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  1. Not really, to make it perfect you would have a 1:1 pin layout, and as far as I know, there is none. - Martin
  2. Hi @Pachuca ! We have more than 2 in stock The LED strips cost 15,99 USD per piece and the international shipping is 13 USD. Tell me if you want me to setup the order for you - Martin
  3. Hi! We offer LED strips that are out of the box compatible with the Aura software. I will check later today if we have some more in stock - Martin
  4. Hi @Pachuca ! Do you want magnetic of with foam adhesive? - Martin
  5. The extensions will support any PSU. The extensions is what I recommend for the H440's as we have used them on all of ours. Take a look at some of these pictures: http://imgur.com/a/HpP08
  6. Take a look here: https://gyazo.com/b22a07ed254bd16da8cee43a54989e03 Something like this?
  7. Maybe carbon fiber / purple / blue or something like that?
  8. Yes indeed Check out our custom color configurator here: https://modguru.net/product-category/exten/
  9. Hi Owlman! We are actually based in Norway and make custom cables No customs or vat needed extra on our prices. You can check out our products at: https://modguru.net - Martin
  10. Hi! If you visit our page : https://modguru.net/product-category/exten/ You can try out our color picker so you can check what will fit your computer the best - Martin
  11. You can check out our store: https://modguru.net We offer custom made extensions and psu cables that are handmade here in Norway International shipping may be free if you contact our livechat
  12. There is still differences between handmade Chinese cables and handmade ones
  13. You can check out icemodz.com . They have the MDPC-x brand of sleeving Or if you are in the USA, check out http://mod-one.com/
  14. I would say it's mostly about what you like (as a look). Our custom hand made extensions isn't that much more expensive than the cablemods custom factory made extensions. Attached I have uploaded a photo that IceModz took to show the difference in look. On the left, MDPC-x. In the middle, PET sleeving and on the right Cablemod. It's 100% what look you prefer CXuAnhhUQAUUEMN.jpg-large
  15. If you purchase a ATX pin remover, enough 4MM sleeve for all the cables and already have soldering tools. You might be saving some bucks yes We do sell all the tools needed for this kind of work at our website - Martin https://modguru.net
  16. Thanks for the word @W-L ! You can check it out here: https://modguru.net/product/12dc-to-molex/
  17. Hi! You can check out our custom made extensions here: https://modguru.net/product-category/exten/ And you can check some of our work right here: https://www.facebook.com/modguruOF/photos/?tab=album&album_id=850699458353199 And here is some of our customer reviews https://www.trustpilot.com/review/modguru.net Tell me if there is anything I can help you with! - Martin
  18. Hi there! We offer a range of high quality hand made extensions that will fit every psu! You can check them out here: https://modguru.net/product-category/exten/ And here is some of our work Greetings Martin
  19. Hi! I have some dupont connectors in stock I think. I can post some pictures here later when I have the time to go find them Only 1-3 $ total
  20. Hi @ACoffeeGuy ! Is this the kind of product you are looking for? https://modguru.net/product-category/exten/ Our weekend sale is still up so you can be quick and get our products discounted All products are handmade to your specs Greetings Martin
  21. Hello everyone! modGuru have launched a worldwide giveaway for everyone, the only thing you need to do is fill out some entries!! Grand Prize: 1 custom made extension set for your colors, length etc. The link below will forward you to a place where you can join the giveaway! Good luck https://sdqk.me/rHAg6gVrf Post accepted by @W-L