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  1. TVwazhere

    New build recommendations

    They have a Focus G which is a great option. https://mylemon.at/artikel/fractal_design/fd_ca_focus_bk_w/fractal-d-focus-window-bk.html They also have the Coolermaster MB510L, MB520 and K500L https://mylemon.at/artikel/coolermaster/mcb_k500l_kann_s00/case-midi-coolerm-masterbox-k500l.html https://mylemon.at/artikel/coolermaster/mcb_b510l_kann_s00/geh-masterbox-mb510l-red-trim.html https://mylemon.at/artikel/coolermaster/mcb_b520_kann_s00/coomas-masterbox-mb520-rd.html I would definitely recommend the K500L since it comes with three fans out of the box and they're being utilized properly by the case design.
  2. TVwazhere

    New build recommendations

    Not a great case for overclocking. Case has almost no airflow, so your CPU and GPU will get warm even without any over clocks as they show in the review video (keep in mind they also added 2 fans to the front and their GPU was less powerful than the one you're using). What are some Austrian online retailers you can shop at? Or are all these prices from local Walk-In stores?
  3. Did you mean... https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/6zzZxr/inwin-301c-white-microatx-mini-tower-case-301c-white The ATX version (303C) doesnt seem to be available in Australia at least according to PCPartPicker Airflow for your CPU will not be incredible, so if you're running anything hotter than an R5 2600 this might not be the best case for that.
  4. TVwazhere

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for bringing me back into this terrible, terrible post.
  5. TVwazhere

    Recommend me a Case

    Nothing glaring. Primo probably fits the bill best
  6. TVwazhere

    Recommend me a Case

    That would probably work since it relocated the PSU to the back giving you room for the rad. They're coming out with basically that case with a glass side panel called the Luxe 2 in Q2 2019 retailing for $190/190euro https://www.techpowerup.com/251364/phanteks-presents-new-cases-and-waterblocks-at-ces-2019
  7. TVwazhere

    HD-6XX cables

    None at all! And I've accidentally pulled on them and caused my DAC/AMP to fall off the stand a few times because I'm a dumbass
  8. TVwazhere

    HD-6XX cables

    I've used this since I bought mine (late 2017?the first drop they had whenever that was) and I really like them. I bought the 1.2M length but they have larger lengths, and I do use the adapter since my DAC/AMP has a 1/4" port, but will unscrew it occasionally to use with my S8+. Amazon Link
  9. If I recall correctly from the video, because the engine is so hot and you're injecting a lot of fuel at low RPM's, not all the fuel is burned. The fuel can then get hot enough to ignite while it's trying to compress the next stroke. I feel like this is mostly an issue for manual trans engines, as automatics should downshift when it sense higher loads.
  10. TVwazhere

    Samsung Anounces even faster hbm2 products now 3.2Gbps

    So does all this mean HBM2 can be manufactured cheaper per gig? I'm not super knowledgeable on memory but I remember HBM's major downside was cost compared to GDDR5/5x/6.
  11. TVwazhere

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    Extra power to multiple GPU's. Back in the day where you might run many devices at once, and PSU's werent available in 2000w
  12. TL;DW, Dont floor it at 40mph when in 6th gear. More than one ST has been sacrificed to the car gods in this manner I'm happier above 3k rpms anyway
  13. PCPartPicker has a very limited Netherlands shop, but I was able to find the SPEC-04 TG and the Coolermaster MB500 both under 70 euro. The Spec-06 will work but it's on the border of what I'm comfortable recommending for a 1070ti/2060 https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/product/89TPxr/corsair-carbide-spec-04-tg-atx-mid-tower-case-cc-9011117-ww https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/product/6qPKHx/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-atx-mid-tower-case-mcb-b500d-kgnn-s00
  14. TVwazhere

    Mid-full size case recommendations.

    The Tower 900 would be terrible for an air cooled build, as the main chamber has I think two fan slots total while the back is reserved for an insane amount of radiator space, and airflow from that does not enter the main chamber to the best of my knowledge. Sadly the Mid-tower and Full-tower definitions are becoming extremely askew. There's no set standard by dimensions or volume, it's based on what the manufacturer decides to call it. For example the bequiet! Silent base 801, at 83L of volume.... Is considered a "Mid tower" (and it's actually larger in volume than the Dark Base pro 900 Full tower which is 82L) the Lian Li PC-O11D is also listed as a full tower, despite only being deeper than a traditionally accepted mid tower size (Corsair 275R) The Define R6/S2/Meshify S2 is still a "mid tower" but teeters on the high end to what I consider Full Tower territory at around 60L, which means you have plenty of room for anything you want to put in it, and enough room for cable management.
  15. TVwazhere

    Recommend me a Case

    Minus the 2 5.25" bays, the Lian Li PC-O11Dw meets (almost) all those requirements. It cant fit 140mm worth of RAD+fans The Thermaltake "The Tower 900" is a bit extreme but would work.
  16. Noctua has released the NH-U12A, a beefier heatsink NH-U12 with 2 NF-A12x25 fans on it. Height is 158mm so should fit in any standard mid tower. Source: https://noctua.at/en/noctua-presents-nh-u12a-premium-class-120mm-cpu-cooler Specs: https://noctua.at/en/nh-u12a/specification We've seen demonstrations at Computex 2018 where this cooler is about as efficient as an NH-D15, but this should always be taken with a grain of salt since it's a first party floor demonstration (though it's very convincing) Going through the spec list, it comes with Noctua's NT-H1 thermal compound even though they just released an NT-H2 compound last month. Personally I'm still waiting on the Chromax (Black) versions of the NF-A12x25's, but could this be the new Air cooled king?
  17. I mean i technically missed out on a 20% coupon instead of 10 because it expired 7 days ago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Personally I plan on doing clear anyways since I might use something like an RGB pump, but this is still relatively good info.
  19. TVwazhere

    Folding Community Board

    Anyone else have a suspiciously consistent 3 days in a row?
  20. It's shit like this that are reason why I'm a novice car tinkerer and should leave transmission jobs to someone who does it for a living Fortunately I recognize this before I try to rebuild my trans and then go to turn the car on for the first time and my engine explodes when I let out the clutch because the gears are locked
  21. *thinks to self* Hmm maybe there's a coupon I can use *googles Mountune Coupon* Fuck yeah, $15 is $15
  22. I have not. The Mfactory LSD should be here by next Tuesday though. I'm probably gonna bite and get the bearing/screw sets. Apparently the original screws can stretch (?) and the bearings are deemed basically essential. This included instruction manual specifcally states to throw out the old bolts so there must be some merrit to that https://performanceparts.ford.com/download/instructionsheets/FORDINSTSHTM-4026-FST.PDF
  23. TVwazhere

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    Nope same goes for top too
  24. The NF-A12x25 fans are listed as quieter than the A15's on thr NH-D15, so theoretically quieter
  25. TVwazhere

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    Same story unless maybe it's a super short bay? I dont think an ODD will fit at all