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Status Updates posted by WereCat

  1. Should I tell them?



    and yes, I like my own comments :D

    1. CircleTech


      This comment is my favorite:



  2. I never had any coil whine issues with my PC but I just started F@H recently (only with GPU) and whenever its folding, I hear coil whine whenever I move my mouse. I don't get that with any other workload I've done over the years. I just find it interesting.

    And the coil whine is ONLY tied to the mouse movement. It wont trigger with anything else like typing on a keyboard or watching video while folding.

  3. Sculpting Day 3


    1. CircleTech


      Is that meme mans cousin?

    2. WereCat



      Ummm, no...


  4. "Style is nothing but reality rendered through the filter of what is uniquely you."

    1. nerdslayer1


      How high are you? 

    2. WereCat


      @nerdslayer1 7h into night shift high 

  5. Sculpting Day 2 (random character in 1h):


    1. Cyberspirit


      That one is pretty good.

    2. WereCat



      thanks, but I just noticed I forgot the wrinkles on the forehead :D

    3. NerdyGlasses


      looks like a goblin?!! 

      anyway good work ?

  6. anigif.gif.bb5e78d3f2305911f6cef2a23e0e11fa.gif

    Attempt at sculpting was made.

    Attempt at sculpting failed sucessfully?

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    2. WereCat



      - True, the teeth should be recessed, I haven't even thought about that. Thx.

      - The ears should be even, its just mirrored.

      - Will get there with time :)

    3. ARikozuM


      I haven't watched a lot of the show (liar!), but I think the grin is usually angled to one side and the three "whiskers" are tighter. 

    4. WereCat



      I tried to sculpt based on this reference picture.



      The hair gave me a lot of trouble as you can see, I need to find a better way to do it. I also struggle with some brushes and don't know which settings to use on them in what situations.

      And the grin is not angled because its mirrored as well, except the lines in the middle.


      Objects are easy to make, the characters are a lot more difficult :D


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    2. WereCat


      Not really. People are just poor :D

    3. dizmo


      Nah, just that 90% of people don't need that hardware.

    4. WereCat


      want > need for most people I would guess

  8. Spies are the biggest Intel shills ever. I'm yet to hear about a spy that gathers AMD. 

    1. Arika S

      Arika S

      *exasperated groan*

    2. WereCat


      I'm sorry, its in my nature. 

    3. TopHatProductions115
  9. Best thing I have ever seen


  10. So I decided to try Mixer.


    1.) I sign in using my MS account

    2.) I get assigned user and channel name GruesomeAtol87

    3.) I change the name to TheWereCat

    4.) User name changed to TheWereCat but channel name remains GruesomeAtol87

    5.) I spend 30min trying to figure out how to change the channel name

    6.) I then login to the MS website and go to the XBOX section where I see that I have a name GruesomeAtol87 (I dont have XBOX, I never even created an XBOX account)

    7.) I go change the name to TheWereCat

    8.) MS asks for $10 to change my XBOX name... WTF?!

    9.) I go to Mixer, set new password so that I can unlink the MS account

    10.) The channel name remains to be GruesomeAtol87

    11.) Whoops, I broke the entire website for me... by unlinking the MS account I can only access some parts of the websites while being signed in, if I want to change some settings it wants me to sign in again... and it fails every single time. It works in different sections of the website just fine

    12.) So you managed to piss me off before I even tried to do a single test stream... bye Mixer...

    1. VenomZ_


      Make a new microsoft acc and change the xbox gamertag to whatever you want it to maybe that'll work

    2. WereCat


      Maybe I will try that but I honestly lost any interest as of right now

    3. TopHatProductions115
  11. TL;DW
    This kit has 5000MHz CL18 as an XMP profile that's 100% stable for daily usage. 

    It's a prototype? Pre-production sample? Not confirmed. 

    Its Micron E-Die. 

    While Micron claims their E-Die is rated up to 1.5V this kit with XMP enabled runs at 1.55V. 



    This is quite insane kit if you ask me. 

    I still haven't got into overclocking my RAM as its a very time consuming endeavour but this makes me excited because I have 4 sticks of Micron E-Die that run in quad rank configuration. 


    I only did a really dirty OC in the past  to 3600MHz CL14 just to see if I boot and I not only did boot but it also passed the quick Aida64 memory performance benchmark where I scored over 60,000MB/s on Copy speeda which is almost exactly as much as Der8auer got with his 5000MHz kit. 

    But he got quite a substantial performance penalty since he can't run that in 1:1 mode. 

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    2. Jurrunio


      but we're talking 5GHz CL18, the MSI 5066MHz exhibition with 8700k and z370 itx board uses I think CL20 or 23?

    3. WereCat



      On Intel many high speed kits are tied to specific motherboards and will likely not work on other ones. Also you need CPU with binned IMC. 


