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  1. can you turn XMP off and manually change that DRAM freq. ? i'd do that. i've never really had a good time with XMP even though it's supposed to be easy.


    also, if you have power saving options turned on, turn them all off, but let the motherboard regulate power by itself. 


    my MB pumps 1.38V to my 1.30V RAM, but it handles it fine. I wouldn't go around doing voltage manually though. 

  2. 1 minute ago, nerdslayer1 said:

    "best" Android phone is one plus 5? 

    good battery life, not bloated with bloatware, decent size screen without being huge, decent camera. 

    it's got loads of RAM and Storage with the 8/128 model. 

    it's all metal. 

    updates will be so-so on it, but so is every phone after about a year. 


    not water resistant though. 

    some people can't deal with the "jelly" effect, as some are more affected than others. 


    it isn't the best phone. there is no best phone, but it might work for OP. plus it works on lots of carriers because it's unlocked and it's not 800+ dollars like a galaxy. 

    and if the screen breaks the screens arent 300 bucks to replace on parts cost alone. 

  3. what chipset do you have on your motherboard and does it support RAM overclocking?


    if so then change your RAM clock multiplier,

    or turn your base clock up and core multiplier down to keep the core freq. the same. 


    you probably won't be able to push your ram too much further than 2800MHz or 3000MHz. 

    my 3000MHz RAM is pretty much stuck at 3333MHZ.

  4. so, i've got some Corsair Vengence 2x16 GB sticks rated for 3000MHz with 15-17-17-35 timings. 


    i've managed to volt it up to 1.35V with 3333MHz.


    any advice on the timings? it seems like i can't tighten them up at all, but what should i start with? I tried 15-16-16-35 and it just died on me. 

    is there a method to tightening timings?

  5. 12 minutes ago, dadasmithywinkle said:

    Ram is only guaranteed for the speed that is on the box and on the sticks. 


    Overclocking RAM, just like CPU's, is a crab-shoot; you may have gotten golden sticks for overclocking and he may have poop that wont go more than a few hundred MHz over stock rating. 


    It varies - only way is to test it and find out!

    i normally don't over clock RAM, but now i will given the challenge, how far should I expect to push it, and in what increments?


    for example, most CPU can see a 10-20% increase in clock when over clocking. is RAM the same way? or is it more like 5-10%?

  6. so, my friend and i have the same MoBo and CPU, but i have corsair Vengeance RAM and he has corsair Dominator Platinum RAM.


    both are factory rated for 3000MHz. 

    what is the chance i can overclock my sticks to be faster than his?


    for some weird reason my sticks boot @2133MHz in bios, but are stable at 3000MHz in OS, what's up with that? I had to manually set that speed in the Bios. 


    MoBo is the Asus z270i mini-ITX

    CPU is i7 7700k


  7. Just now, Tom Cunningham said:

    What do you mean by the destination drive has to be equal or bigger than the primary original? Does that mean if the boot os drive is 1.2TB, then i cant boot off of it and load it on a drive that is 512gb?

    if the drive to be cloned is larger than the destination drive, it won't work. 


    though, i think clonezilla does have an intelligent option where you can clone to a smaller drive if the primary drive have less USED storeage.


    for example; i have a 1TB drive and a 512GB drive.

    if the 1TB drive only has 128GB of storage on it it can still be cloned to the 512GB drive. 


    that is, if i remember correctly, it has been a while since i've needed to use clonezilla. 

  8. 19 minutes ago, Tom Cunningham said:

    But here's another question is it possible to boot off of an external drive then migrate the operating system to the local machine to run normally.

    yes. there is a bootdisk called clonezilla that will clone all types of drives as long as the destination drive is the same size or larger than the primary drive. 


    you'd have to plug in the OS usb, then the clonezilla usb, then boot to the clonezilla and copy it to the harddrive. 

  9. Just now, Sniperfox47 said:

    Windows being Activated to your Microsoft account doesn't let you use it on multiple machines. It just makes it easier to transfer it from machine to machine. The Microsoft activation servers will see two machines being actively used with the license and lock it...

    i've never had a problem. 

  10. Just now, RS2007GOD said:

    You sir are a genious. I may do this myself :) 

    i've done it before with a 128GB usb on my key chain. 


    i like to tell people that this is my computer, because i define personage as a set of experiences, not a physical body.

    additionally, i can jack into anyone's hardware and say "your shit is mine now"

  11. 7 minutes ago, Tom Cunningham said:

    I don't have a desktop but I also don't really want one. I am more of a laptop guy and will be moving around to several locations with the laptop and VR. So a Desktop isn't really in my best interest.

    get a high high capacity USB or SD card (256GB or 512GB) install windows on the USB/SD. Always boot to USB/SD.


    I know that counts as an external drive, but it's the most cost efficient for the task.