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  1. ZarCusHD

    Best HDD for Gaming?

    I am not comparing it I know the deference between those 2, I just want a huge drive to store all my SP games, recorded game files ect... But i want best HDD I can find.
  2. ZarCusHD

    Best HDD for Gaming?

    Yoh guys... Can anyone suggest best HDD for gaming. I already have 1tb SSD but it filled so fast as games size these days are so huge. So I figure it out that I only use my SSD for MP games and HDD for single player games. I have WD blue but I am not happy with the performance cause it loads so long... TIA,
  3. Hey guys, I just don't know what happen to my TT riing fan because it does not sync properly. 1 of them is no light at all and some the lights are partly and the 1 at top won't sync at all. I tested them before I installed them and all the wiring's are properly connected. Can someone tell what happen to them or what fix do I need to do. Thank you...
  4. But it doesn't automatically installed for but I successfully install win10. That's why I'm asking. If do know then I would not ask at all plain and simple
  5. Just ethernet. My mobo does not come with wifi. I'm trying to connect to ethernet to install drivers for my new pc
  6. I just build my new pc but I can not connect to internet. The pc is not detecting any internet hardware. I tried to connect manually but it didn't work either. My motherboard is z390 aorus elite. Anyone has idea to troubleshoot this problem? Please help.
  7. ZarCusHD

    Corsair Obsidian 500d Push/Pull

    Hey guys, I have a quick question... Can you do push/pull in Corsair Obsidian 500d at top? TIA,,,
  8. ZarCusHD

    Thermaltake View 71 TG Quality?

    460x is too small for my next build and 570x is too tight on top you can barely fit rad in it... So my only choice are 500d or view 71tg. I've been eyeing for phanteks enthoo evolv x but the price in my region is too high...lol
  9. Hi Guys, I was just wondering about this case as is it so cheap than any other TG chassis... Are those tempered glass can easily get scratch or the quality isn't that good compared to Corsair Obsidian 500 rgb SE? This is my TG build should I for TT or Corsair? thanks
  10. ZarCusHD

    Lian LI O11 Vertical GPU Kit?

    Okay thanks man for quick response...cheers
  11. Hi guys, Is the vertical GPU kit for Lian Li O11 included in the accessories when you buy the case or do you have to buy it separately? Thanks in advance...
  12. Hi to all, I have recently bought i7 9700k but I haven't decided yet what MoBo should I buy as i will not spend too much money for mobo and I just want to do slight overclock. these are my choices... which one do you think is the best for value?? Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon ROG Strix Z390 – F Gaming ASROCK Z390 Phantom Gaming 6
  13. Hello guys, I fresh clean re-install windows 10, I thought this would help my previous issue but it's getting worst. I'm having problem that's annoys me so bad, my windows explorer keeps crashing. My file explorer, web browsers, Origin Clients ect... I'm not good on resolving issue on PC. So please someone can give me any tip how fix it. Thanks in advance...