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  1. Well I already have 4 fans, so I'm wondering if buying new, decent fans would actually make a difference.
  2. So I have a S340 case with 2 intake and 2 exhaust fans. 2 fans came with the case itself and I got the 2 other fans from another case. They were really loud in the beginning so I modified them so that they run on 5 Volts instead of the usual 12 Volts, making them much more silent but also move less air. All the fans are connected to Molex connecters on my PSU. Now I'm wondering if I would benefit from buying 4 new decent fans (Pure Wings 2) or not. My GPU is getting pretty hot (83°C) so would it make a big difference? When I place a piece of paper on my exhaust fan it hovers maybe 0,5 cm. Any advice?
  3. So I will only be able to control it when I connect it to the CPU fan header? Ok that should work.
  4. I can either go for this hub: or this one: Which of these would let me set the rpm?
  5. The fan hub doesn't have any control mentioned (it's only €10), but software will work just fine right?
  6. Since I don't know a whole lot about fans, I can just use software to let them run at a specific rpm right? Even when I'm using a fan hub?
  7. So the Pure Wings 2 are a good and silent option?
  8. Well I don't have a fan controller so I'm guessing they will be operating at a constant 1500 rpm, right?
  9. I'm about to buy 3 140mm and 1 120mm Pure Wings 2 fans. I only have 1 system fan header on my motherboard, but I will be buying the NZXT ten port fan hub along with the fans. How good and silent are the Pure Wings 2 fans exactly? Since I need to buy 4 fans, I want to buy the best price/performance fans possible. I really like a silent system, so will these fans meet my expectations?
  10. I'm not really paranoid, but my case fans are running at very low speeds (shitty fans). So I might buy some new fans and I'm sure it would cut off a few degrees.
  11. Looks perfect, seems a bit more practical than fan splitters.
  12. I'm mistaken, it actually does have 1 system fan header. Not 3 though, I have the DS3H version.
  13. All right, I'll look into that. Any experience with Silent Wings 2 fans? Are they silent?