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  1. They must be thinking like: "Wow holy shit! They must really love iDevices! Let them enjoy the goods, will ya!"
  2. I am confused. Who holds the patent for OLED exactly? LG holds the patents OLED and Samsung (S)AMOLED or what? And TV's and phone displays?
  3. OLED VS. VA

    I see. Well, then they must expensily cheap TV's lol. Some IPS tv's are more than €749. Anyway, I'd love to buy an OLED tv but my room is too lit and in summers... Not a good idea. OLED hasn't still been matured enough? And made a choice or still considering?
  4. OLED VS. VA

    I actually have no idea, this IPS panel TV really good shit viewing angle. Are tablets IPS the same as for TV's? You're not wrong anyway about tablets. It got decent brightness and colors during the daylight but watching horrormovies on it is shit. Are there still VA tv's in Europe? Some are as expensive as OLED 0_0
  5. GTX2080?? Holy shit, that GPU must be extremely powerfull to run The Witcher 11 at 16K/144FPS! *looking at my GTX1780*, lol you lil shit, I'll throw you out of the window and then I'll replace you with this monstrious GTX2080.
  6. OLED VS. VA

    I doubt they are good for daylight and wide viewing because I hardly can see the details in daylight and if I increase Brightness, picture looks shit. And wide viewing angle also suck, a lot of details are lost and "black" becomes more grey. I'll avoid IPS as a skunk. For you, VA it is then. While OLED got good blacks and contrast, it's not really good for the long run as VA.
  7. OLED VS. VA

    IPS is shit, period. Back in 2014 I bought IPS monitor, black is really light grey, no matter which settings. Now forward to 2018: IPS TV, bleeding light and blacks sucks big time. And it's not my TV btw, we had to upgrade 2 plasma TV's but now it's only one. It's my parents their new IPS TV and they won't bother with the bleeding shit. So if you hate IPS and if you have dark scenes in games like night or room in the game, avoid that panel type.
  8. OLED VS. VA

    If you want to know, I can tell you because I experienced them. We have two plasma TV's, one is a Samsung we have it since 2009 and other one is LG from 2011. Both of them have no burn-ins. The LG one, I calibrated it and it have the best colors, skin colors are very real as possible and blacks are blacks. I'd go with plasma instead of burn-ins. And another pros: plasma TV's have no problems with direct sunlight. The LG one, it had been exposed to direct sunlight heavly in summers, past 7 years. I'll try to get my LG back and I'll keep using it untill it will no longer work.
  9. OLED VS. VA

    I am/was in the same boat as you. I wanted to go for a LG OLED TV but then I read a lot of informations about the burn-ins so I thought **** it. First of all, the price. OLED TV's are simply too expensive it's not worth it. And if you wanna have the TV in a room where the sun shines strong, no OLED for us. I live in Europe too, Netherlands. So I get confused between the series. Anyway, you might wanna watch this too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa0fc34ph5U I got the LG 55UJ630V today and no bleed/glow. Local stores are only showing the demo videos, been there. It caught my attention all the OLED TV's out there in stores were in dark rooms. EDIT Scratch that what I said about this shit TV we received today. I noticed two places of light bleeds. Fuck this bullshit, I WILL GET my good old plasma TV back.
  10. OLED or LED LCD TV?

    Ye, I was thinking like that too unfortunately. However, I may buy some good curtains to block the direct sunlight? LED LCD are not sensitive to direct sunlight, right?
  11. OLED or LED LCD TV?

    Thanks a lot. So it seems OLED still not ready for mass market as someone said. Well shit, so the OLED tv will be scratched. Any other advice on which 55" tv? I used that site too but if I search to the tv's, I only get search results outside of the Netherlands.
  12. Hi all, so my old TV is out of the house, I is very sad so now have to buy new TV. I searched a lot of info on which TV is good but there are a lot out there so don't know which is good. Dutch websites to ask for advices is pretty limited so this international site then. Good blacks are important for me, and it will be mostly used for watching tv, alone and with family and watching youtube crap or something. And about the finance, my max budget is €1000 and I'd like to get a 55" TV.. These are the TV's that are on my list: LED-LCD LG 55UJ630V Philips 55PUS6262 OLED LG 55EG9A7V OLED got the best blacks and contrast but do they have a short lifespan? And are they also sensitive for direct sunlight? And what about some family wants to watch football and the timer/scores being on for 45 minutes each? Some logo's will be there for like 45 minutes and that worries me due to burn ins. I understand the LG 55EG9A7V is a FHD and got no 4K HDR. But I have no use for that, so 4K/HDR is not a must, I even doubt I'll ever use them.
  13. lg 22mp68vq or benq gw2480

    Yes, 75Hz is noticeable. Well, for me it is so you should test yourself. Back when I had Iiyama 22" VA monitor that had 75Hz, I could see the difference between 60Hz and 75Hz. However, I had to return it do to vert strong backlight that made black grey and also 'black crush' by using HDMI. Now I have a BenQ GW2270HM which is much better, it has VA panel, HDMI and DVI. You should buy one which you are pleased with. 60Hz is good enough too. If you want a small screen, LG one. Want bigger? BenQ. I had the 75Hz Iiyama only for a few days, I think I used it max 2 days and then I returned it.
  14. Yeh, I'm holding off GPU upgrade and my current GPU is Asus GTX780 which I have it 4 years and 3 months now. I caught myself I stopped caring about GPU's. I have to upgrade my plasma TV's so I guess money goes to a new TV.