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  1. fro fatal1ty, ta970 are commonly available in 3 stores, the asrock 970 performance is only available in 1 store.
  2. ~$105 if bought with a board, $110 if bought w/o a board. My target theme is either black/red or black/gray, Gigabyte has their HD3 model available here. R9 200 series are getting out of stock as if someone's Bitcoin mining with them. Or stores return to the manufacturers...
  3. higher-end Powercolors are rare here. they are usually on the R7 240/250 ranges
  4. comparing gigabyte 370 with 950, 950 is $20 more expensive
  5. 4460 here costs $200-220. it's either cx500 or Seasonic M12ii-520
  6. can't go Skylake with DDR3. I don't intend to upgrade within 1 year. Sooner or later, I'll find out that my memory controller has been burned
  7. Purposes: - Maya rendering (with mental ray) - OBS/XSplit streaming to YT Gaming @ 720p30fps - 80% MOBA gaming and SimCity 5, 20% on AAA titles (will be paired with R7 370) I put ~$130 (estimated exchange rate) for my CPU. I already bought a DDR3 RAM (this was a pretty bad mistake since I bought it last December, where DDR4 RAMs are starting to rise) and a case. Projected build: - FX 6300 / i3-4170 - Corsair H60 (I am a temperature-conscious guy since I'm living in a tropical country) - MSI 970 / B85 Gaming - Corsair 2x4GB RAM - Corsair CX500M - R7 370 (prolly Sapphire Nitro since MSI TF costs an additional $40) - Corsair SPEC-03 - Adata SP900 (i do currently use it on my AMD build) - a bunch of 1TB disk drives (1 for games, 1 for media storage, 1 for academic purpose, 1 for actual academic purpose)
  8. only mobas. i do reach 250ms on average, but i can play with that. 300 isnt playable for me anymore, but 250 can
  9. my a8-6600k (paired with 7750) was pretty fine with some frame drops on the game (not on xsplit). my preset for streaming now is set to the CPU encoding. For internet speed, I have 1.2up
  10. My target stream settings is 720p30fps. Downsampling the record from 1080p. Games played are usually MOBA/s and SimCity 5.
  11. 2 separate systems? Wouldn't make it more pricey?
  12. I have no idea why I quoted my post, rather than edit it
  13. I don't specifically have a budget for yet. This plan will be used for my team, 2 sets of 8xxx virtualization PCs and a single 4460 for me (I am the video streamer/recorder of the team)
  14. 90% use of it will be with mobas on 1080p, so no need for a Crysis 3 on Ultra capable card
  15. Given AMD FX-8320e, 16GB RAM, 2 R7 360, 620W Seasonic, and a mid-tower that can handle this parts. Would it make a decent 2 gamers 1 cpu on a budget? PS: How would unRAID work given our location is prone to internet disruptions? (5-60 mins of downtime, not-so-often, probably happens 5-8 times per month)
  16. Nevermind found it. 'twas Alan Walker's Spectre
  17. any particular remix of that? doesn't seem they sound the same
  18. Sarude Dandstorm I guess. Trying to figure out what song did Kyle use on the first part of this vid: https://youtu.be/F3R9MXpQm6I?t=37s His video description's music library is too big (Kevin and AudioMicro)
  19. As far as I know, XSplit needs a CPU with PassMark bench score of 6000 or higher to produce quality 1080p 30fps. I'm going for a 4460 + R7 370 build, does XSplit use or affect GPU load considering R7 370 ain't that high for a 1080p30fps card?
  20. exactly, those are just reference links. I'll be buying off Amazon
  21. I don't plan to use heat gun, i will be going with tons of right angle fittings for that