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Status Updates posted by VioDuskar

  1. got 3 warning points for instructing someone on how to upgrade to win10 from a pirated win7. i'd do it again.

  2. Name Change Success! I was once kidjt94, now I am VioDuskar!

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    2. VioDuskar


      now you're thinking with portals!

    3. FruitBasketSilex


      combustible LEMONS!

    4. carguy86


      when life gives you lemons, you make limonade!

  3. got my 980s to boost to 1620MHz. that's like a 50% increase. on air. without overvolting.

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    2. VioDuskar


      did not win the CPU silicon lottery btw, this thing won't budge an inch.

    3. zappian


      Because its already at 5 ghz lol.

  4. 17 WU in 2 days. these 980s seem legit.

  5. Should i get shitfaced and play WF? wait. remove the first work and last character of that sentance.