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    I draw lines on a computer for a living
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    Gigabyte z97x-ud5h
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    G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866mhz
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    Thermaltake Level 10 GT
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    1x Samsung EVO 250GB, 1x WD Black 3TB, 1x WD Black 5TB
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    Corsair CX600M
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    Asus VG248QE, VN279QL
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    Corsair H90 140mm (Rear Mounted)
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G502
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    Arion Legacy 2.1 Speakers, Sennheiser HD6xx on SMSL M6 DAC/AMP
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    Windows 10

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    New York (Not the City)
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    Saranc Root beer and 80's Thrash Metal
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    Is on his computer too much
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    CAD Technician

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  1. Most people on the forums will vote the Noctua or Noise Blocker. The rest are less silent
  2. Noctua ND-D15 vs H115i v.2

    The coolers heat dissipation doesnt change. Thermally, neither will suddenly spike in temperature (The h100i v2 wouldn't suddenly become significantly worse just because the 8700k was used for example) I apologize that I cant find any data specifically using the 8700k comparing the two, but the point being is that they're very comparable with some minor tradeoffs
  3. Noctua ND-D15 vs H115i v.2

    The Noctua will be quieter and perform about the same http://www.relaxedtech.com/reviews/noctua/nh-d15-versus-closed-loop-liquid-coolers/2
  4. Any Metalheads here?

    These ones struck me TBH. Been needing to expand my Thrash library. I mainly stick to the Big Four, with a heavy leaning on Megadeth (Rust in Piece) and Metallica (Kill 'em all) Havent seen any Death Angel yet other than one mention, so:
  5. I'm a logitech fanboy so what peripherals should i buy

    G502 all day every day. Also am a user of the 710+. It's nice. Probably wouldnt buy a Logitech headset so i dont have suggestions for that
  6. CPU Cooler Performance Tier List

    Corsair H90 140mm slim AIO (Tier 5 most likely)
  7. build upgrade help

    Added the SSD tier list
  8. Streaming editing machine

    Thats all CPU workload. You'll want as many cores and threads as you can get. AKA, Threadripper.
  9. Best case to rebuild in

    Best case (price to performance wise) would be something like the Define R6, though thats by no means flashy. If you're looking for flashy, the PC-08 is a great case, but if you are looking for something more Exotic, there's the Cougar Conquer (it's not for everyone though)
  10. [Build Log] Just NCASE

  11. Definitely not. They're enough to cool mid level hardware like i5/R5's and GTX1060/RX580's without too much fuss, but when you start putting in hotter CPU's and GPU's, the cases dont have enough air coming from them to properly manage them. I've seen quite a few posts on here complaining about 7700K and 1080ti's being too hot in S340's and P400's. Hence why I often go with the Define C TG, or Meshify C ideally for computers using pretty high end hardware
  12. Corsair Crystal 460X Panels On Corsair Carbide 400C

    They are not compatible without modding. Even with modding there's no way to buy the panels separately AFAIK http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=168401
  13. Define C TG > P400 and S340. It has better airflow and slightly (but not major) easier to work in features when it comes to cable management, HDD cages, etc. There's also the Meshify C which takes the airflow game a step further with a full mesh front panel, which I would actually recommend for a Threadripper build.
  14. I can watch 8K in 1080p screen?

    Hence the last part regarding hardware limitations with slower and older hardware not ready for the 8k workload
  15. h100iv2 fans.

    Fractal Design Venturi fans are also pretty decent. Running a 140mm on my H90i