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  1. Recently my computer started crashing as in straight up black screen no error messages or anything and would turn back on 1 or 2 seconds later. I checked my system event logs and the only error messages are 6008 and it just says "The previous shut down on (time) on (date) was unexpected." It could happen any time and I don't think its triggered by anything. Anyone have any ideas? My power supply is the Corsair RM850
  2. I WANT! tweet: https://twitter.com/ofroyo/status/315228707344224256
  3. Zany

    BF3 Stats

  4. Zany

    Sound card vs. DAC?

    Would a FiiO E10 be good enough for music and casual gaming?
  5. Zany

    Sound card vs. DAC?

    What are the differences between these 2 besides the fact that the DAC is external?
  6. I'd prefer CS:S over CS:GO but if its CS:GO I'd still play :]
  7. Theres no click feedback on stealth version of blackwidows because they use MX Browns. MX Browns have the tactile feedback but no click feedback like the MX Blues do. A lot of people get this as their first mechanical but I also recommend cheaper entry level keyboards like the Quickfire Rapid. If you're getting keyboards like the Blackwidow Ultimate theres better alternatives like the Ducky Shine.
  8. TES IV, Fallout 3, CS:S, Burnout Paradise
  9. Wow. I know where I'm buying them now. IMO they look alright, I think they could have done better with a plain logo. Thanks a lot for the link, help appreciated.
  10. I'm going to raid 5 some hard drives but I don't know which hard drives to use. This is also going to be in a computer not an NAS but should I use WD Reds like andi said or use something faster like WD Blacks?