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  1. Well explained, thank you very much for the effort. Very much appreciated!
  2. nope! it clearly says RAM on RIVA and CPU Z my mistake though it's 4200mhz not 42000mhz,,,lol and my CPU runs at 4.6ghz
  3. When I play games it boosted up 42000mhz The task manager and CPU Z and Riva did not show the same speed..
  4. Here's the screen shot. Just finish 1 1/2hours of PUBG and my game just start lagging at this moment. The windows on the right is my task scheduler and from there I dumped my cached through emptystandbylist
  5. Nope, It does not dumped automatically. I tested it for a few hours of heavy load all max out as soon as my cache build up more or less 24gb of cached then my game will start lagging I have to dumped it manually through EmptyStandbyList. then it will go back to normal... Even though I have 32gb of ram believe it or not most of my 3A games will consume up to 16gb of ram or higher... And I have nothing running on the background except for Steam or Uplay or Origin or Blizzard or what ever the games I want to play on..
  6. Hi guys... I am having problem with my memory building up so fast when I play 3A Games Like BF5, Division 2, PUBG, AC, ect... For now I'm currently using Empty Standby List to dump my cached manually, so my games will not lag. Is there anyway to dump the cache without using any third party software? Because Empty Standby List does not work well for me... TIA My Specs: i7 9700k, RTX 2070, 32gb 3200mhz RAM, M.2 970 EVO for OS, 2 SSD and 2 HHSD...
  7. I can't figure out what apps, program or hardware consuming huge part of my RAM. And when I play The Division 2 sometimes it reach to 20gb and I only game on 1080p. Guys any idea? Thank you in advance my pc specs in screenshot below. I have 5 drive 2x sshd 2tb, 2x 500gb 860evo and 1x m.2 970 for O.S
  8. Is this worth it to do, to accelerate my HDD using Optane Memory? I read some reviews somewhere that if you have faster SSD or NVME you are good to go and do not need to use optane memory? I already have Samsung 970 EVO 250GB M.2 and 860 EVO SSD 1TB... But I still need a faster and huge HDD like 6TB to store all my files..
  9. I am not comparing it I know the deference between those 2, I just want a huge drive to store all my SP games, recorded game files ect... But i want best HDD I can find.
  10. Yoh guys... Can anyone suggest best HDD for gaming. I already have 1tb SSD but it filled so fast as games size these days are so huge. So I figure it out that I only use my SSD for MP games and HDD for single player games. I have WD blue but I am not happy with the performance cause it loads so long... TIA,
  11. Hey guys, I just don't know what happen to my TT riing fan because it does not sync properly. 1 of them is no light at all and some the lights are partly and the 1 at top won't sync at all. I tested them before I installed them and all the wiring's are properly connected. Can someone tell what happen to them or what fix do I need to do. Thank you...
  12. But it doesn't automatically installed for but I successfully install win10. That's why I'm asking. If do know then I would not ask at all plain and simple
  13. Just ethernet. My mobo does not come with wifi. I'm trying to connect to ethernet to install drivers for my new pc
  14. I just build my new pc but I can not connect to internet. The pc is not detecting any internet hardware. I tried to connect manually but it didn't work either. My motherboard is z390 aorus elite. Anyone has idea to troubleshoot this problem? Please help.
  15. Hey guys, I have a quick question... Can you do push/pull in Corsair Obsidian 500d at top? TIA,,,