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  1. CTR640

    Quadro RTX cards?

    You can ask Linus to bechmark them or buy one and test it yourself. Quadro's are not appealing.
  2. CTR640

    Quadro RTX cards?

    But Linus his job is to get as many views as possible! And also creating moar baits for us fishes. But in all seriousness, Quadro are not for normal consumers like us, Quadro's are not for gaming as the Quadro misses the game features where as the GTX misses a lot of the Quadro features. The hardware may look the same but the features on the other hand are totally different. Which moronic gamer wants to pay 6 grands and above for a Quadro so he/she can game on it??
  3. CTR640

    Quadro RTX cards?

    Quadro's are for professional rendering. Nobody has actual performance because they are not for us normal consumers.
  4. CTR640

    Please tell me this bad implantation RTX

    €1400 for a GPU to go 1080p or downgrade from 1440p or 2160p to FHD and all that for ree treecing... A fucking joke.
  5. Mark Suckonaberg is such a cancer. When can this fool be stopped?? Damn it man, if this moron still can convince humans to be his privacy-slave, then wtf are governments, kings/queens/presidents doing?? They keep this cancer grow and grow and grow more untill the entire human race is exterminated? Why are ceo's acting like a big child? They have a job that requires responsibilities but all they do is pointing to each other like a child.
  6. CTR640

    NVIDIA recognizes the RTX 2080Ti issues

    Founders Editions Founded black screens, OS and system crashes/hangs, artifacting and more troubles to be Found.
  7. It's not up to you to decide wether people wants/prefer performance or visuals. The prices of the RTX are simply way too absurd and overpriced it's not even worth it, why paying that shitton of cash just to ray trac crap? If you want to pay more than a grand for a GPU, be my guest, go buy it. As for me, I refuse to pay for that absurd price just because the companies want it and for ray tracing.
  8. CTR640

    (Official?) Battlefield V with RTX benchmark

    I'm very glad I didn't buy the 2080Ti as the temps are number one first priority for me when upgrading the GPU.
  9. CTR640

    (Official?) Battlefield V with RTX benchmark

    1440p monitors owners will have a very ugly image when they have to run it on 1080p. That's like 1680x1050 on 1080p monitor, I tried and I got insta-blind. Poor 4K monitors owners. I just can't imagine how nVidia even got the nuts to release RTX cards and asking for absurd prices so you have to run the game 1080p, like wtf??
  10. CTR640

    (Official?) Battlefield V with RTX benchmark

    Oh..well uh, then lets buy 2080Ti then! 2080 is for poor plebs! I'm lost too lol
  11. CTR640

    (Official?) Battlefield V with RTX benchmark

    Yes, you're misunderstanding it. Decrease quality to Medium so you gain 1-2fps so buttery smooth!
  12. CTR640

    (Official?) Battlefield V with RTX benchmark

    Ye sorry but 1080p is ugly when you have experienced 1440p and up. Never gonna buy a €1400 GPU just to go back from 1440p to 1080p lmfao.
  13. I wanted to go for the 2080Ti but all that nonsense about ray tracing made me change my mind. Also the price is absurd, and I CAN pay for the 2080Ti but do I want to fork out that amount of money just for ray tracing and no competition? Hell no! Instead, I got the 1080Ti for €680. nVidia has become way too greedy they are thinking of many ways to increase their greed and profits and one of them is ray tracing. Want ray tracing? You have pay for absurd prices. I hope the devs will refuse so ray tracing can die a slow death just like with HairWorks and PhysX and then hopefully we can get raw and true performance.
  14. What is this, I don't even..?! I'm so lost lol