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  1. I just double checked with Audacity and it's the same. This is what it looks like recording me speaking normally.
  2. Discord's mic test. When I use manual voice activity the slider needs to be set to about -85db in order for it to trigger, and the audio quality is poorer than I would expect and I think that is due to the mic boost being set to +30db.
  3. It came with a 4 pole splitter, they are plugged into the correct ports and the only control the controller has over the mic is mute. I can hear audio when I speak, it's just almost uselessly quiet.
  4. I've got everything I can find at max, including both of those and mic volume in Discord.
  5. I have been having issues with the mic on my HyperX Alpha being rather quiet while using them with my computer (plugged into onboard from the back). I have spent the last 2 hours researching issues related to Windows, audio drivers ect... I have determined in short that the signal should be amplified before it gets to my computer in order to make myself heard and to avoid distortion that, as I understand, is created by digital amplification. Keep in mind I am not well versed in the world of audio equipment. Also I have no need to amplify the audio going towards my headset, all that is working fine, I'm only worried about the mic. My questions are thus: what hardware do I need in order to do this and will this type of solution even work for this application?
  6. Is there any difference between EKWB's "non-Strix" Vega 64 waterblock and the Strix version? Non-Strix: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-radeon-vega-rgb-nickel Strix: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-radeon-vega-strix-rgb-nickel
  7. School is starting for me and I need a new laptop. I often need to design things in Autodesk Inventor for projects and whatnot. Much of this I have to do at home, where I can use my computer, and the rest at school on the aforementioned laptop. What I require in the laptop: 1: It must be light and portable, physical size is less important than weight (it's going in my backpack, so it needs to be somewhat robust as well). 2: It must be capable of running Autodesk Inventor and the ram hungry monster known as Chrome at the same time. 3: It must have more than 3 hours of battery life (not sure what the average laptop battery life is). 4: The keyboard must have function keys and other keys such as delete (my old laptop has neither). The trackpad doesn't have to be impressive as I will often use a mouse. 5: It must cost less than $800 USD.
  8. For the past hour I have been trying to find a "bay style" reservoir for a custom case I am designing. The requirements are as follows: 1: It must be clear all the way through, like a window with water in it. 2: It must be smaller than 200 x 140mm. The depth is not much of a concern. 3: It must have G1/4" ports placed somewhere that allows an unobstructed view through it. 4: The price must be reasonable, say less than $200 USD. Also, I do not care much if there is a pump or not. Hopefully if there is a good option I can finish the design and start a build log!
  9. That's what I'm using right now, but it can't even change the leds on my Trident Z RAM. When you try to start the software, it just says that there is no RAM, which makes tons of sense.
  10. I have done a lot of searching and I can't find a motherboard with the above specs. Does such an item exist and if so, link?
  11. I may have found the true cause of global warming... folding on Vega 64. If there is a fire in Reno, Nevada, you know the cause.
  12. $60 USD or less. Even though I already ordered the mic Enderman mentioned, I would still welcome other ideas.
  13. To the google. Sounds (pun intended) good to me. Finding a stand should be easy enough of a task, and if their attachment methods don't agree, I always have duct tape.
  14. I need a mic for use in chat calls but I require four things from it. First: It doesn't sound like crap. Second: I need it to sound *normal* if the mic is above or below, and to the left or right of the audio source. Third: it needs to have a floor mounted stand so I can move it into the aforementioned places. Fourth: It needs to cost $60 USD or less Does anything fit these requirements?
  15. I do not have a sun filter, I mostly wanted to take pictures of the planets and perhaps some deep sky objects, if I can point at them that is.
  16. https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170924.html
  17. I was planning on the R5 1600, which, to be honest, is much more powerful than I need, but makes sense considering the little price drop to the processor with the performance about what I would actually need.
  18. So there shouldn't be any issues with the card in the link I provided if the thing gets in stock?
  19. This is a good example of what I would like to buy, but I can't go through the buying process to see what the bundle does to you because it is out of stock.
  20. So, for quite a while, I have been stuck with an old, beat up R9 290x and while I had it (I still do), I bought a very nice $500 USD 1440p, 144hz, Freesync BenQ monitor which I will not replace in the foreseeable future. Even though Freesync was kinda an afterthought with my card (it's to old) Freesync still works well and will work better with a newer AMD card. That is why I want to go with AMD instead of NVIDIA and the only AMD cards that are powerful enough for me are the fury/nano cards (maybe) and Vega. I might be able to find a fury/nano card for cheap on ebay, but I would prefer to go with Vega for newness (release date not use) because there would most likely be a higher performance boost with Ryzen+Vega as opposed to Ryzen+fury/nano, and the Vega cards have a much better (at retail) price to performance. And here comes the question, where on earth can you buy a Vega card without going through the bundle, even if it was in stock? Everything I have found on Newegg says "This item can only be purchased with a combo" or forces you to get the games in the bundle with the card and bumps up the price, tells you what it would be to buy the card and the games by themselves and says you are getting a discount, and all the Vega cards I have seen on Amazon are significantly more expensive than retail.
  21. I love California.


    1. themctipers


      soldering in california without a fume extractor as a business is a emission and will get you a fine. 

  22. Most of it'll be in a future build log, but unfortunately I need to buy a car before any machines, tools or stock. I might be able to start by November.
  23. I'll figure out some polishing stuff, I will need it anyway for a variety of things.