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  1. This is how it looks like right now. The camera didn't get the colors right because of the lighting. I hope EKWB will send my last package the next week, I got the wrong waterblock for my 770 My own fault lel. So normally it should be ready in the next 2 weeks from now! F*ck Yeah. After this desk is ready, I need to clean the whole room. Make it comfy and going to get some plants for the room. I'll also going to make a little video tour of the room, I dont know if I'm going to talk or show my face in it. I'll see. Also there will be a little party to celebrate. Little video and pictures about that will follow. Remember even if the desk is finished i'm still going to update this thread :3 I'm still waiting for the CableMod Cables for my AX1200 so that update will be in April. So um yeah that sums it up.
  2. They're more then welcome, thanks! Thanks buddy! Means alot.. Oh it will but i'm going to make it my slave, it will obey me ( I seriously hope it will)
  3. In that specific room there's a fully watercooled desk with 4 rads and 2 res as you can see on that picture
  4. Thanks buddy! Yeah you don't see that many builds in belgium, unfortunately.
  5. It's pretty self explanatory put an base red color on it let it dry, paint a very thick black layer on it and wipe it of. For the texture its just some (I really don't know the name of it in English) sort of wallpaper you put on before you start painting a wall. Had to repaint it because the first wipe was a more rust looking didn't like. Yeah I didn't like the plain color either. Here is a picture with a plain red on it:
  6. Thank you! Hey, I told you I got some surprises, buddy. I think you like it? Never heard that one haha! Thank you!
  7. Oh nice! Wrapping is not an easy part I hope you have enough patience! Be sure to keep us updated!
  8. Yeah geezus christ Randomly a triple post, reported the 2 others. Don't want to spam my own topic Thanks I want to know if some peeps like this design or not ^^
  9. What do you guys think of this? The whole inside will be something like this. Do you like it or nah?
  10. MB - Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme GPU - EVGA GTX 770 CPU - Intel I7 3930k RAM - Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB / 2133MHz PSU - Corsair AX1200 SSD - Corsair Neutron GTX 3x120GB HDD - WD 1TB From a normal case to a costum watercooled desk [still In Progress]
  11. That's part of the plan! I'll have my own privacy, its a whole room apart from the house itself, I even have a downstairs (The plan is to have my own kitchen but i'm talking way to far in the future). appreciate it, buddy!
  12. It's getting closer and closer! (Short little update) If everything goes to plan this build should me done soon, the only problem is that I have to wait until CableMod releases their AX1200 cables They said it will be in April. The bathroom still needs a lot of work. Preparing the inner parts for some paint It's not the final color!
  13. Aight, I hope your parts will arrive soon!
  14. Awesome stuff you got there! I hope you let them shine, goodluck.
  15. Nice clear view! Me likey likey
  16. I've linked it in the first post For people who really wanted to know. It is, but I've linked it anyways.
  17. Ineed a very nice, clean case! Good work of the cable management. Have fun with the new case!
  18. I hope it is! Thanks, great to hear that! I will, and you're welcome buddy! Ohh yea Thanks again! Sure I can build you one buddy *If you live closer and pay for it
  19. Thank you for the great years my little case! Looks so much better with these waterblocks :3 The SSD are in place And ofcourse the X because what is an X Desk without an X right? Again thank you so much for following this post! This really means a lot for me
  20. Hmm bigger build or thread? Because I have a sort of big build its taking me more then 1 year now I still have a small thread for it people doesn't seem to get that interested, some of them are
  21. Hi! Since I have the Alphacool D5-VPP655(pump) and doesn't seem to work with a Koolance CTR-SPD12X2. Is it because the controller doesn't give enough voltage? The pump needs 8-24V.. So does this mean I need a 24V pump controller? So yes? Which one do you prefer?
  22. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ DDR4 is so expensive right now x') I had to make a choice a desk or an upgrade for my components. I just have a simple ROG R4E, 3930K and one GTX770.. Maybe the upgrades or for the future. Be sure to post some more pictures
  23. Had the same with my build Some things are expensive. You got a nice design and some nice idea's in your head, no worries mate!