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About TahoeDust

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  • CPU
    i9-9900k @ 5.1GHz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA z390 Dark
  • RAM
    g.Skill Tirdent Z RGB 4200 CL17
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080ti FTW3 Hydrocopper
  • Case
    BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 900
  • Storage
    970 Pro 1tb - 860 EVO 2tb
  • PSU
    1200w EVGA Supernova P2
  • Display(s)
    AOC Agon AG352UCG 3440x1440 100Hz
  • Cooling
    Custom Water
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
  • Mouse
    Logitech G900
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. TahoeDust

    Asus XI hero problems

    Clear cmos
  2. TahoeDust

    32 gig ram ... not enough?

    Why didn't you just answer it the first time when someone was trying to help you? Instead of "Depends on what you mean with High end desktop".
  3. TahoeDust

    32 gig ram ... not enough?

    Sooooooo......not HEDT
  4. TahoeDust

    Mobo suggestions for i9900k

    Both EVGA z390 boards should handle it pretty easy.
  5. TahoeDust

    gtx 1080, i9 9900k motherboard

    The chances of getting 4 sticks of DDR4 stable at 5000MHz on any motherboard are very very slim.
  6. Asus z390 Apex has one of the best VRM setups made for this chipset.
  7. What throttling are you guys observing at 80-85c? How are observing it?
  8. TahoeDust

    i9 9900k Temperature worryingly high

    He siad he is using Cinebench R20. It definitely uses AVX.
  9. TahoeDust

    i9 9900k Temperature worryingly high

    People like to run low temps, but don't be scared. Intel knows what they are doing and know some of these are going to be used in incredibly harsh environments. Honestly your CPU could probablyr un bouncing off the 100c thermal limit for years...that is why there is a thermal limit. Anything under that is what the manufacture specs as "safe". That said, hitting the 90s with stress tests like Prime shouldn't scare you. Hitting 90s regularly in your typical use case would give me pause.
  10. TahoeDust

    i9 9900k Temperature worryingly high

    I have seen so much incorrect/bad information posted as fact lately it is kind of scary. You're most likely fine @boostang99...even with the best watercooling setup, some stock 9900ks have trouble getting the heat out of the die to the IHS.
  11. TahoeDust

    9900k + overclock = voltage used

    You do know when AMD, like Intel, advertises a "Max Boost Clock", when not overclocked, they also are not running that speed on all cores at once, right?
  12. TahoeDust

    HEDT or 9900k. Im torn

    So in your mind, you realistically believe that AMD can come out with a CPU that is basically equal to 4 9900Ks?
  13. TahoeDust

    Is ryzen good for gaming

  14. 24hrs of Prime95 Blend w/AVX has been the gold stander for stability since I can remember...although it really is overkill and unrealistically hot for most users. Blend runs the same sets as small fft, it just mixes in other sets with them so it is not constantly maxing power draw. In blend my 9900k still pulls 260 watts at 5.GHz1 1.33v. If you don't want to run that try running OCCT, AIDA64, and Realbench. All three of those use AVX. Then run Prime95 w/ out AVX which shouldn't be too hot.