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  1. CTR640

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

    So we got Intel KFC and AMD McRyzen. What about nVidia? I imagine the're disgusting due to green color. nVySnot? Booger RTX? Or grilled chicken stuffed with RayTraced Vomit.
  2. CTR640

    Nvidia DLSS only works on some resolutions

    Another reason not to buy RTX GPU. Good job, nVidia, really good job.
  3. CTR640

    VRAM broken bcs of mining

    It worries me at the part where he said "it was only used about 4 hour per week". Just a big lie.
  4. CTR640

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    Can't they sue the guy back for being stupid as hell?
  5. CTR640

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    America got the most fucked up laws. So you can even sue someone who farts at the bus stop?? You can get 5 million in damage because you almost died due to his/her extremely stinky fart gas??
  6. CTR640

    So i have a beast PC...

    First of all: why do you have this "beast PC"? What is the true purpose? Or are you just being silly and either are trolling or just sitting on a high horse.
  7. CTR640

    GTX 1160Ti release date 22/02/2019

    Inb4 RTX2660Ti... Wait a sec, was it GTX2660Ti?? Or RGTX2660Ti???? Or RTX2660 and RTX2660Ti???????????????
  8. CTR640

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    I know. If only more people would share the same.
  9. CTR640

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Yeah, that's why I said I'm speaking for myself as I shared my experience. A friend told me he has 1080Ti too but each newer driver he installed, works like shit for him. Many newer drivers causes him troubles for months so he reverted back to 399.07. nVidia has been way too arrogant the past two years or so, so not surprising they doesn't give a shit. If this keeps up, I'm afraid about the future of the consumers GPU's.
  10. CTR640

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    But how is it nVidia has the most stable drivers? I'm speaking for myself so don't take it as an attack against AMD. I had nVidia 9600M GT, I had GTX780 and then 1080Ti. As far as I can remember, I never had problems with the drivers and if I had, I would simply reset settings or reinstall the same driver and problems are gone. Like I said, I'm only speaking for myself.
  11. CTR640

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    More like: "Buy our stocks and receive a Deluxe map pack"
  12. CTR640

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    The best NFS I have is Hot Pursuit 2010. I love that game and it's simple. The newer ones are a bunch of crap that shines way too much, too reflective and full of shit in terms of HUD and all. Why did they fuck up the NFS franchise? I also have NFS game for PSVita but I think that game has been rushed too fast because you can not change controls!!! I remember back when GTAV got released and got 1b in 3 days? One of those FPS companies, either from EA, Dice or Blizzard or God knows which of them and they said something like "We could have done it better and made 1b in less than 3 days". I mean, are you fucking kidding me? That simply proves how cocky that sounds, too much pride and too high on horse. Fast forward to today and look at them. The way how they treat their customers: they deserves the stocks takes a nosedive.
  13. CTR640

    AMD Radeon VII Benchmark/Launch Mega Thread

    I kept my GTX780 for 4 years and 7 months, pretty cool for such old GPU. I think I plan on to use my 1080Ti for 4 years and 7 months lol But I am afraid if this pricing bullshit keeps stayin like that, it can end up like 8 years or so. And 12% difference is not much.
  14. CTR640

    AMD Radeon VII Benchmark/Launch Mega Thread

    IMHO AMD should have dropped HBM and redesigned GDDR5X/6 for Radeon VII to make it cheaper. 2+ years old performance for $700 or more is not something I would pay for it. I mean, I already bought 1080Ti for €680 back in september last year. Hopefully Intel can develop better GPU's to tackle nVidia as AMD is not doing very well in the high-end segment for consumers. Or AMD should lower it to $499 to make it much more attractive. nVidia is just cancer with their RTX and Tensor cores. Why make the RTX cards damn expensive if they want to make ray tracing more common?
  15. CTR640

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    Hahaha, didn't see the straw being missed! I am afraid that's exactly how I see the EA's filthy business tricks.