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  1. if you're not going to use the GPU why would it bottleneck the system? 

    bottle necking is what people use to refer to a low end CPU that can't process fast enough to keep up with the GPU. 


    if you're not going to use the GPU perhaps consider any variant other than the "F" The "F" does not have onboard graphics and if you slot it you can't use any video outputs on the motherboard you put the "F" CPU in. 

    You can use the HDMI on the motherboard instead of a GPU. if all you're doing is making music with a single monitor, you don't even need a GPU


    see this link to compare all the different i7-9700 models:



    of note, you can't buy the 'E' version, as it's enterprise sold to OEMs and not for commercial resell. but i put it in there for giggles. 

  2. 1 minute ago, SavageNeo said:

    TDP stands for thermal design power or, depending who you ask, thermal design profile. The TDP number tells you the maximum heat a computer chip, such as a CPU or GPU, can use in watts. It also is often used as a basic indicator of power consumption

    TDP stands for Thermal Design Power, and is used to measure the amount of heat a component is expected to output when under load. For example, a CPU may have a TDP of 90W, and therefore is expected to output 90W worth of heat when in use


    so the ryzen 7 3700s is expected to use 65w under load. but in my pc it uses around 100-120w when ocercloked. your cooler will work fine with the ryzen 5 3600x

    I understand TDP, however, i do not understand why AMD would publish a LOWER rating for a higher tier CPU and a HIGHER rated for a lower tier CPU

  3. how is it that the 3600x has a TDP of 95W https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-5-3600x

    but the 3700x has a TDP of 65W? https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-7-3700x


    the 3600 coomes with the wraith stealth cooler meant for 65W TPD, the 3600x comes with the Spire, and the 3700x comes with the Prism. 

    I assume the Spire and Prism are rated for 95W and 105W respectively.


    why would AMD list the 3700x as a 65W TPD? does anyone have this CPU that could show me some stats? CPU-ID? personal heat tests? 


    I want to put this in an ITX rig with a Noctua l9a cooler, but the l9a only supports 65W TDP. what's the chances this will even remotely work? i'm doubtful.

    I do not understand why AMD would publish a LOWER rating for a higher tier CPU and a HIGHER rating for a lower tier CPU

  4. ground issues don't always happen the moment you turn it on. sometimes it's when you plug the port, sometimes it's a computer freeze, other times a full black shutdown. 


    your issue may be with a USB port on the back IO from the motherboard itself. 

  5. 7 minutes ago, hawayman said:





    Thank you!

    what motherboard do you have?

    you said it started when you plugged in your headset? do you always plug it in the same USB port? or do you plug it into a 3.5mm port? 


    I think you probably have a grounding issue on your motherboard. 

    find the port, then stop using it or get a rubber plug for it. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Snowarch said:

    okay ill try uengine and post the numbers here when i can. hopefully these will show if its slow 1070 or no. only said gui because of the fact it'd likely have "do what they say commands" instead of what pharonix had where it seams to assume you know a lot about benchmarking  and what overly spasific tasks are instead of a simple "pharonix benchamrk -gpu" command where it stresses the chosen component, and spits out a number on a graph with other's benches of that card. i've never done any benchmarking, nor overclocking, so please excuse my lack of knowing about it if thats not how benchmarks work.

    unigine just says "run it" you can pick resolution and stuff, but it's pretty easy to understand.


  7. 2 minutes ago, aleix35 said:

    Thank you so much for your answer. Which 3600 ram should i get? If the price difference is low enough I will go for it.

    Thanks for the nvme m.2 drive suggestion, but I think the os on my current ssd is fast enough for now. But it is definitely one of the next upgrades on my list.

    And yes, my i7-3770k has been serving me good for years but recently I'm really starting to feel its age :)

    Thank you for your quick answer again

    i'm a fan or corsair or G-skill RAM. 

    i'd check the price of Gskill in your area, but this seems like a decent value in USA:


    i wouldn't worry about getting the RAM though until you have the Motherboard picked out. i don't normally recommend motherboards, because a lot of it comes down to personal preference. get what you want, but don't cheap out. and if you have spare cash left over for RAM, then get it. Motherboard and CPU come first. 


    faster RAM and NVME m.2 drives are just nice to have. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, NZgamer said:

    Do you mean NVMe? Because M.2 SSD's can be SATA based as well, and since he already has an SSD it would be a waste of money


    Most people can't tell the difference between SATA and NVMe


    yes. this is what i mean. i understand m.2 is a form factor. 

  9. 1500W or nothing bro. 


    Just kidding. that PSU is fine, but it's incompatibility isn't wattage. it's not modular and might not have the 8+8 pins that the 2080S wants. 

    for almost every build i recommend 750W PSUs. it's enough for guys that want to SLI, and it's enough to enter no fan modes for people with little power draws. 


    i'd pick your own PSU instead of just getting one bundled with a case. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, aleix35 said:


    I am thinking of upgrading my pc and I dont know much about hardware other than cpus and gpus. I currently have an i7-3770k which is almost 8 years old and a gtx 1660 which I bought last year (and that i want to keep using). For what I can see, the best cpu i can get is a ryzen 3600, and I am asking you guys to tell me what parts i need to pair it with. I need:

    - Motherboard (i dont need wifi or bluetooth 

    - CPU (ryzen 3600. stock cooler is enough? i dont want to oc or anything)

    - GPU (i will keep my 1660)

    - Ram (i think 16gb is enough. i dont know much about frequency but i think 3200 is good?)

    - Power supply ( i read 650w is enough? want a decent one, not a crappy one)

    - Case (I dont want anything extrafancy, just well built and good ventilation, with a glass side preferrably)

    - Hard drive: I have a 500gb ssd so no need for one.


    1. Budget & Location

    I live in Spain and I would like to spend around 500€ for all components

    2. Aim

    Gaming at 1080p at high framerates on new titles, web browsing, watching streams and youtube, etc

    3. Monitors

    I currently run 3, an AOC C24G1 144hz as my main monitor, and have 2 Asus VG247H as side monitors. 

    4. Peripherals

    I dont need any

    5. Why are you upgrading?

    My cpu needs and upgrade as it is 8 years old and it really shows


    I dont want to pay extra for rgb but its an ok welcome. Do i need to buy thermalpaste or does it come with the cpu?  All help will be appreciated, thank you so much 

    in addition to a CPU upgrade i'd recommend a good m.2 SSD. 

    an OS on an m.2 makes a load of difference. 


    also, 3200MHz RAM is good, but 3600 is optimal for new ryzens. 


    btw, you got a lot of life out of that machine. intel 3rd gen was a long time ago. i'm kind of proud of you by proxy.