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  1. Rockstar games announces Red Dead Online

    You have to have horses that can carry bags with goldbars and to have goldbars, you have to go to a bank. If you want a lot of horses with a lot of bags of gold, you have to buy a train. If you have a train full of horses with bags of goldbars and you want to be very sure of your security, you have to buy Fort Knox.
  2. Rockstar games announces Red Dead Online

    Exactly. I have no idea if there were condoms at the time as RDR's but you should have an option too for with or without in GTA. After all, it's all about creativity and open world as possible.
  3. Rockstar games announces Red Dead Online

    Well, I was about to say that but it seems R* their reputation really got effed up by all those silly content in GTAO. - stealth horse with a passenger having the ability to shoot rockets - for extra 50.000 goldbars you can place rockets boost in horse up its ass - kill a sheriff and you'll be the put on 'Most Wanted Douchebag' list - sex with hookers will kill you because lack of condoms - 1.000.000 goldbars for iron horse that can shoot explosive cannon and Deluxo missiles - 1.500.000 to start the journey to find a corpse of an alien and get his map to find the railgun
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/fcwGS0c
  5. Faxsploit will target your grandpa!

    Ugh, I really hate it when they fax us.
  6. Microsoft and Edge can suck on a very very big one. I'll never use that shit! Firefox all the way!
  7. Simple: companies are following Apple like a damn sheep. They wants to suck on Apple's sausage. Before Apple didn't "invented" USB C, there were no or very less phones with USB C. I myself know for sure I'll never ever buy a phone that doesn't have 3,5mm audio jack. Why? Because I really like my own earphones, I have it literally 10 years or 12! And I have 4 or 5 the same of them. I don't wanna buy a new one, bluetooth and USB-C. Too much of a hassle and as you said: it made everything complicated.
  8. Garbagefield V: Feed Our Greed Once More
  9. Are you serious? It's EA we are talking about. They'll never ever learn from the mistakes and troubles.
  10. Beats becomes NBA's Official headphones supplier

    So ugly AF. If I had those, I would have Beaten myself up.
  11. This smells to manipulating the market since there is no competition at all so they simply wanna profit much more further than ever. Just like what happened with DDR4 RAM, manufacturers manipulating the market.
  12. 3DMark score for RTX 2080 Ti leaks

    Ah I see. Then it will be 1080Ti or AMD's next gen GPU's but that will probably take longer unfortunately.
  13. 3DMark score for RTX 2080 Ti leaks

    What you mean with raw performance on Navi or Vega 20?
  14. 3DMark score for RTX 2080 Ti leaks

    I really don't want ray tracing and couldn't care less for it. And 2080Ti can only just handle ray tracing on 1080p? Well, like I haven't been doing that for the past 4 years. When I upgrade to a new GPU, I want to game on 1440p or higher. 2080Ti simply is not worth at all. I'll wait a month or two because the retailers here are a cancer, still greedy and the prices still higher than 2 years ago.