that my COBB exhaust system has no drone as long as the car is not under load at those RPM's. Mostly because it retains a pretty beefy resonator
  2. Phanteks Enthoo 719 (formerly the Luxe 2) immediately comes to mind.
  3. They did just release the PC-O11D XL which allows a 120mm fan in the rear of the case
  4. Out of curiosity, are you doing this for the enjoyment of modding, or are you looking to simply improve airflow. If it's the latter option, Phanteks now offers the P400A front panel which is filled with mesh holes for better ventilation, purchasable seperately (in either black or white). If you're in it for the mod, I'd personally cut most of the front panel off (either in a rectangular pattern using a dremel and a rotary cutting blade, or using a hole saw like I did for RGB Build 2019
  5. Tens of dollars at best. IMO not worth waiting for, for those looking to upgrade soon who are using old cards (Nvidia 10xx/ AMD 3xx or older)
  6. Probably not. GPU's in particular rarely drop significantly in price, unless you consider used sales which usually get pretty good discounts.
  7. -Threads Merged- Please refrain from posting duplicate topics in multiple sub-forums.
  8. I agree with this. Adding fans should help lower temperatures significantly especially for the GPU, which at 85ºC is definitely hot. The 400C is a good overall case and when properly filled with fans can be a great cooling case, even though it doesn't have a full mesh front (a fact I often point out but many people dismiss). I'd recommend two in the front as intake, and two in the rear for exhaust. This way, cool air is drawn in at the same rate as hot air is ejected.
  9. Oof, the KH3 RE:mind DLC is $30, that's really expensive for-


    Wait. Where did my $30 just go? Ah shit here we go again

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      The moment you realize you click the mouse button but don't know why.... or is that just me?


      See I can be nice...sometimes.

  10. It can fit three 120mm fans at the front (Even a 360 AIO). The case only comes with Two fans by Default, one at the front and one at the rear (Same as the Meshify C) which means the Meshify C would would ALSO need an aditional fan to rally leverage the front panel's advantage. What is "Hot"? Please list exact temperatures, as 70ºC is considerably very good temps, but something like 90ºC would be what most people consider too hot.
  11. Cases can be the hardest thing to decide because it's the thing that theoretically doesnt impact the performance of your build (so long as the airflow is adequate) but is by far the most aesthetic thing of you entire system because you see it more than any other component. Hence the recent emphasis since 2016 for style and looks taking over functionality and practicality. $!70 for the DG-86 is actually fairly reasonable, and makes it relatively competitive in todays market price wise, but at the price there's a lot of good options as well. It seems like you've got a good list of parts now, and given your R7 2700 and 2080ti hybrid card, you shouldnt have any trouble keeping any of those cool with the cases you've selected. The Meshify C will be the smallest, the Enthoo 719 by far the biggest. The NR600 should theoretically be the easiest on the wallet, and the H500 has great airflow, but notably unless you get the H500P Mesh or H500M version, you'd only be able to mount the 360 AIO at the front, so that means you'd have to remove the dual 200mm fans (The H500 no suffix only supports 240 rads at the top) The PC-O11D, H710 and 719 would definitely be the three cases to choose from for future custom watercooling due to at least dual 360 rad support for the H710, and triple or even quad 360 rad support (iff some of the rads are slim) for the O11D and 719. In the end, whatever you choose will suit your tastes, not compromise you on performance, and satisfy you both in build process and daily use.
  12. The DG-86 came out.... A few years ago? and was EVGA's first case they ever released. While Airflow wise it's actually fine, they did a lot of things with the features of the case that IMO weren't executed well. Looking it up, the price is $269 on amazon, which is better than $319 on newegg (which IIRC is still lower than what it originally launched at) Price wise it makes slightly more sense form a "Getting what you pay for" sense, but I honestly havent seen a review of the case in three years so I cant remember exact details. The dark base 700 is a good case. Build quality is good and noise suppression is great. It's airflow that's severely lacking, but thats because the be quiet! cases are targeting silent as possible as cases, which means there's usually a sacrifice in overall airflow that can be achieved. If the goal is both airflow and noise, the best solution is to get a good airflow case and tune the fan speeds to be quiet, or get good quiet fans. be quiet! to their credit makes very good silent fans The P600s has a front plate that can be removed to increase airflow to the system. Interior wise, the P600S and the new Evolv X are exactly the same. Both are considerable improvements over the Evolv ATX in airflow, though notably theP600S wins when it's front plate is removed. Some cases to consider would be the Coolermaster Mastercase Series (H500, H500P Mesh, H500M) which come with dual 200mm front fans. These fans spin at 600-800RPM which is very slow, but due to their massive size they still move a LOT of air while being very quiet. Another good option is the Lain Li PC-O11D. While the CPU Tower cooler is limited to 155mm, the cooling options in this case are nearly unmatched in fan mount placement, watercooling potential, build quality and price. There's no such thing as the perfect case, but this case for most people is a prime example of a Top Tier case.botho
  13. Make sure to quote or tag the person you're responding to You're going to want to look at cases like the Coolermaster Mastercase series (H500, H500P Mesh, H500M), Fractal Design Meshify S2, Phanteks Eclipse Series (P400A, P600S with front plate removed), Silverstone PM01, Or the Lian LI PC-O11Air (for this, get rid of the crappy front dust filter,the top bottom and side ones are good though)
  14. Fractal Design Define R6, S2, Meshify S2 Coolermaster H500P Mesh Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG
  15. Core 500 from Fractal Design https://pcpartpicker.com/product/LvnG3C/fractal-design-case-fdcacore500bk
  16. Looks like Ncase has discontinued the V5 in preperation for the V6. They alsdo might be moving sites... https://ncases.com
  17. Most of these cases are mATX. Is that because you're making sure it has enough room for watercooling in the future?
  18. It WILL fit... you just need to modify the case Kyle fit the 298mm 1080ti FTW3 in the Meshify C by moving the fans to the front.
  19. I'm rarely very critical of case choices, but all of EVGA's cases they've released have been absolute garbage. Great motherboards and cards. Absolutely awful cases. Your main concerns are Airflow, but the cases you've selected are terrible or decent at best. . For your system (since you mentioned FD cases dont meet your fancy) to suggest looking at the NZXT H710. Best in class cable management and build quality, decent airflow (enough to keep a 360mm AIO well fed) and while it doesnt have sound dampening foam, most noise comes from fans and hard drives, so some fan tuning can go a long way in noise suppression. Another great case would be the Phanteks Eclipse P600S which is basically Phanteks's version of the Define R6 and S2, just with a bit edgier aesthetic without going full Gamer. The front face plate can be removed for extra airflow or left on for noise suppression, whichever suits you once the final build is put together. Both option have ?USB Type C since you have a motherboard that supports that
  20. GPU clearance from the Chipset heat sink is normal. Same with the GPU holes being slightly misaligned. The metal is thin enough to easily bend it to where you need to go.
  21. Did you purposefully off-center your avatar just to bug people's OCD?


    Because it's working😂


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  22. Hey punk, yous lookin fer a fight? /s
  23. Yes it will. Here's an example build with a 280mm AIO and 280mm fans at the front. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/yDFtt6