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    16 GB G.Skill 2400 MHz DDR4
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  1. RX 580 8 GB Nitro + Black Screen Crash

    Could it be possible that you're card is defective? It's pretty rare nowadays but it does happen.
  2. 270X not folding

    I know that with Folding it sometimes takes a while for it to actually kick in and start working, and to give an accurate read out for ppd. I think there's an issue with folding and AMD GPUs though, I haven't been able to get folding stable on my main rig in the past year or so.
  3. Dual Psu settup

    So looking by look at toms number we get a more reasonable 2100*0.6=1260, that's a lot more reasonable
  4. Dual Psu settup

    Of course thats the max power draw possible, I don't know what they'll actually pull when mining etherium.
  5. Dual Psu settup

    https://www.amazon.com/Vantacor-Dual-Adapter-Cable-2-way/dp/B00DL3L2J6 You're going to want something like that to jump both your psus. Beyond that I don't think that you need all that much to get going here, with the wattage's you need for both power supplies it would be pretty hard to find a crappy psu. With some napkin math the max your 7 card could pull at any given time is ~2100 watts, add some instability for the use of two psus and the voltage droop you may experience from trying to pull over two kilowatts from your wall you're probably going to want two 1500 watt supplies. Without knowing the quality of your wiring I don't know if you would want to cut those psus any lower.
  6. Dual Psu settup

    as long as it keeps going for a month or two longer i think he'll make his money back, but still it's a gamble.
  7. Dual Psu settup

    It should, just make sure you use good psus though. If you use cheap no names just to get up to 800w for cheap your gonna fry those $400 580s. As for actually making it why would you want a dual psu set up over say two separate systems?
  8. GTX 1080 Ti Folding@Home numbers

    Can we appreciate that this card does in a day what took me to do in my first 9 months of folding? Thanks for this @Insp1r3, I was actually really curious what top of the line pascal was getting these days.
  9. Ddr4 16gb 2133 or 8gb 3200 FOR RYZEN

    I would go for the 8GB personally, you can always expand in the future to 16 Gb when you need it. I feel that the 10% performance boost with the 8Gb is more than worth it to me. Whats the point of getting more ram if your hamstringing your performance?
  10. Folding@home gpu usage

    I was mistaken, from the quick search around the F@H forums I just did it seems that GPU folding is either on or off. I don't believe there is a way to limit the power through the F@H control panel. You could try undervolting and under clocking your cards, the should preform around the same and at least on many AMD cards it does wonders for power draw, heat, and noise. That may be your solution here.
  11. Folding@home gpu usage

    I believe that the medium setting will run the GPU at 50%, but that's as low as it will go.
  12. Huh that's a little disappointing, I wonder if it would still come out on top though if you factor in the ridiculous number of threads versus say the 7700k which is around the same price. I definitely see you point though, guess I have to go look at even more benchmarks now lol.
  13. I think it's worth a revisit, especially now that AMD has released their new processors. I'd love to have my hands on one of those 1700's, I'd be swimming in primes.
  14. Annoying bug with PB287Q / R9 390

    Glad it's something preventable then lol. Hope you have a relatively trouble free future.
  15. Annoying bug with PB287Q / R9 390

    Sorry for the late reply, maybe your monitor is just wigging out? Guess leave it in 1.1 until it bugs out again and check to see what setting it's on. Hope you don't see the issue again though since even though it's odd you wont be having anymore problems.