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  1. Sounds interesting. I did some googling around and it looks like I can even get some parts of it done from my house, soo I guess online. But even that, I dont really get it. I mean, how exactly am I taking part to it? Is there something like a school I will have to go to or something? How can this possibly be a valid IT ceritificate? Oh I understand now. I will have a look into it. Its not exactly into my likings but I will do some more research in case I find something that really interests me in that field. Thank you for you time!
  2. There is no such a thing such as "have to" in my case. I have no idea what the skilled trades field is. English is not a native language to me. I would really appreciate it you could somewhat give me a short explenation of what it is because it sounds interesting. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. Going into the US is one of my last choices, mainly because just getting there is really expensive. But the thing about the community college sounds really interesting. I will have to look into it for sure.
  4. Hello everyone reading this! I want to start a somewhat sensitive discussion. I am 18 years old and I finished school around 2 weeks ago. So now school is over and I have the whole summer to find out what I am going to do next. I am from greece, and here, in order to get into a university, you go through something we call panellinies which is like finals and depanding on how many points you get from it, you choose the university you want to go to. Unfortunatelly, I almost completelly failed. I am not saying this is a good thing, but I was not hoping for more, mainly because I dont have hopes on my own country especially in the category I am interested in. Just reading in the news about greece should point out why. And now I am in a possition where I can either try again next year, or leave greece and go study aboard. Of course doing the second one means a lot more expenses for my parents, and I am aware of it. But my problem right now is fidning the right universities and schools for what I want to study. I am a maker lover. I love making stuff. It can be from building an ikea chair, to a computer, to making my own diy projector, to making my house automated using raspberry pis and arduinos and even fixing the toilet. I love it all. I like doing things, working and mainly making usefull things while learning form it and learning new ways of doing things. This is what I want to do. This is what I love. But here comes my problem. I only know greek and english, so moving somewhere where english in not really spoken is not an option. And the other problem and the biggest one is that there is too much information online. I know this is not a bad thing and it might sound stupid, but there are so many details, and informations about every single thing that I am getting lost. I am sure some people here are from europe and some of you, might know and can help me make a decision on where to study. I wonder if there are like techical schools or something like that. This is the biggest problem yet for me, there is soo much information and I cant really describe what I want, that I am getting resoults about a milion things. If any of you know something, or have been in a similar situation and could help me and guide me a little bit, I would really really appreciate it! Thank you all for reading my life story. I know this is not going to be getting that much attention and replays, but to the people that can help me out a bit, I love you all!
  5. To linus: Does luke sexually harass you?
  6. Actually no! It was all hand made with a drill and a sanded. here are some pics.
  7. Yup I know more of these boards exist. but the project startes over 1 year ago. Actually when I started working on it, the raspberry pi 2 wasnt even announced. So I kept the raspberry pi name and concept. Thank you! I thought about it, but it will be really hard as some of the components cant be removed right now. So I will put some white or silver carbon fiber vinyl over it. Maybe play with the colors a bit too.
  8. Hello everyone! I am back! And so is the raspberry pi laptop! Its finally finished! Here it is! screen works. battery works. wifi speakers keyboard touchpad everything works. Here is an Instructable I made some time ago. It has all the details. http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ultimate-Raspberry-Pi-Laptop/
  9. Amazing giveaway once again! Every product is good. but DAT all black keyboard is so sexy!
  10. been using it for some months now. It doesnt like it when I plug my headphones on
  11. True. But mine is better when its done you will see why [emoji4] thank you.
  12. another small update this is how things will look like.
  13. Thank you The keyboard is a usb keyboard for tablets so it will be connected via usb. The touchpad is from an old laptop. I was able to make it work on a ps/2 port on my desktop. So I bought an active ps/2 to usb adapter from ebay. People on the raspberry pi forums said that these adapters actually work so I hope it works( It hasn't arrived yet). As for the old laptop hinges, I found some but they are too bulky. I will see if i can find any old net bokk with small hinges to use.
  14. So. I totally forgoten about my post here sorry for the guys that follow it. Anyway. Iv been working hard on this raspberry pi laptop and I have made HUGE progress over the last few days. It is like 90% complete. Its been a long time since I updated here so lets go. I got everything. I made a new more rubost hdmi cable, designed my power delivery system, tested it, I went agead and bought some aluminum sheets(1mm thick) and started working. So far so good. Everything works so far. Wifi works, speakers work, screen works, ethernet works, the usb hub works, the card reader works, they keyboard works, the batteries I hope they work and now almost everything electronic is mounted on the case and its usable. My real problem right now is the screen hingle. I have no idea how to make one that actually has friction and works like a regular laptop hingle. Any help would be apreciated. BY THE WAY. You might look at it and " you need to sand it you need to paint it "......I will not paint it. I will putt a vynal wrap all around it. I am thinking about white carbon fiber i think it looks sick. preparing cuts bends stand offs glued keyboard and touchpad almost done internal photo power delivery 4port usb hub, wifi switch, speaker and card reader with tiny card reader on/off switch other speaker, headphone out, volume control, internal speaker amp oon/off switch and composite out top view working size comparison with an almost full size wireless logitech keyboard.
  15. Sooooo I know i havent posted any updates here..... I will be honnest....I forgot to .... a lot of things happen... I got a raspberry pi model B 2. I have a battery and everything. I have it actually working. All it needs now is an enclosure. More info and photos will be available once school stops so that i will have more free time to work on it. The whole casing will be from aluminum BTW.
  16. Me and a bunch of friends do a weekly livestream about tech news and general computer QnA in greek. It would be awesome if we could use the premium version!
  17. Username: Andrew4848 <3 videos https://www.vessel.com/videos/MWAorqEZO https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  18. i am actually surprised no one had done that yet.
  19. You need to use the old intro at random times.