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  1. Tried that and it made no difference. It looks like i have to rma the card again and see if the problem persists... but i REALLY dont want to do that because of the shipping fees. well.. i guess its karma for switching to the green camp after being a red team guy for several years
  2. 850W Bios Version: FC (2013.02.05) yes pciex16_1 I freeze after the first frame that i get shown. (either the text on startup or the mainboard logo thingy depending on what i set in the bios
  3. yes i have. works like a charm i had the short pcb version and they sent me the long pcb version so yeah i am sure ^^
  4. gigabyte 990fxa ud3 rev3.0 (latest bios) amd 8350 8 gb 1600 mhz ram (the original one with the 6870)
  5. As i wrote up top: i tried the card in 3 systems. i got the same error in all 3 of them. i highly doubt that all the motherboards are faulty
  6. Hi guys. I posted a topic around one month ago. For the ones that are interested: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/66063-pcie-x16-not-working-after-gpu-upgrade I sent my gtx760 back to evga and they sent me a brand new one. When i got it, i installed it in my System just to find out that the new one had the same problem: When i put the card in a pcie 16x slot, the pc only boots to the first frame of the bios post. 8x and 4x slots do work. I tested the card in my main rig: gigabyte 990fxa ud3 rev3.0 (latest bios) amd 8350 8 gb 1600 mhz ram i also tested the card in two other systems and i always get the same error: show first frame of bios then freeze. is it possible that i got a second faulty card?
  7. So i updated the bios but the problem still persists. But i think i figured out the problem: the card only runs in pcie x8 slots and below. I'll use my warranty and give it another shot. Thanks guys
  8. No i have not updated the motherboard firmware. i can try that after i get home from work. I have a feeling that it still might be a driver issue. is there a way to get a 100% safe check if the driver sweep was succesful?
  9. but the 760 works fine in another system and in different pcie slot of the original one. its specifically the first pcie slot of this system and only with the 760 as the 6870 works.
  10. My 6870 still works fine with the first slot its just that the 760 wont work in the same slot
  11. Hopefully someone here can help me. I upgraded my HD6870 for a GTX760 but now the top pcie slot isn't working anymore. when i try to boot the system with the 760 in the first pcie slot i cant even get to the bios menu. in the second slot however it works fine. i did a driver sweep beforehand and even reset my bios. does anybody have an idea how to resolve this?
  12. This might be a stupid question but wouldnt a 140 rad be enough for a single gfx card considering that the arctic cooling accelero hybrid gets good results with a single 120?
  13. Thats a Fractal Design Define XL r1 that i'm modding. The white lines represent the chambering and the window is layed out so you can only see the mainboard.