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    I draw lines on a computer for a living
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    Gigabyte z97x-ud5h
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    G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866mhz
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    Thermaltake Level 10 GT
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    1x Samsung EVO 250GB, 1x WD Black 3TB, 1x WD Black 5TB
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    Corsair CX600M
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    Asus VG248QE, VN279QL
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    Corsair H90 140mm (Rear Mounted)
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G502
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    Arion Legacy 2.1 Speakers, Sennheiser HD6xx on SMSL M6 DAC/AMP
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    Windows 10

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    New York (Not the City)
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    Saranc Root beer and 80's Thrash Metal
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    Is on his computer too much
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  1. Push pull should be possible without RAM issue in this case (in theory, not sure though) The glass is not tinted The fans in the front of his case are 120mm, and the 140mm mounts sit lower than the top of the 120mm fans, shown here
  2. Is this a good setup for under $1250 USD?

    It's running for me
  3. What to buy for $15~?

    PCI-E slot M.2 Riser USB 3.0 to SATA cable (with power) RGB LIGHT BULB (this one is a joke)
  4. windows on a ssd

    There are people who have reported issues when changing motherboards, as the OS often tries to tie itself to the specific motherboard. If you link your windows login to a Microsoft count though, you can usually get around this easily https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change
  5. Yes. I dont know of any mATX case that fits an ATX motherboard. It would then be considered an ATX case..... For the record, ATX is the larger motherboard. mATX is smaller than that, and mITX is the smallest of the three. There are some other sizes, but those are the main 3. I know the i5-8400 is great for gaming, so you probably dont need the 8600k, save the $70. If you care more about the motherboard, just get an ATX sized case. Also, your build needs a power supply. This one is good, and is on sale
  6. Two completely different headphones. In almost every single way possible. Open back verus closed back with active noise canceling Wired vs wireless thats the acttive noise canceling button, nevermind lol Scales with a DAC/AMP vs can easily be driven by mobile devices The HD6xx's are probably more suitable for home use, and Bose for travel
  7. Which video did you see me in? I know I've seen myself in WAN show videos once or twice, I barely count that :P 

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      3:47 if the time didn't work.

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      So I guess your name is quite fitting then. TVwazhere, TVwazthere!

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      Holy Shit I watched this a week ago and didnt even see that LOL

  8. HD 6XX available on MD again - 10,000 units available

    To note, this is also usually with the "massdrop exclusive" products, and is not indicative of the entire company as a whole. Many of their products are also purchased in bulk that were pre manufactured, so the more typical wait time for, say, the Massdrop branded Sennheiser PC37x headset ships within five days of the drop ending, because theyre already pre assembled.
  9. As Seen here, credit to @kmathieu2220 [figured i'd submit to the Hot deals Section] https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx Wait times will not be stupidly long like the previous drop in June. 10,000 units available!
  10. HD 6XX available on MD again - 10,000 units available

    And a three month delivery instead of six. Nice. I can confirm these headphones are great (bought them in the original drop last year that sold out in four hours)
  11. US ASUS MG279Q 27" FreeSync 339.99

    W E D I D I T B O I S Also yes I'm waiting until I rebuild my system which is almost exactly three years old now... Moving most of it to an itx and starting from scratch basically. Though 144hz ips 1440p monitors are definitely on the lsit of monitors I want to buy for that new system
  12. US ASUS MG279Q 27" FreeSync 339.99

    Extremely tempted by this, but I'd have to upgrade from my 970 which I'm not ready to do yet
  13. Monitor recommendations?

    You wont find a 1080 IPS 144hz display (reasonably priced anyway) and most 1440 ips 144hz non g-sync displays are around $550 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/c298TW/asus-monitor-mg279q If you drop the IPS requirement, you can get tht esame mobitor for $200 less https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236593
  14. GPU fired

    Did you try a different port on the GPU?