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  1. no, stahp. the 8xxx and 9xxx fx chips work fine, just not amazing.
  2. yeah, you should run the fx8300 if you don't have cash to go intel.
  3. why so you can install a waterblock? just be honest with yourself. it's not coming off. or zip ties as above.
  4. awww yeah, BRB and follow your topic!
  5. i call random variance on that . complete bullshit.
  6. use notconductive super glue on parts of the PCB without traces circuits.
  7. you mean this? https://www.g2a.com/goldmine follow topic.
  8. boop snoot freedom planet.
  9. well, you you could say that that's not very sweedt! but sux2bu sry.
  10. instructions unclear. if that's the case, duct tape.
  11. games have to support DX12. just upgrading the OS isn't going to change anything.
  12. no. just no. an OS does not change FPS in games.
  13. fried oreos smothered in nuttela.
  14. the screws should have came with your case. regular PC case screws are used. same as the ones that go in the MB and PSU. find and old computer and steal it's screws.
  15. I don't like you either. YOU'LL BE DEAD!
  16. you mean win10 doesnt have good MB drivers. upgrade, install old drivers anyway, in legacy or compatibility mode.
  17. VioDuskar


    play server. it's like playing doctor, but nerdier, and with less schooling.
  18. who is we? i condone, and support piracy, as a greedy capitalist counter measure. However, i suggest you understand what you're doing when you pirate, and not B,G or, C when issues happen.