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  1. Ive been pretty much a lurker here. But I will give them a one chance to convince me. This nVidia bias is pissing me off and also WAN show quality has dropped. Im just about to unsubscribe.
  2. If the new flagship beats Titan X and is under or equal the price of 980, AMD wins this round.
  3. but you did fine before. just recently you started doing this
  4. You are missing the point. No one is saying that these cards are bad. This is just NVIDIA being a dick and lying to the customers. In EU zone retailers now have to take back used gtx 970s because the memory problem is a "defect" and NVidia/retailers needs to either fix it, give the customer a working unit or give their money back. So basicaly retailers are getting screwed over, because Nvidia is doing nothing. This is by no means "Ok" to do something like this. People dont like to get screwed over and I understand people who return these cards out of principle. Personally I would be pretty mad if I had a 970, and I would think about returning it. I wont support this kind of practice even if the card it self would be good.
  5. Im starting to run out of new things to insert in my butt. This processor is quite huge and never tried it before. I love new things to experience
  6. Im starting to feel like that GoodBytes has something personal against Qnix or something. 120Hz is not that rare on Qnix. I and my friend have one running at 120hz. Logan from techsyndicate said that Qnix/X-star are overclockable to 120Hz. I have no idea what his problem is tho.
  7. Well I have tested my monitors for frame skipping. There is none. If colors are reduced, it must be by so little that its unnoticeable. Changing between 60Hz, 96Hz and 120hz atm. No difference.
  8. Actually thats a bit deceiving. That link you posted was to Qnix with multiport. That version has A LOT higher input lag(because of the added scaler of the multiport model), than the normal version with just DL DVI-D input. No one ever recommends that version, because its bad and its not even overclockable(some say they got it to 85Hz). I dont have OSD, but i have a working brightness control Only the multiport models have that PWM dimming you are talking about. The lack of scaler in the Single-input model actually makes its input lag really low. Measured to be 1-3ms You cant use the single-input model, with consoles though. Lack of scaler does this. They actually are Overclockable and 120hz is NOT false... Its just the multiport version -----> check that out http://www.overclock.net/t/1384767/official-the-qnix-x-star-1440p-monitor-club Quotes from the link above: Here is more about the shitty multiport Qnix: http://www.overclock.net/t/1384767/official-the-qnix-x-star-1440p-monitor-club/18800#post_22351276 I have tested them both for frame skips and they skip none... Image attachment is not working for some reason.. but here is my screen that is capable of 96hz and 120Hz http://prntscr.com/58ioj9 http://prntscr.com/58iqae TL;DR: You are confusing 2 different models together
  9. And guys dont forget that the Qnix is overclockable. Im running one at 120Hz and one at 96hz
  10. Repost. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/236809-photomath-app-which-solves-equations-using-your-smart-phones-camera/
  11. That game seems to be the one that most of us have prepared our wallets for. I see it going -33% off, no more.
  12. I kind of need that extra 3GB of memory for my GTX 780 Modded Skyrim @1440p is eating up VRAM like a monster.
  13. Got it free with my GTX 780. Its in queue in my steam library with dozens other games...