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  1. AFI? i assume you get your TV via internet, and not a wired cable box then? if your TV is in a program window just use the monitor as a 2nd monitor instead of a clone, then watch "AFI" on the monitor and shitpost on your laptop monitor.
  2. i really feel you man. it sucks to be right on the edge of what you want. hold on to the GPU since you have it already, but just plan to buy RAM, CPU, and MB all at once. figure out what you want out of it and go ahead and make a quote for yourself so you have a set monetary goal, then once you have the core requirements expand as needed. (better cooling, better case, NVMe or SSD drives, etc.)
  3. >>only have a laptop why don't you just watch TV on a TV and shitpost on the laptop at the same time?
  4. well, yeah. if you have a good motherboard. only like 11 motherboards can keep the power flowing to that monster of an energy eater. it's time to save up some money and jump on the ddr4 board. i know how it feels. it sucks to be stuck between upgrades and buying parts to stave off the complete build hurts in the long run. start putting away some each paycheck and hope for birthday money, christmas is a long way away.
  5. dude, you really need to describe problems better. unplug and replug. then try a different KB and mouse. report results.
  6. it would be worth swapping to a new CPU, but that also means a new motherboard for you. you could swap to a better AM3+ CPU, but they're still lagging behind now. I know, i just got out of a FX9590.
  7. turn on "always on USB" in your BIOS, and try the ole' replug after windows is booted. if you're using wireless stuff, try to find a wired one just for test purposes.
  8. how a phone is read by a computer is dependent on the charge mode the phone is in. it can swap between charge only, FTP, or MTP. just change the screen out, the phone is fine.
  9. that CPU is getting a bit weak for the GPU. additionally, split screen means the game has to render everything TWICE. so it's always going to cut frame rate down by a significant portion.
  10. did you install an OS?
  11. i was hoping for a different monarch when i clicked this link. #getDrVenture!
  12. what kinda PSU do you have?
  13. if you don't hit 100% GPU usage you didn't turn the settings up high enough Amirite? typically i never see my CPU hit 100% usage unless it's trying to overcome a thermal throttle onset by a dust covered radiator. my FX-9590 got up there on some CPU usage, but again, it normally never went over 80% use will my 980s in SLI would be at 100% at the same time.
  14. you're telling me you didn't see your GPU useage hit 100% during benchmarks? if your GPU hit's 100% during stressing, you aren't bottle necking. i've had GPU's cap at 80% because they were bottled due to a superheated thermal throttled CPU.
  15. you'll be fine. i know a guy running an i5 3000 series with a 1080. 4k might be hard, but that's just because it's 4k
  16. I understand that, but that means you're assuming that it's got better pressure just because the CFM is low.
  17. the ID seems like it's got a better CFM and bearing than anything else, and i guess the runner up would be the GELID, but it's pretty ugly. not that anyone will see it. that GELID doesn't look like it's a pressure fan anymore than the ID.
  18. thoughts on this? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1YF-0017-00003
  19. i don't really care about the sound, i just want all my stuff to fit in my case. and they're sleeves
  20. does anyone know of any good 120mm fans that are slimmer than 25mm deep and are good for radiators?