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  1. X99 aye? Which one? Yeah repainting would be a good idea since it has some scratches on it Metal looking paint is so hard to paint in my opinion Can be such a bitch
  2. Holy.. This is a big thread! After reading this and looking at the imgur pictures it got my attention I like the design, will there be any repainting? Always wanted to see what you could do with that case, thanks! I'm waiting for more.
  3. Awesome project buddy! Can't wait to see the final
  4. What a cute "little" project! I like how it became a heartshape Nice!
  5. Wauw.. Everything is fitting together here! The leather, the white and the sleeving! First time I see leather in a case, it gave me some great ideas! Thanks. Keep up the good work! A cool and awesome build.
  6. Looks like a cool project! Parvum is doing a fine job again Same goes for you. Keep us updated!
  7. Haha, well I see you get your new computer soon! GoodLuck with the build! And thanks for the sub :3
  8. The X Desk just got sponsored by EK WB :D

  9. BUT It's priceless. I think.. Maybe I can consider an offer...
  10. Thanks! And Hi! Congratz! Haha ^^ and yup they do now Not that I know. I asked them if they are interested and they sended me the fittings I needed directly.. Think they've seen it before they were really quick and said awesome we'll help you out!
  11. Thanks! Save up some money buy parts wait again and buy parts again. I wish I could give you some mate.
  12. Soo EKWB saw some interest in my build and hooked me up with some awesome looking fittings! Thank you so much! This helped me alot because the fittings where the only things missing WaterBlocks Me and my dad had some time in the weekend for the cabling (Internet,TV) Since my room is and the end of the house it has to go through the whole house. From my room into the basement. So many cables Ugh.. I hate to see my desk like this. Behind the desk.
  13. Nice to turn an old case in such beautiful thing! Hm I like the first one and the first one of the third row. Nice job!
  14. You can learn from this! i'll wait to see the finished product and how well it can perform. But this is an awesome idea! Keep it up buddy!
  15. Yeah like the others said tidy it up and it would look so much nicer! But if you ignore the cabblemess it's a nice build overall, I like the white fan as a little detail to mix te colours. ^^
  16. EK Vulture <3 Going to be an awesome build. I hope you get your case in perfect shape buddy!
  17. Finally found an R4E waterblock and I got another suprise comming :)

  18. Fancy, nice idea! Your age doesn't matter at all! You know how to make a good video mate! Keep up the good work
  19. Awesome aircooled machine you have there! Do you get any good cooling performance out of it?
  20. Yush black and white build! Have fun mate I must agree the chipsetcoolers and covers are beautiful on that board.
  21. I almost have everything to finish this build! Thanks to Highflow be sure to check them out I'm still in search for an EK waterblock R4E.. EDIT: Not anymore! GTX 770 with Red Pastel The camera doesn't get the colour right, it looks way more redish in real life. Going to make some pictures when I have all of the fittings. Hopefully my dad and I will have some time this weekend to get some cabling done for the room Maybe I will post some pictures of it.
  22. Hi! I'm in search of a waterblock for the Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme. Is there anyone that knows where they still have an EK one? I'm living in Belgium so please it must be an european shop. Or anyone that knows some other brand that makes waterblocks for this type of motherboard? I don't want a full board just one for the chipsets Thanks!
  23. Had some damn trouble with my orders :(