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  1. i like the shoulder button where they are, and i really didn't like the xbox one shoulder buttons. and for the other one, like you said i don't want to use 3rd party programs.
  2. thank you i live in sweden, i would rather not open up the controller to break warranty but if you find something please send it
  3. everything else other than the shoulder button is shit on the ps3 controller, like you said it's too small
  4. This is the second controller that i have had the same problem with.
  5. Hi i use xbox 360 controllers but i have a problem with the shoulder buttons (RB+LB but mostly LB), i have long index fingers so when i place them on the shoulder button the pressure point is on the shaft for the button. this makes the sometimes not register for a moment making me drop my guard (dark souls) and sometimes register twice instead of a long press. however when i played at a friends house on his ps3 the shoulder buttons worked differently and was very pleasant to use, but the ps3 controller has a joystick layout and is not always supported by windows which would force me to use something like x360ce, that would get me banned in dark souls. tl:dr i want a controller that have the ps3 shoulder button but the joystick layout of the 360. and i also want it to work with windows without x360ce or a way to stop my xbox 360 shoulder buttons to not glitch up Thanks in advance
  6. fixed it, it was the blue connector
  7. i understood perfectly, but where do i put my microphone?
  8. Hi! i recently started playing demon's souls and i would like to redirect the audio from the ps3 to my pc. i have the onboard asus z87-a soundcard. im currently having my ps3 connected to my monitor that have a built in speaker(Asus VG24QE) using HDMI my plan is to connect my monitor's output to my soundcard's input. Thou i don't know which connector to plug it into and i also don't know how to configure this, i made a image to demonstrate. i have a 3.5 dual male cord. Thanks in advance
  9. if you want a simple high-end mouse i would recommend zowie fk-1
  10. Well i love my markus, does it's job. whats your height, if you aren't that long the head cusion is uncomfortable (i know because i had to grow into it) i have had mine for 4 years, and it's still fresh. sverige<3
  11. i have a fingertip grip, i should stay away from finalmouse igues
  12. i would not be talking this way if i had not tested it:P my friend has it and i really didn't enjoy it:/
  13. i cant really type that fast, and i got an old ikea chair. it's still comfortable though. and i don't understand what u mean by full potential?
  14. i know it doesn't i just want to sepparate the 2013 and the old one, so i call it 2012 or respawn