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  1. Well my internet at home sucks (I get around 800 Kb/s), but I do have a 4690k and 16GB of RAM. My laptop in my dorm is connected to 100 Mbps internet and has the same problems.
  2. So I have to use this program SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) for school which I have to use a lot and will have to use A TON for my master thesis next year. I have to go to a specific website from my University, then click what program I want to launch and then it launches through Citrix Receiver and I can use the program for free anywhere. I'm not sure what the correct name for this method is. The problem is that everytime I use the program, it's super laggy (sometimes it takes a good second to register a mouseclick) and sometimes crashes every 5 minutes. When I use the program on my school's computers it works perfectly fine, but of course I'm not always on campus. Are there any ways to eliminate this lag and crashbehaviour? Thanks
  3. Well our idea is to make an app that contains healty recipes and week menus, so we estimate that people will open the app twice a week
  4. Well on a Belgian site I found out that in order to earn €1, the add needs to be viewed 50 - 100 times. We estimated that after 5 years our app has a total of 50.000 downloads (Belgian market is pretty small) and that people view that app around 2 times a week. With these numbers we estimated how much we would earn by having 1 add in our app. Does this calculation make any sense?
  5. Thanks for your answer! May I ask how many times your app has been downloaded? This would help greatly for my calculations!
  6. For a (rather large) school assignment I have to make a fictive app and basically make a whole businessplan. I just made a mockup with Balsamiq but I still have to calculate how much money I'd make on in-app ads. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get specific numbers for this?
  7. Yes Tasker should do that, but it's not working. Both. Can't seem to find anything there to do this specific task.
  8. Okay, so everytime I go to sleep, I enable airplane mode. I would like that if my alarm goes off in the morning, my phone automatically turns off the airplane mode. How can I do this exactly? I'm fairly sure this is possible. I tried it with Tasker, but it keeps saying that toggling airplane mode isn't possible on Android 4.3+. Any other ideas? I'm running Android 7.1.1 on Oneplus 3.
  9. High diamond checking in, I have never seen a hacker in Overwatch.
  10. Sorry a bit late for this, but you can use Pushbullet to send texts from your PC (Windows or Mac, doesn't matter) with your smartphone.
  11. Well I haven't opened this site since last week, but now it seems like it opens pretty fast. Placebo much? haha
  12. Sorry, was inactive for a while. colo=AMS spdy=h2 http=h2 loc=NL
  13. How exactly can I do that? Even in my dorm room, where I get around 100 mbs download speed, it still takes a long time. I have this problem on my gaming pic as well as on my laptop, both using chrome.
  14. Seriously, it takes a solid 20 seconds for the main page to load entirely. Same if I want to open a category or open a topic. Other websites open instantly. I'm from Europe. What's that about? It makes me use the site less and less.