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    i7 4770
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero
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    SLI GTX 780 Windforce
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    Rosewill Blackhawk
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    Samsung 850 Pro 1TB
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  1. That’s interesting. Yes when I temporarily hardwired 1 and 5 without desoldering the chip, and I removed the wire I was holding to it, the light stayed on, and when I touched the disc it did not turn off. Only after unplugging the power and then plugging it back in did the capacitive function work. TBH if it had fried the chip and stayed on forever then I’d be happier as I wouldn’t have to solder a connection from 1 to 5 myself lol.
  2. Without desoldering it I tried connecting 1 to 5 on U2 and the light turned on! Could I just leave it there and connect 1 and 5?
  3. I just tried that actually. Doesn’t do anything when I put some wire touching the disc to the ground. Still turns on when I touch either the wire or the disc. Heres a closer shot of the pcb around the disc. To the right look like more resistors and I think the big one is the led driver. The other side show nothing but the leds.
  4. Hi, I have a light that uses what I think is a capacitive sensor to turn on and off the light. My problem with this is that it defaults to Off when plugged in and I need it to either default to On or always be on when power is provided. How can I bypass the capacitive button? its that big metal disc.
  5. Switches go bad all the time. I have a Cougar board with at least 3 inconsistent cherry mx blue switches. I decided to go with a team wolf void Ray ciy now which makes it easy to replace and customize switches.
  6. I've seen the massdrop of the Poseidon with cherry mx switches have a massdrop warranty of 5 yrs
  7. I've heard you can increase the bounce time in Windows so it won't register extra clicks.
  8. Oh, good to hear they optimized their support of that issue. Earlier on they were sending out full new keyboards. They might still be doing that in countries like Australia actually.
  9. Back in college I used to build my own desks, since a lot of premade-assembly-required stuff you tend to get what you paid for. If you have time, build yourself a desk. When I moved into my house I bought an L desk and matching cabinet(like Bush furniture) since I had to no time... new house is a lot of work. Now I have time to make additions and customize my space.
  10. Have you picked out a spot and made arrangements? Or you gonna get yourself cremated? Kinda sad to see you go in 2 years.
  11. Had it been a Razer adding RGB and nothing else to one of their existing non-RGB products, the price would have gone up.
  12. Wouldn't the cloth around the edges fray if put in a washer?
  13. For emerging markets eh? God I hope they still release it in the US tho. Otherwise I'll have to get it when I'm in China.
  14. LOL WTF!?! Redragonzone.com ... sounds like a Razer copycat. And they have in the same Amazon page their other mechanical keyboards.