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  1. Hi, I forgot how this works. I don't plan in using a submit button and rather use auto-update in radio buttons. I currently have this set of codes: UPDATE 1: I managed to switch from radioButton to Buttons, and changed PHP codes to JavaScript. Problem is, it still cant update once I pressed a button. Do I need to use AJAX? Here's the snippets: <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script> <h4>Store Preference</h4> <form action="" method="POST"> <button type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-md" value="1" id="button" name="store1">Store1</button> <button type="button" class="btn btn-success btn-md" value="2" id="button" name="store2">Store2</button> </form> <script type="text/javascript"> if (value == 1) { coolerName = "Corsair H100i v2"; coolerPrice = 5440; } if (value == 2) { coolerName = "Corsair H100i v2"; coolerPrice = 5450; } document.write("<td>" + coolerName + "</td>"); document.write('<td id="alignRight">'); if (coolerPrice > 0) { document.write(coolerPrice.toFixed(2).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+\.)/g, '$1,')); } else { document.write(coolerPrice.toFixed(0).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+\.)/g, '$1,')); } document.write('</td>'); </script> var value = 1; var button = document.getElementById("button"); button.onClick = function() { if (content.name == "store1") value = 1; if (content.name == "store2") value = 2; }
  2. found the fix by adding align="center" inside <table>. Kinda redundant but it worked. Thanks for the help
  3. last problem. i copied the script on the example and enabled border (temporarily) on 1 tab. it worked, but the table (along with the contents) shifted left. any idea how-to?
  4. I already uploaded my things to my site. I got two problems: 1. There's an annoying ') in the left (CTRL+F and copying that string didn't found any match case) 2. I can't center the divs Here's the scripts for the front-end as well as the back-end
  5. Case closed. Found the answer for #1. Turns out, my pool has a minimum payout of 250. I only got 31
  6. they're the second largest pool http://burstcoin.cc/pool
  7. I don't really mind with long-term gains atm. I gained 0.5961094 burst in 3 hours on burstmining.club. Problem is, I haven't got any after I transferred pools
  8. Hi, I need some questions regarding Burst. I do am currently mining with 510GB on 3 drives 1. Since I recently transfer pools between pool.burstmining.club to pool.lexitoshi.uk I haven't got any gains. 2. I'm stuck at either 6/16/2017 and initial blockchain. On wallet, it is downloading blockchain, yet I don't see any progress (or percentage bar on the taskbar) 3. Any recommended pools for a guy in Southeast Asia? (Yes, I'm currently one of the lowest space miners, and I'll be investing more once I hit internship in a few weeks)
  9. I'm not sure how to approach the plan, but I want to make a 10-degree tilt on a Rectangle object in XNA. I have two options: Option 1: Draw a tilted rectangle on-hand. However, the bounding box of the rectangle will be set at 0-degree tilt. Option 2: Draw a 0-degree tilt rectangle. I have no idea how to tilt the object
  10. Would it be recommended? Well, FreeNAS is "free" OS than Windows, but a Win10-based NAS is a good solution? Let's say I could just buy, plug, and assign a network drive letter each time I buy a new storage drive rather than buying it all first then do everything in one day.
  11. Trying to stream on my own profile rather than a business page. I have opened my fb profile and login seems not a problem
  12. I only encounter this whenever I stream on Facebook, but not on Twitch or YouTube. Anyone knows the fix? (I learned FB streaming via that iag.me tutorial. Can't seem to fix it either)
  13. Kinda thinking on building a NAS for movies/games/stream archive storage soon for the house. Is this build viable: - i3-2120 + H61M (will be buying from a friend of mine for cheaper than normal) - ~8GB RAM (to go for 1GB RAM = 1TB of storage) - Corsair VS450 (this is the only option I got for <40USD PSU in my country) - 4x1TB WD Blue (will be getting this one drive per month as I am a currently a college student) - old cheapo case that can fit 4 (or more in case of additional upgrades) 3.5" drives - NIC for connecting to router (do I still need a NIC or does the mobo one can do) do I need to change something?
  14. no worries. my current resolution for this is either getting a higher processor or getting a measly pc that encodes vlc video and other "stream" stuffs (texts/twitch chats/donations/etc)
  15. This is why I can't resort to capture cards easily
  16. Hmm. What if I use my old i3-2120M laptop and use it as the encoder of the stream. Can it handle it even tho it's a bit old?
  17. i see. anyways, I could connect the second pc right into the "giveaway" modem from the ISP company that acts as modem, router, and switch
  18. cost of cheapest/used i7 here = ~$240 (converted) cost of combined cost of targeted parts + low-qual case and power supply = $180 i can stream 720p but the fps jumps from a stable 50 to 25-30 during moba team fights
  19. Hi, I will be upgrading my setup within the next few months from an AMD GPU to an Nvidia because of NVENC encoding (and some Nvidia-utilized softwares for school such as Maya with Mental Ray). Can a Celeron/Pentium be enough with this proposed setup. I only saw this on youtube and seems like this is the best option than buying a ~$200 Elgato from Amazon + ~$80-100 shipping/postal fees from my country (which sucks so bad). My only target will be 720p60fps, but if it can handle 1080p40 or even 60fps, that would be better. My current setup: - i3-4170 - 8GB 1600 - HD7750 (Will be getting a 1050Ti soon) - 12MB down, 1MB up (the cost for upgrading the upload speed alone is roughly $80-100 more than its current, long story short, 12MB down and ~3-5MB up for $150 isn't worth it) Target 2nd PC configs: - Celeron/Pentium/i3(?)/A6(?) - 4GB (depending on what socket/gen to use) (do I need 8GB as well?) - Integrated graphics (?) (considering the stream session will only stress for a video player)
  20. Hi, I'm planning on creating a puzzle/platformer game that has different controllable characters (press 1 for one char, press 2 for another, etc), but only uses the same movement control (WASD + Space for jumping). How can I approach this? Please take note I'll only be using Visual Studio XNA with Monogame (no other engines) Here's my current options: - creating the multiple characters as different objects and calling them upon press of the button - creating movement control as an object and use it for all of the characters on the Update stage Additional question: How do I make the camera movement smooth between transitions of the 2 characters?
  21. I see... Is there any tools I need to use in order not to destroy the pins or bare hands will do? Btw, is there any thermal paste underneath it that needs to be replaced if I remove it?
  22. Is there any tips on inverting the southbridge of my board?
  23. If I get 4460, then get another 3320, will it still be good for 720p60fps or 1080p50fps streaming?
  24. Hmm.. what about going for a Haswell i5 then getting a Sandy/Ivy bridge i3 for said games at 720p60fps or 1080p50fps?