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  1. Dual boot question

    I feel like I'm a bit lost reading my own thread for answers, so is the consensus that using EasyBCD is the best (or only?) way to get a UI that asks me which ssd to boot from?
  2. Reset or re-install?

    I've used a reinstall image from Microsoft and done everything from scratch. Thanks!
  3. Full image of a system

    I've had to reinstall Windows, I have what are my essentials for running my computer for personal and work use, and a really super clean set up. I need to have a frozen version of today in the easiest way possible to recover later if my Windows 10 ever needs to be reinstalled again so I don't have to go through everything I have gone through over the past days again to get to this perfect spot. 1. What is the best (free ideally) software to do this? 2. How likely is it to get a solution where you'd connect an external hdd and literally restore to a new hdd from there without needing that software again? Does that exist? 3. Is installing Windows 10 again first always the better way and THEN recovering an image?
  4. Reset or re-install?

    Ok, cool thanks.
  5. Reset or re-install?

    Ok, so it's worth it then to do a full reinstall. Thanks. Just need to know what kind of license I have to do it right.
  6. Dual boot question

    Just wanted to update quickly.. I've now got a fully functioning fresh install of 7 and 10 on separate SSDs and I'd like to not go through the trouble of hitting F12 six times every time I boot to get to my main Windows 10 install. If I just leave it as is, with both drives hooked up in the system, it brings up a note that there is no selected boot device. I did used to use EasyBCD but then I feel like it was EasyBCD that was involved in the boot error last time that created this whole mess. I mean, clearly something happened when I unplugged the 7 drive one time to hook up a storage drive and that caused everything to go bad. I'd be concerned to use EasyBCD again without understanding its limitations when it comes to unplugging either of the OS drives. Is there another way more native to the computer to dual boot that doesn't involve going to the mobo's internal boot manager every time?
  7. Reset or re-install?

    The Windows 10 I have on my laptop is the same install I've had since Iupgraded from Windows 8 years ago and while it doesn't get used as heavily as my desktop, it still has gotten to feel like it could use a fresh reset. Is there a way to do a 'hard reset' of the laptop or is it better to go through the whole process of reinstalling Windows? Problem is I don't have the disc as it was an upgrade. Which is why I was thinking some kind of hard reset could be better if it existed.
  8. Laptop search help

    Sorry, I don't know much about CPUs, is KBL-R something that is preferable?
  9. Laptop search help

    Thanks guys I'll have a look at these tomorrow for features, ports, etc.
  10. Laptop search help

    You wouldn't look at Surface at all? I've not kept up with it and it's development but is it just not that great for the price?
  11. Laptop search help

    I don't know how to look for this laptop my dad needs because he's interested in thinness which isn't a spec I know how to narrow down. I thought people here more familiar with what's out there across the board might have a good idea of what to recommend. To me looking based on physical appearance is like saying, "I need a blue shirt". Ok, but you could come back with some awful fabric that fits the colour bill but is a terrible garment. Here's some more useful info than just thinness. I think we need the following as a base of importance... - Must be Windows based - 16 GB RAM - Strong battery life, (more than 8 hours possible unplugged?) - any processor that won't lag when running Excel, Word, possibly Power Point and MS Project, all at once. - must be able to handle my dad's incorrigible need to keep his email open all day, syncing live, with maybe a handful of emails open. - must also be able to handle my dad's inability to have about 10 Firefox tabs open and forget they're there for hours - Budget doesn't matter if the device is right for the task, but I think it'd be best to stick to 1000-1500 US$. He didn't care much that the Surface Pro setup I looked up was about 1600 but I didn't like that he can't add RAM later if he needs it. He's retired and now doing lots of freelance projects/project management so the real important thing is the thinness because he tends to travel heavy already. When he owns heavy things, he breaks them. To be honest, when he owns anything electronic, the chance of being damaged is high. This is not something we can address or try to improve upon. That "way" is set. But it ain't my money so I'm just needing to recommend something that fits the bill. I just know that when he gets the right thing (phone, TV, etc,) it tends to last him because he cares for it well. Can anyone help, please? I'm finding specs that fit but not in the right suit, if you will. Thanks!
  12. Dual boot question

    I have this strange feeling though that my problem that led to this question may have been caused by EasyBCD or at least my badly managing it. It's a bit of a long story, but I had both drives before linked by EasyBCD. I used the cables from the 2nd Win7 drive (because I was being lazy) to copy things to an SSD I use for storage. All connected and disconnected when powered off of course. And then when I put the Win7 back it never booted again. Thinking I could solve things myself I then went and ran EasyBCD again to see if reassigning the drives would work, and then they BOTH wouldn't boot. My point is, I feel like there is a way to manage drives if you decide they'll be linked by EasyBCD. Is that true? Will there be a "way" to disconnect them, move things in the desktop, etc?
  13. Dual boot question

    Thank you for your help. First of all, I can't get bootrec to even load. MS-DOS doesn't acknowledge it as a loadable command. Do I have to be in a particular mode? Also, is there any reason why you can't use EasyBCD?
  14. Dual boot question

    I got system config in Windows 10, I see the boot tab, but I don't see where I add the Win7 SSD to add to it.
  15. I have had it with the customer service at Bluehost progressively getting worse year after year. Is it still accepted as being among the best or does everyone know they suck but me? Can anyone recommend some of the better ones for customer service and cpanel interface? I have a website that plays video and email hosting to do with two domain names. Or maybe a forum people know of that deals with internet/web tech? Thanks!