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  1. peekskill

    How can i know if a GPU was used before ?

    look i came here looking for help i'm not that idot so you give me obvious answers i asked him he has his reasons to sell them i'm not someone who tells other people problems so if u have a good answer to give as the others did you're wlcm if not STFU
  2. peekskill

    How can i know if a GPU was used before ?

    well i had a GTX 980 i decided to sell it and buy 2 sli 970 my friend had a 970 and was selling things for a personal reason
  3. peekskill

    How can i know if a GPU was used before ?

    it's already opened i got it from a friend i didn't pay him yet until i'm sur it wasn't used before
  4. how can i know if a gpu from the GTX 900 series was used before ?
  5. peekskill

    how much power does this system require?

    http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/ use this
  6. peekskill

    Why are we like... A big family here

    peekskill is a newborn baby with too much energy and he poops constantly thahahahahahaha
  7. i have consoles we are not offending anyone ... there's no "only console" users in this forum and it's posted in the "off topic"
  8. i have consoles and i like both of consoles and PCs i just think apple should be Lowly Peasants in this hieracrchy
  9. so i will now change the ram and go for the G.Skill Kit Extreme3 4 x 4 Go Ripjaws Z 1866 MHz CAS9 for 170,99€ and for the case i'll go with the Graphite 760T - Noir for 175,99€ really thanks everyone
  10. i really like the 760T and what's a custom loop i'm still a noob T_T
  11. really thanks guys i'm really happy with that i just wanna know something about the case and the cooling to be honest i'm not sure about it would a water cooling system do better ? and the black rock 3 would it fit in the case ?