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    new and old computer and console stuffs. building computers of all sorts whenever money is available.
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    i am king giraffe. hail me.
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    building gaming computers for clients.


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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-core OC'd @ 4.0ghz
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    ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme
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    32gb G.Skill 3200mhz DDR4
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    AMD Radeon VII
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    Voodoo Omen R (yes, THAT Voodoo)
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    Intel 1tb NVME, ADATA 512gb ssd, 6tb WD Black, 2x3tb WD Blue, 2tb Seagate Firecuda
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    SeaSonic Prime 1200w Gold
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    Acer XF270HU 1440p 144hz FreeSync
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    Custom EKWB
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    Razor Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razor Mamba Tournament Chroma
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    some random speaker set from 8 years ago
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Dell Precision M6500 Covet Edition: Core i7 940XM Extreme Edition @ 3.33ghz boost, 16gb 1600mhz memory, NVidia Quadro 5000m Sandisk 256gb MSata SSD, Seagate 500gb SSHD, WD Blue 500GB, 1920x1200 edge to edge full RGB display, Win10Prox64
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  1. So I underclocked the cpu (turned the cpu multiplier from 9 to 8 ) and ran at power saver mode and it was able to last long enough to get everything but proper gpu drivers installed. Took a look at the temps using hwinfo and cpu was at 37c and GPU's were at 47c. plenty cold enough to determine that the water cooling system is in good condition for its age. After it froze up I took the opportunity to clean out the GPUs and see the psu. Found out its got the 1100w top end option. GPU's were pretty dirty with dust. Took some compressed air to them and now they can breathe better. I dont think they got dirty enough to cause it to overheat in any way to be the source of the freezes. It must be something else.
  2. i'll see if i can get msi afterburner on it to underclock the gpus too just to make sure they're completely stable.
  3. yes; twin 8800 ultras. i could try taking them out but that would likely require taking out the entire loop as they're all attached like an aio. i'll see if i can get any temperature monitoring software just to ensure that the loop is still performing as it should.
  4. got cpuz installed and it showed it running at 1.07v. when booting up today the fans actually werent at full speed, and i could here there was some coil whine, but couldnt hear where it was coming from. think the power supply being old is causing it to not deliver clean power?
  5. everythings running auto speeds/voltages. although the system does have an overclock option, so its possible its been running oc'd for years. i'll see if i can find an older core 2 processor to toss in it and verify board condition.
  6. I've got an old hp voodoodna blackbird dedication edition with full watercooling on the qx6850 and twin 8800 ultra cards. it boots up and works fine, but only for a few minutes at a time. i've checked the temps, and they seem fine; mid 30s at bios. i've checked for dust in the radiator and everythings clean. i can feel the pump working and everything. so i dont think its cooling related. i've pulled everything nonessential; wifi card, sound card, any extra hard drives, and its still freezing. it probably could use a bios update, but i've seen reports of the striker series of boards not performing good after a bios update anyways, so i'm not sure what to do. i've looked it up and apparently the striker extreme is actually a pretty expensive board, so i'd love to keep it running and keep my voodoo blackbird completely original. any help would be appreciated.
  7. i've been playing the forza horizon games on pc for awhile, and recently tried to get them to run on my dell precision 6500 laptop with a quadro 5000m in it. it's old but its a workhorse and still suites me well for light content creation and content viewing. most games work fine on it as the quadro 5000m is really just a gtx 480m in disguise. i read some time ago that nvidia added dx12 support for kepler based cards in mid - late 2017. my driver version is 377.83 and is from january 2018. that appears to be the latest driver for this device after checking the nvidia site. running the dxdiag tool shows that my directx version is in fact directx12. that all sounds good until i try to play these games. it says my gpu doesnt support dx12? horizon 4 wont even let me try to play and tinker with settings. horizon 3 has an ignore and continue option which does get me to the main menu, but its like one frame every 30 seconds and i cannot do anything. opening task manager shows the cpu pegged at 100% while gpu is sitting at 0. clearly it's not seeing my card as it should. any solutions that dont involve ditching an otherwise perfectly serviceable machine? is there a hacked driver to allow games to properly work in dx12 mode on this card? (note: card itself is not soldered down, but it is in dell's old proprietary format. meaning i could not put a newer card in even if i wanted to).
  8. is there a way to disable the 4 xbox controllers limit in windows? i'd like to play games with more than 4 friends at a time. I've read that it's a xinput limit. but directinput doesnt have any such problem. is there a program or app to toggle or change a way a controller is seen by the computer? I've read that getting 2 xbox wireless adapters can solve this problem. i've tried this, and it didn't seem to work. the games i play still only support up to 4 xbox controllers.
  9. If you have any spare change, please donate it to Kevin's gofundme page that the HardwareUnboxed guys set up. TechShowDown is in a medically induced coma and every little bit will go a great distance. https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-kevin-techshowdown the hardware unboxed video to get caught up:
  10. so we now both have eachothers apple id emails in our contacts, yet still he's not receiving? update: we figured it out. needed some secondary apple id thing on his end. works fine now.
  11. so my friend and i recently both got old mac laptops just to experience osx and familiarize with it. we'd like to imessage eachother just for convenience sake, but with both of us so new to osx we're not sure how to go about it. i've figured out how to imessage someone else by adding their iphone number. but neither of us have another apple device. is there any way to contact another apple computer via imessage?
  12. i'm wondering if there's any expresscard options that convert the expresscard 34/54 on older laptops to thunderbolt to give them more expandability? they're both pci-e based if i'm not mistaken, so it seams doable?
  13. asking for a friend: requesting that everything be removable and/or easily accessible. a machine like the alienware area 51m is pretty much bang on what he needs but we're wondering if there's a cheaper option. parts that must be removable/upgradable: cpu, gpu, ram, storage, battery.