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  1. Lmfao at the funny comments here Can you cut coke on it to sell it at bigger profits?
  2. Not sure to update my topic but it has the same subject and to help you out. I have received my DT 880 PRO Black and suprisingly my old motherboard MSI Z87-G45 Gaming is able to drive the headphone without the need of a dac/amp. Some music instruments I never knew/heard before with my other headphone and earbuds. Lovely headphone and finally no more heart beating when there is silence lol. Over-ear headphones is the new black. Samsung YP-U3 is also no problem using with the DT880. But I'm pretty sure I'm missing out the great potential so I'll probably the E10K.
  3. I like my earbuds when using my PSVita or phone for watching anime series and when watching Netflix, I use my Marshall headphone because this one has superb sounds too. But tbh, I was sold when I learned the Marshall MID ANC comes with a very nice looking leather case with it I also got the Marshall Stockwell speaker and that one is awesome too and beast! Using it as pc speaker But the Marshall MID actually reduce the silence big time. I hardly can hear people talking and other noise. You can fix the pressure by stretching it and when you want to increase the pressure back, you can do too. I am damn lucky you can reduce the pressure on this headphone, it guess it's made of steel what's inside it. Very sturdy too. And it depends on which earbuds cancels noise. Mine's doesn't cancel at all but when there is sounds, it does. For all-time silence, the Marshall all the way.
  4. For my phone and other mobile devices I use either my Marshall or earbuds. But I have learned never ever the on-ear headphones. It puts pressure on my ears but I fixed that. The only one thing I don't like the on-ear is because I can hear my heart beating. Not good when there is silence in music and movies.
  5. If you're about the get the 58x, be sure to check/test if the mobo is powerfull enough to drive the 58x because it's 150Ω. However, your mobo might have an app to boost the audio like my MSI mobo, that's how my Marshall MID can be driven. I've ordered the DT880 PRO and an amp will be ordered soon after I got the headpone. There are pretty priced ones if you're not into spending more than 100$.
  6. Nah, if this trend keeps up, don't buy the 3080Ti. Maybe there will be 3080Ti Super.
  7. A little bump. I made a decision and it will be the DT880. I have read a lot of reviews and informations and some are more into bass (DT990) and other more into neutral. Now it comes to dac/amp and am pretty sure I will need one. The Fiio K5 pro is currently out of stock and is on hold atm. What about the Fiio E10K?
  8. Well, I'll see which one I'll get. -edit- I think it has been settled then because I had to boost the audio of the shitty onboard otherwise the sounds of my Marshall MID is too low whereas the earbuds are damn loud. Fiio K5Pro with the volume knob will fix that. Are there any other somewhat cheaper DAC/AMP with volume knobs? I see the Fiio K5Pro is out of stock at the moment. What are the difference between the K5 Pro and K5? @rice guru It seems the K5 pro has been discontinued or just temporary out of stock? I've found one on aliexpress: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/4000172745879.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.f43a98e5opttlV&algo_pvid=a7f81299-e267-4c95-87ec-efd5f609ec2a&algo_expid=a7f81299-e267-4c95-87ec-efd5f609ec2a-0&btsid=e298becb-be88-4fca-b71e-7bb5fde2e8d2&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_8,searchweb201603_55
  9. Nah, I'm fine, I already have earbuds. Is my MSI Z87-G45 Gaming good enough for the 250ohm?
  10. Good idea to grab just a cheap earbud. It just beats me why they even bother to make a 32 ohm one. I think I'll grab the DT880pro 250 ohm then.
  11. Which would you recommend for all-round use like for pc, phones, PSVita and other mobile devices? 32 or 250? Though I use the headphone for pc everytime and the mobile devices like once in a few whiles so I guess the 250?
  12. Nah, it's fine. I don't take my headphones and earphones outside at all. Except when I'm on vacation but once in like 5 years or so. No wonder why the onboard audio sucks I got the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming and my Marshall headphone is not loud at all! The volume is too low and had to use the MSI Sounds Manager audio app to tune it up. DT880 it is then. Thanks a lot for your explanation and advice, appreciate it! One last thing, what are the Ohm all about? There are different versions like the 32Ohm and 250Ohm.
  13. No problem. I have the Marshall Mid for inside and outside so if I ever gonna use a headset outside, the Marshall it is. It's this one for always inside?: https://www.thomann.de/nl/beyerdynamic_dt_880_pro_black_edition.htm I don't like the grey version I'm pretty surprised they are not discontinued. Other headphones from 2012 are usually discontinued. I also have the Sony MDR-E 818LP too from 2008 but once I have the headset, I no longer like the in-ear.
  14. I'd like it to take it simple But after finding more pictures of it, it looks pretty interesting. The only one thing why I wanted a usb version is because of the simplicity, take it and store it anyway and no need for power adapter. But I am open for the Fiio K5pro. I looked for the DT880 and there seem to be different version, 32ohm, 250 and 600? And I can find only the Pro version. And is this from 2012?? Aren't open or semi-open headphones disturbing for the others? I mean, I do play GTA and NFS pretty much and movies. But fck it, recommend me the best ones with best audio Which ones with and without DAC/AMP?