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  1. So, i'd like than thank everyone who replied to this topic, sorry to necro this thread.

    I DID pull out the GTX560-TI, i'm short a monitor for now until i can find converters, but no big deal


    eventually i ended up getting an fx-9590 CPU. i'm hoping to hold on to this rig (mobo/CPU) for at least 3 maybe 4 more years untill DDR4 gets cheaper.

    i've put my final system specs on my profile. might upgrade my PSU before then, because my estimated power draw is 741 on PCPartpicker.


    with the new CPU i've been able to get a heaven bench of nearly 2800 score.

    i need to retest my valley scores. i'll post them in my profile as well.


    again, thanks everyone for helping me come up to a solution that works with what i have now and will hold firm for a while until DDR4 becomes cheaper. (can't wait to get my first e-ATX board to go with the DDR4 standard, and i will be swapping to intel when that happens.)

  2. my vessel username is:



    loved these titan vids, just got myself some 980s in 2x SLI and was wondering if i should have remorse.




    additionally, the XPS 13 water fix was pretty great, your mood shifts from the begining to the end perfectly discribe how i felt when i started my first tech job doing referbs at a local computer shop.


  3. An 8350 might work out if you overclock it, but you can judge it yourself: http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/55/amd-fx-8350-powering-gtx-780-sli-vs-gtx-980-sli-at-2560x1440/index.html

    Especially minimum framerate really suffers, and that's the highest you can get on your current mobo. It's still gimping your 980s.


    hmm so i've got all these ponies and no saddle to gallop.


    thanks a ton dude. looks like water will have to hold a back seat to a z97 and intel chip. thanks

  4. Picking a Z97 motherboard really gets down to SLI Support, Colour scheme, and size. 

    Super super easy.

    This one can run the dual 980s in the PCIe 3.0 slots and the 560ti in the one PCIe 2.0 slot, but it gets down to features/colour. 

    Typically, you want to spend $175-$275 if you're going to be running 3 cards. 

    Honestly though, find a way to ditch the 560Ti because all you're doing is heating that case up more. 

    i know sandwhiching is a heat issue, but i'm running poseidons, and they are going to be liquid cooled soon.

  5. Calm the fuck down if you want someone to help you. Dual 16x doesn't matter, 8x is still plenty of bandwidth even for a 980. The best AM3+ CPU you're going to get is an FX 9590, but it's only compatible with very specific boards due its power consumption. You'd have to check whether your board is even compatible. Besides that, probably an 8350 or 8370. My original point still stands though, you're putting 1000+$ of graphics horsepower behind a 200$ CPU with a very dated architecture, if you upgrade to haswell you're going to run both cards at 8x, but the bottleneck will be gone. If you're still sure that your CPU is not bottlenecking the cards then get rid of the 560ti first, it might be the problem here.



    "3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (dual x16 or x16/x8/x8) "

    You cannot run 16x/16x.


    As for an AM3+ CPU that will not bottleneck, you will be looking for a LONG time because there won't be one. 


    thank you both, if you both believe that dual x16 isnt going to be obtainable then i'll have to hold off and get a z97 and swap to intel based CPUs.

    i dont have any biases, but i really dont want to go out and revamp the entire system again if all i needed was a core instead of a core and MB and maybe RAM

  6. If you were planning on going to X99 anyways, Just get a Z97 board and an i7 4790K.

    The bottleneck is in your CPU. 

    And I assume the 560ti is there for physx, no?

    yes, physX and driving 2 more monitors for a total of 4.


    could you suggest a z97 board? and estimated cost? 


    while i find ways to get nice parts, i'm also not a money bank, thats why i'm holding off on DDR4 boards.

  7. dual 16x is not possible on Haswell, you would have to step up to Haswell-E and buy DDR4 ram. But why would you want to run them it dual 16x? It doesn't make any difference performance wise.




    my mobo runs dualx16 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131876


    so back to my original question,  suggest a AM3+ socket that can keep up with the 980s? even though my thuban @ 3.8 doesnt work at 100% under graphical load?

  8. You can get really cheap displayport to DVI or displayport to HDMI adapters. That's one of the main benefits of DP, it's really easy to adapt. i7 4790k or i5 4690k? You could still use DDR3 with that and you'd be good to go. Also, just to make this clear, the monitor that is running the games is not plugged into the 560ti, right?

    no, the HDMI monitor is running off of the 980 SLI....


    well i need to stock up on DP adapters because all i have is a million other types.  fuck the core, i need a motherboard that will even run SLI in dual x16 instead of dual x8 

  9. Why do you have a 560 ti in there?  For the other 2 monitors?  You can use 3 monitors with SLI at the same time without needing the 560 ti in there.


    so my monitors dont have display port plugs.... and i want 4, not 3.



    Why are you so adamant about sticking with AM3+? You literally spent more than 1000USD on graphics cards alone, usually people just go intel at that point. Also, why stick with the 560ti? Why exactly is it in your system? Get rid of the 560ti, reinstall drivers, if that doesn't help you'll need a new CPU + mobo.


    yeah. so i also just invested in 32GB of DDR3, and i'm not ready to also swap to a x99 board and i7 AND new ram for another 1200$ so. suggestions?


    about the 560ti, see above.


    also, i can't seem to find a x99 that can run x16x16 instead of x8x8. pci-e rails of course.

  10. so first here's what i have:

    ASUS ROG crosshair V formula Z MoBo
    1090T x6 @ 3.8GHz OC on water.
    32GB tracer RAM DDR3
    120SSD for OS 3TB HDD for storage.
    4 monitors of various size. my main being HDMI cabled and at 1920x1080 (i run games/benchmarks on that one)

    i'm running a GTX560 Ti sandwhich with GTX980 poseidon bread. AKA two gtx980s in SLI

    when i run valley benchmarks my 980s run at about 45-57ish% and no higher, and my CPU runs at only 60-80% so i dont think i have a bottleneck at all.

    can anyone think of a reason that my GPUs might not be untilized even by a sythetic benchmark?

    someone on a different forum suggested tossing out by GTX560Ti because that might slow down the 980s. I tossed these out and my valley bench score went from ~2100 to ~2100 no difference.


    i run my 1080p monitor and a OLD VGA monitor on my top 980 and two DVI monitors on my gtx560ti. no monitors are plugged into my bottom 980 because i run it in SLI.


    basically what is the problem here? my valley score should be MUCH higher. like 2900 on a single card and about 5400 on dual cards. whats the deal?

    the 980s overclock to 1500Mhz core easy as pie on air (adding liquid later) but whats the point if i can't even get them to take a full load?

    can anyone suggest another benchmark that might stress my GPUs to 100%? or am i stuck using less then 60% of it's power all the time?

    BTW a single non-SLI 980 still only runs the valley at 70% load with a score of 2050ish.