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  1. I think the improved production quality is one aspect that killed the feeling your old videos had. Not saying this is bad or good, just the goofy somewhat unprofessional nature of your old videos at ncix was more enjoyable to watch. I have similar feelings as the OP in that your newer videos seem to have last some of the magic that made LTT unique and fun to watch even if I have no interest int he product. However it has been a long time since I have watched one of your older videos and I could be inaccurately remembering the glory days. I don't think its that we don't care at all, its just that there are a lot of videos going up in a short amount of time and only a couple of them cover products that are interesting to a specific viewer. I love watching your expo videos when they cover something exciting, but since they usually don't have the typical Linus-goofball-magic that your other videos have, they end up being insanely boring if the product isn't interesting. Thats one of my favorite things about LTT, you and the rest of the guys genuinely give a damn about us. Edit: I guess to sum up my feelings/viewing habits, I have generally stopped watching your videos for entertainment and have started only watching the ones on products that interest me or have titles that hint that the video is going to be you goofing around and hiding sausage in your pants or talking about usb butt plugs. I also think that the change in your videos is probably for the better. While they aren't always the type of videos I want to see I think they will help you take your channel, career, and this community a lot further than goofing off at ncix would.
  2. I've been using the 104 key version for about a week, and this review is spot on. For what it's worth the only quality issues I have experienced is that there are about 5 keys where the back light appears more of a creamy-white rather than the pure white the other keys have.
  3. I don't know if anyone else has been waiting for wasd to get more in stock, but I have. http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/code-keyboard/code-104-key-mechanical-keyboard.html Just ordered one to use at work.
  4. I'm mixed on this. For products like graphics cards I'm ok without having unboxings. However I really like your unboxing and brief overviews of random miscellaneous products that I usually dont know anything about such as your video over the MOGA controllers, or the stinky footboard.
  5. First off yes I realize that these headsets are in different leagues. My work place is switching to an open office plan and is offering to buy everyone a pair of M30's. However before I found out that they were offering to buy everyone M30's I was planning on buying a high end pair of headphones (something like the custom one pros) in the range of $200 - $250. I'm not much of an audiophile probably because I've never experienced audiophile grade audio before. What music do I listen to? A little bit of everything. Techno Some instrumental (soundtracks from lotr/the hobbit) Heavy/hardcore rock - we came as romans, bring me the horizon, parkway drive, screamo - a skylit drive punk - blink 182, angels and airwaves, sum41 rap/hiphop - anything from eminem to tech9 to rage against the machine to shwayze What headphones have I used? Crappy $15 logitechs, Razer CARCHARIAS - at the time I liked them as they were the highest quality headphones I had ever used but now the sound is just meh to me with these. Also when i went back to these for a short while I hated how light/loose they felt on my head. Corsair vengeance 200 - These are my current headphones and other than the headband cracking issue I love them. I also use some skull candy 50/50 earbuds when on the go and like their sound and bassyness but they are just so uncomfortable What are my needs/uses? Like I said above I'm moving to an open office layout at work so one crucial feature is that I can listen to music loud without disturbing the people around me. Other than that just comfortable for all day wear. I will also be using these headphones exclusively with a 2012 mac book pro most likely without an external amp. So my question is would you personally buy the custom one pros (or similar higher end headphones) over the free pair of m30s and if you had to guess from my experience/needs listed above do you think I would appreciate the one pros enough to spend the money on them (i know this is hard really answer but I would just like your opinions). Thank you very much for taking the time to read my jumbled mess of a post.
  6. Is it really? It does exactly what the OP asked for. Although I think I know what you're getting at, it provides 'incorrect' answers when large doubles are provided? Thats an issue with how java is representing/displaying/storing very large doubles, not the solution its self.
  7. Considering your app will ideally support all or most phones in the android ecosystem there isn't one perfect phone for testing. If possible you'll want to test your app on multiple phones(hardware configurations) and environments. Also touchwiz and other such manufacture stylings are just skins on top of android and wont really effect how your app performs (unless the skin is using the majority of the phones resources). As a Nexus 5 owner I would suggest the nexus 5, its just awesome no matter how you look at it.
  8. Same answer I gave here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/72512-best-language-to-start-with/ Check out http://www.codeblocks.org/ its my favorite free c++ editor.
  9. double test = 1.123456789;String testString = String.valueOf(test);String[] subString = testString.split("\\.");System.out.println(subString[1].length()); Here you go!
  10. Happy to help! Dont get stressed out of you don't understand everything at first. I had a hard time learning to program while in highschool but gave it another shot in college and things started clicking ( mostly due to having a better teacher).
  11. Same error you had in the other post when trying to print answers. System.out.println(courseworkmark);
  12. It sounds like your instructor wants you to pass in them marks and coursework arrays to a method and the method will return an array of answers. So your for loop that calculates answers will be in a separate method and then the return type of that method will be int[]. Let me know if I need to clarify a little bit, just trying to guide you in the right direction rather than giving you the right answer. So I would first figure out how to pass in two arrays into a method as paramaters, then how to return an array from a method.
  13. The same way you loop through them to calculate answers[] //declare your arrays and variables for(int i = 0; i < ???; i++){ //print out marks //print out coursework } //insert your for loop that calculates answer
  14. Print them out like you do the answers. Might wanna add something before the array when displaying so you know whats what. EX System.out.println("Answer: " + answers) or you could even loop through and print out the marks and coursework arrays before you calculate the answers depending on how you/your teacher wants it.