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  1. Well, games I'm happy to keep on the 7200 drives. This would mainly be storage and playback of uncompressed or lossless audio and 1080p 5.1 video, nothing higher res than that. Even the editing, I'd be happy to keep on the 7200 drives. And my editing is non effects base cutting and at the most colour correction. How about copying data to and from a 5400? Any slowdowns there?
  2. Feel like a bit of a moron, sometimes you know about rather complicated computer things, (I just built a system, etc) but then other simpler things you just don't know. I just found out -- which blew my mind a bit I'm embarrassed to admit -- that there's nothing wrong with using 5400rpm hdds to store and playback music and video even uncompressed wav, or 1080p 5.1 video files as long as it's one stream at a time. Is that entirely true? So, questions... 1. Games - playable no problem on 5400rpm drives? (Offline only) 2. Editing video and audio and photo edit work? Is that kind of use fine on a 5400rpm drive? Thanks!
  3. AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6-core MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX 16 GB RAM I run Windows on a SSD, I use 2 HDDs for storage of media. All drives run on SATA 6 ports. Other than just now building the system two weeks ago, no, I've done nothing. I'm on the latest BIOS, I've allowed Windows to update all drivers except for my GPU (AMD Radeon R9 280).
  4. I've got this weird thing that wasn't happening before. Different system, I know, but still. It appears that any time I want to load an image file or if I need to for example save to a drive in a specific place from an online source that the computer sort of stalls in loading up that source. It can be anywhere around 5-10 seconds. Very strange. It is always on my HDD that I'm trying to access not the Windows drive. Any ideas what settings could affect this? Thank you!!
  5. I'll check out the RAM thing. So, it's safe to set them at 3200, then? Also, it looks like MS doesn't want to activate my Windows install. Can't figure out why. They just said, sorry but you've changed your hardware and so that's that. This sucks. What do I lose by not activating? I don't want to buy Windows again. I've had this license since Windows 7.
  6. I may need to hang onto that PDF because the printed version isn't as up to date.
  7. I didnt know the motherboard had no onboard video. So now with the GPU plugged in, its all good, The motherboard did come with a speaker I just have to figure out where it plugs in.
  8. Ok, now I feel properly stupid because I hadn't connected the CPU power. But now it's the VGA light that's coming on???
  9. Ok, I just took the CPU out altogether. I still get the red CPU error LED on the motherboard.
  10. Well, it's a MAX. Doesn't that mean it's ready?
  11. I was just going through the relatively basic steps of setting up my new Ryzen 3600 in my new MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX. I plugged in only the CPU, the heatsink, and the motherboard to the PSU. But when I go to boot, I get the Tomahawk's CPU error LED. I mean, I literally have done nothing that could have caused this. PLEASE, any ideas?? Thanks.
  12. Ok, so at least this once, you'd grab the latest BIOS for the motherboard that's on the MSI site right now? And did I read right somewhere else that you have to 'set' the RAM to run at the right speed or right configuration or something? I thought all RAM was plug and play?
  13. If the current C drive has the info about printers, scanners, other hardware, and installed drivers, then is it right to assume that when that C drive (assuming it works fine without a reinstall) boots up and sees everything connected again through the new motherboard it will store a second driver for each of those things?
  14. It's just, you know, the CPU and motherboard don't really leave anything on Windows at all and the GPU and HDDs aren't changing so I don't see the point in the hassle unless necessary. Meantime, I think I do have the product key now.