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    North Yorkshire
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    Royal Air Force


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    Intel Core i5 4690K OC to 4.51Ghz
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    ASUS Z97 PRO (Wi-Fi ac)
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
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    EVGA NVIDIA GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0
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    BeQuiet! Silent Base 800
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    250GB Samsung EVO SSD, 1TB HDD
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2 80+ Gold
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    BenQ EW2440L 24 inch monitor
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    Custom XSPC and EK water cooling loop
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    Microsoft Wireless 800
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    Microsoft Wireless 6000
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    Logitech 2.1
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

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  1. I've just been medically discharged from the armed forces here in the UK, and with my payout, I'm in the market for a new TV. I'm confused about what to pick, OLED or QLED. I watch movies maybe a couple of times a month, and watch Sky Sports F1 (Formula One channel for those outside the UK) I've been to my local tech store and looked at both OLED and QLED, and while I love the contrast of an OLED, I'm worried about burn-in/image retention. On the other hand, I quite like how the QLED handles colours... Although they're very striking, I know they're not really accurate, and they're just kind of blown out... But I'm very open to suggestions. Whichever the community says is best, I'll buy :)
  2. I've found the cause of the issue and it was ASUS's AI SUITE 3!!! Uninstalled it and everything works fine now
  3. Mate she enjoys it as much as me... get's the juices flowing so she's ready to accept my acorn of a penis
  4. Mate, I'm useless with software stuff, and I'm busy with a 3 year old and a wife that won't leave me alone
  5. I will pay you 20GBP if you can help me solve this issue... If you search Benjiman46 on facebook and can talk me through it some time I will Paypal you 20GBP. This issue is doing my head in!!!
  6. Brill! How do I use autoruns? I've tried the ShellExView but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use that either. When I see a lot of schmoo in the form of characters and computer jargon my head can't cope
  7. Hi everyone! So my Windows 10 is being a pain in the ass and has been for a while now. It's a very strange issue, so I'll explain it from starting the PC up. Turn the PC on, it takes 10 seconds to get to the desktop. Awesome! No problem at all. Enter password, everything is fine, logs on instantly. Open apps, internet, games... they open fine with no issues. Right click on the desktop, or do anything to do with windows desktop, it is SO slow to react. For example, right click, go to view, small, medium or large icons, it takes an age to respond to the fact that your cursor is over the area (doesn't highlight or anything) then when you click anything to do with windows desktop, if it wants to open another window, it takes forever to display the contents of that window, and if you move the window around, it does the butter spread of windows copying the outside of the window a million times (best way to describe it) until it finally loads (takes up to a minute). The most annoying thing by far is when you're installing an application, and the windows window opens waiting for you to click next or agree etc, and it takes forever to load the contents of the window. Has anyone had this issue with windows 10, or found a fix for it? I'm ripping my hair out. System specs are: Core i5 4690k OC to 4.4ghz 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 500gb Samsung SSD GTX970 GPU EVGA 80+ Platinum PSU Custom liquid cooling loop All temperatures are stable and cool, and everything else works flawlessly. Games, internet browsing, youtube, pornhub... All perfect. WTF?!
  8. I'm serious! haha I've touched the LED after it's burned me and it's always cool to the touch... I wonder if it's infra red radiation or something then...
  9. RANDOM thread, but has anyone else experienced a burning sensation on their leg, through their pocket, when the iris scanner is accidentally activated in your pocket? It's happened to me about 5 times now, and I've started turning the phone around in my pocket so it faces outwards instead of towards my skin. What the hell is that? It's definitely the iris scanner, and it's REALLY hot in my pocket! But when I touch the phone, the phone isn't hot, so I'm assuming its some sort of lazer?... Ben!
  10. Hi, not from what I can see mate, no. But I don't thinknow it would be too arduous to take the top and front panels off then mask it all It looks as though it's probably glued in tbh
  11. Just aesthetically, it looked better, I like the round Asus badge on the motherboard, and if I put the gpu in the upper slot it covers it up. With the amount of airflow this case has, it definitely won't be affecting temps
  12. This is my attempt at a proper build! I've saved long and hard and finally I've been able to afford my dream case and a new PSU and res/pump combo! Full specs are: Intel core i5 4690k overclocked to 4.4ghz Corsair Vengeance ddr3 16GB Samsung 850 SSD EVGA GTX 970 EVGA 750 P2 power supply Asus Z97-Pro mobo CableMod orange cable kit 2 GB Seagate HDD XSPC Raystorm waterblock XSPC 3/8 5/8 UV red/orange tubing XSPC D5 170 reservoir and pump combo The case is great to work with, it's so modular! Everything can be moved and shifted around, and I had to move the motherboard tray right to the bottom so I could fit my stupid cross flow radiator! What are everyone's thoughts/criticisms? Cheers Ben
  13. Just ordered that, an orange cablemod kit for an EVGA P2 power supply, the power supply and some orange water cooling hose! Cool, quick way to spend £500 haha