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  1. Just now, lazygood4notin said:

    You mind showing me where you found that? I looked and couldn't find much about it except for the manual which only explains how to user a jumper on it as far as I saw

    have you tried pulling on it yet? from the pictures it looks like it's only held in by the clips on it's sides. 

    jump it if need be, but turn the PSU off before you do. 


    you can jump it with anything, i normally just bridge a flathead between the jumper pins on older boards.

  2. 2 minutes ago, App4that said:

    SLI is awesome as long as you can keep both cards cool. Idealy you water cool. Which ASUS 1070 do you have?

    you do not have to watercool. many people SLI without watercooling the GPU. that's even more expensive.


    here comes that slippery slope, money slideing out of the wallet faster and faster. 

    why don't we just triple or quad SLI? I guess i need to get more waterblocks! hell, might as well use hard tubing! or better yet, copper!

    let's fill it with mercury while we're at it!


    slippery slope. 

  3. 1 hour ago, othertomperson said:


    "Slippery slope" is a fallacy when it does make contextual sense... did you mean a different phrase? What does SLI lead to, murder?



    it leads to tears and no wallet.


    IT DOES reset your configuration in the nVidia control panel, and disables SLI when you do a CLEAN install. 

    my last rig was SLI gtx980s. 

    I would know. I didn't try it 8 years ago, i tried it 8 weeks ago. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Zic05 said:

    So I'm going to put a GTX 1070 in SLI when vega comes out and I was wondering what would SLI improve and let's say I have an ASUS and I get a gigabyte would ASUS GPU tweak work for both cards becuase I'm confused by this and if it does will there be a drop down tab and one will say ASUS GTX 1070 and one will say gigabyte GTX 1070 and I will have to OC them separately or will they both OC the same 

    SLI is a slippery slope. 


    SLI can improve FPS in games and programs that support it. your mileage will vary based on the game. 

    you can OC them independently, but it's better to just clock the in sync. afterburner or PrecisionX will both sync lock them for you by default. 


    clean installs of nVidia drivers will disable SLI everytime, so you have to re-endable it everytime.

  5. @DocSwag you didn't listen to what he said at 7:00+ did you? 


    he's basically cutting the flow to almost nothing. listen to what he said at 8:45ish. YOU WONT SEE MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAX AND MIN.  


    that's because once all of the water is heated in the loop the best you can do is dissipate it better via more radiators, or adding more water to absorb more heat. take some lessons on heat capacity and specific heat. 


    it's not like windchill, it's like blood. blood at any point in your body is the same temperature. even if you have high or low blood pressure. 

    after the loop has ran for a short while the entire loop with have a very small delta at any given point in the loop, there becomes no such thing as pushing GPU heat into a CPU. thus it is unnecessary to have two loops in one system.  Jay has another video explaining this, but it's 30+ minutes long and from like 2012.  


    a system can benefit from two pumps in series, in terms of noise and redundancy, but once you get your liquid to full heat capacity, your flow rate is nearly negligible, as long as it's flowing properly. the flow vs dissipation curve looks like a root function graph, diminishing returns until no return. 


    @suits there is no need to make two loops, you will not pump heat into one component to another, so don't worry. two reservoirs or two pumps can be beneficial in series, but not needed.

  6. Just now, DocSwag said:

    Two loops would increase water capacity while requiring two pumps, increasing water flow, both of which should decrease temps.

    not true, two loops is not the same as increasing water capacity, it's the water capacity of the entire single loop that must increase. additionally, increasing water slow will not decrease temperatures. 


    I really, don't want to go on a long rant about the thermal dynamics of it, please don't make me.


  7. 9 minutes ago, Morgan MLGman said:

    Stop spreading misinformation like that. If this were true, i7s would be useless for gaming (while in reality most AAA games show a huge difference in both framerates and frametimes between those and i5s) and the Ryzen R5 lineup wouldn't basically make te entire i5 lineup obsolete like it just did.


    it isn't missinformation, the 1800x is an 8 core. the 7700k is a 4 core. so why is it performing better if everything uses EVERY core? 


    it's true that more logical cores are used, but more than 4 physical cores are rarely used by video games. 

    i5 CPUs only have 4 logical cores, whereas i7s have 8 logical cores, but both have 4 physical cores. hence the performance gap in the i5 and i7. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Abishek_Rathan said:

    Im using windows 10 now i have installed my Games in local disk D, Os is in C: if i format that c: and reinstall os. still can i play the games installed in d:.from where i left the games pls tell me soon,Thanks


    while games are installed on a different Drive, the save files may be located in the user documents folder. 


    if you are using steam, valve normally backs up your saves to the steam cloud. NBD.


    you'll need to of course reset your library defaults with a new windows install though, so the program can find those old games and not try to reinstall them aswell. 

  9. Just now, Bzdougie said:

    I'm more focused on school work but I'd like the ability to game and possibly game on the go with the same machine. 

    stick with what you bought then. it will be fine. you can't really have the best of both worlds with a laptop, it's always a compromise. 

  10. Just now, Bzdougie said:

    I have a surface pro 3 and I absolutely hate it. Functionality wise I just can't see using it everyday taking notes and typing papers and running cad or matlab programs 

    my mother has a surface 3 and the 4 is a huge improvement. particularly with an i5 or i7 6th gen core in it. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Perrichicken said:

    different gpu, but arent all 8 pin pcie the same? Like i have never seen a custom sleeved cable specifically for an evga gpu

    take your GPU to the shop that made the sleeving and show them, then compare to what they used. 

  12. Just now, Bzdougie said:

    Would a 1050 graphics card do the trick too? I'm thinking the msi is out there design wise and I'd like a little more of a professional non gamer look

    dude, get yourself a surface pro 4, it has everything windows you're used to and looks really professional. it's slim, light, and has a long battery life. 


    then get a desktop.


    if money really isn't an issue.

  13. Just now, Bzdougie said:

    Really don't be like the idea of a desk top. Just gonna be mainly for school work and occasional gaming. 

    what's wrong with a desktop? if you're going to game on a laptop you have to be tied to a wall to play on it for any amount of time anyway.