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    HTiLewis got a reaction from rhyseyness in Great Job, Linustechtips!   
    Because I'm lazy, I don't know if this has been brought up yet or not. As a small business owner in the States, I am really, really happy for Linus and the rest of the gang (including Slick) for their success. They have been a premium example of what happens when a leap-of-faith turns into a successful business. 
    If Linus or any of the LinusTechTips guys sees this, just know that your hard work is paying off. We all appreciate the entertainment, business, and information you provide for us. Me and my business partner are undergoing the same growing pains you are, or have, going through, although we are in a completely different market. 
    A piece of advice I can give is: never accept rejection, never be complacent, and never think you are safe. A mentor of mine always said,. "Everyone is replaceable." 
    That always stuck with me. Keep doing what you're doing and never settle for mediocre.
    Much love from Oregon!