      On Ryzen 3rd gen its different. Just check the X570 RAM compatibility list QVL on any brand... you will find many high speed kits that are supported out of the box. 

    4. Jurrunio


      Ya but not this high

  12. One does not simply get hands on a premium goods like a... 



    ... Banana and Yoghurt Fanta. 

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    2. Derkoli


      That would make me feel so weird. Banana youghurt but liquid.

    3. WereCat


      @Derkoliit doesent feel weird at all.

      While the taste is the same, the texture is completely different. I actually like this better than the actual youghurt.

    4. Derkoli


      Weird. Just stuff like that makes me feel weird for some reason. idk.




    also... One Piece anime seems to be great again! 

  14. Got this last monday, took a lot of troubleshooting because my system was randomly crashing (thx ASUS for having useless tech support and stupid default BIOS settings).


    Ryzen 9 3900X

    ASUS X570 Crosshair Hero VIII Wi-Fi

    4x16GB 3200MHz CL16 (Micron E-Die)

    XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB NVME

    Noctua NH-U12A (My Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 was incompatible with AM4 and they dont sell any brackets for it)










    I know its dusty and cable management is... well, the cables are not in the way. But it works :D


    So this caused all the random system sudden shut downs...




    The default value was 100%. 

    ASUS "Tech Support" was blaming me for not buying RAM on their QVL and told me to get different RAM... Even though they claim 128GB RAM support and dont have even one 32GB DIMM compatibility listed in their QVL.







  15. I have two kits of 2x16GB BLS16G4D32AESB.M16FE RAM. D.O.C.P enabled.
    All the RAM gets detected and I have been runing Blender without issues. The moment I launch Apex Legends my PC just shuts down. This also happens if I run PassMark Memtest from a bootable USB.


    Kit#1 - Slot #1 and #3
    Kit#2 - Slot #2 and #4
    0 errors in Memtest and ApexLegends but system just suddenly randomly shuts down like if a power was lost.


    Kit#1 - Slot #1 and #2
    Kit#2 - Slot #3 and #4
    0 errors in Memtest and ApexLegends but system just suddenly randomly shuts down like if a power was lost.


    Kit#1 - Slot #1 and #3 and then #2 and #4
    Kit#2 - removed from PC
    Everything works fine, I managed a whole pass trough the Memtest with 0 errors and DOCP enabled. Apex Legends also runs fine.


    Kit#1 - removed from PC
    Kit#2 - Slot #1 and #3 and then #2 and #4
    Everything works fine, I managed a whole pass trough the Memtest with 0 errors and DOCP enabled. Apex Legends also runs fine.


    Kit#1 - Slot #1 
    Kit#2 - Slot #2
    (slot #3 and #4 empty)
    Everything works fine, I managed a whole pass trough the Memtest with 0 errors and DOCP enabled.


    I really have no clue on whats going on. The RAM is definitely fine since it managed to pass the Memtest without any errors even with DOCP enabled. If I disable DOCP and let RAM run at 2400MHz I have a very bad performance in games and I have let it run for about 40min in Memtest and experienced no shut downs.
    I also tried manualy tweaking RAM clocks and I cant even get 3000Mhz with the 3200MHz DOCP timings run without shuting down my system.


    (x570 Crosshair Hero VIII Wi-Fi and R9 3900X)

    any clues?

  16. It has been done...

    RIP wallet again.



    1. LukeSavenije


      why the phantom? wasn't the taichi cheaper?

    2. WereCat


      @LukeSavenije Taichi is about 60eur cheaper. I like the extra Ethernet though on the Phantom since I will be using all the PCIe slots anyways and I would have to get an USB to Ethernet or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter. This is just more convenient.

  17. So today I ordered used R9 290 4GB for €65.


    This one :



    So what is the purpose here? 

    Well, I started using Pop! _OS few months back and I really, really like it. However, I haven't been using it too much recently because many online games I play simply don't run on Linux due to DRM and I got annoyed very quickly by switching between Windows 10 and Pop! _OS constantly. 


    So I am hoping that I can get GPU passtrough for VM working on Linux. 

    I would be then using my 1080ti for Windows 10 VM gaming (I will likely want to use LookingGlass as well) and keep the R9 290 as a host GPU. 


    Right now I could use the iGPU on my i7 4770k for that but I plan to upgrade to R9 3900X soon so I will need another card. 


    I should have probably tried to get this working with my iGPU before I did the purchase but I have been very lazy... 

  18. I have been working on this for few days. I eventualy want to animate it but I am still learning. This is still not finished, I just got to make my first full render of it.

    Design may still see some minor changes, materials/textures will improve.







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    2. Jtalk4456


      physically make this robot, it's adorable

    3. WereCat


      If only I had the skills for that :D Heck, I dont even have the tools for that

    4. Jtalk4456


      i see a future project :)