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  1. Hey Guys I have been having a few disconnection issues with the internet its so random but its annoying as well. I have complained about this to my ISP , they replaced the entire fiber connection from their node to my house[ FTTH] and the ONU along with all the patch cables. But still i get these connection issues and was wondering how i should proceed to investigate my own network. I run passive POE to the ONU which sits in my balcony. Sometimes blame was levied on this POE but I was able to replicate this issue without POE as well. I tested the CAT 5E internal wiring with a Network Cable tester thingy and its fine all all pairs are connected perfectly. The Router was also removed a few times from the equation to check if that is the problem and I have had disconnections while on a Direct PPPOE from Windows as well. At this point I do not know whose fault it is , the ISP or Mine. Someone suggested to use a ping plotter to cross check and I do not know how to interpret this data. If this says something about the problem, please let me know.
  2. Yup , i realize that mistake now. Can you suggest me a way to convert the drive to NTFS without loss of data ?
  3. Hi, my SSD is NTFS, my hard drives are ReFS. Recently Windows 10 forcefully updated my PC and suddenly both my ReFS formatted drives are not recognized. How do I fix it. I am ready to convert to NTFS but I do not want my data to be lost.
  4. So Far Youtube plays 1080P HDR no problem with the native app. Consider that taken care of
  5. Hey guys, Story on why I chose a 1080P TV with HDR instead of a 4K One : I want to experience HDR content on the 1080P TV with HDR10 support, But since most HDR content is also 4K, If I play a 4K Blu Ray Video with a 4K video player but connect it to a 1080P TV. Will it play ? 1) with HDR at 1080p 2) convert to SDR in 1080p even though TV supports HDR10 3) Outright Not play at all. Will having a 1080P HDR10 Capable TV enough for Youtube to play with HDR or does it also need a 4K resolution for HDR to trigger ? Which among the Smart TV devices should I choose to playback locally stored 4K HEVC HDR10 videos to a 1080P TV with HDR ? (Fire TV 2017, Mi Box 4K, Chromecast Ultra, Fire Stick) Android TV with Nvidia Gamestream and Moonlight Support would be awesome as well. I have a Gigabit Wired Home Network so Network support shouldn't be a problem Thank you guys in advance, if possible please do suggest the best add on devices for me overall for the best experience.
  6. Thank you dude, Turns out, I have to stop buying cheap RJ45 plugs, One of Pins went a bit too in and the socket wasnt able to make contact only with that particular plug. I replaced it and voila solved !!
  7. Image 1 http://prntscr.com/gqbpnc Image 2 http://prntscr.com/gqbpvj Image 3 http://prntscr.com/gqbpz1 Image 4Isolated Network Layout : http://prntscr.com/gqbpdz
  8. Hey guys I recently planned to switch my POE injector splitter to Gigabit to facilitate higher than 100Base-T speeds. Now I am stuck in a weird issue as shown in the below picture I am running a CAT5E cable for about 30ft from my router to a wall RJ45 Socket. From that Socket I run another CAT5E cable to the ISP provided ONT (Image 1) I was using a 100Mbps (2 Pair Passive POE injector Splitter earlier). Now I switched to a Gigabit POE injector Splitter (Image 2) After the upgrade i tested it out in dd wrt Console. And it reported my link speed as 100Base-T. So I resorted to testing it out with a network cable tester (Image 3) I am able to get all 8 pairs connected from the wall socket to my router. I inserted a patch cable from the network tester to the socket just to make sure the socket is not at fault. I am able to get all 8 Wires to light up. I again tested from the wall socket to the ISP provided ONT. Again all 8 Wires Light Up However when I link both these cables from the router to the ISP Provided ONT ( The 8th Wire alone goes blank). Beware that this is all before even the POE comes in. Do you guys have any insight as to why this thing is the case ? Isolated Network Layout (Image 4) Image in below post
  9. Nope, I got rid of it, and am trying to configure a VPS in AWS as you suggested, Thank you very much for the help
  10. Now another doubt i hate is, I only selectively tunnel Plex via that port, It is password protected and is a secure connection. Am I still at risk ? P.S I love it and cant get my grip around that its highly highly risky. However I did uninstall everything already and I am just looking to learn more about networking and security in general.
  11. The privacy policy is mentioned along with the Terms of Use. I found this after years of fighting. GOD WHY JUST Why do you hate me?????????
  12. Yeah, and apparently the servers are in Russia. Nothing against russians but you guys are the second worst when it comes to hacking and shit. I am kinda creeped out too. but it works super well. Oh god i found 1 proper usable solution and this it it
  13. Hey guys I found the wonderful new service called portmap.io specifically to address this particular issue an it works amazingly fine. It allows you to forward one port to your pc via a Open VPN tunnel. I think it uses split tunneling to just tunnel that particular port to their VPN servers. Its free for one port and its all I'll ever need . Also it seems its just $30 a year for unlimited port forwards. If you guys do check it out, Please let me know if all my plex data flows from my pc to their servers and then me ? ( Like an actual VPN would ? ) I just want to know if this is just a repackaged VPN for enthusiasts Aside from not knowing if these guys are stealing data or not, this service is amazing. LOL I dont know the legitimacy of the provider but the service is just awesome