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  1. confirming this cant hit 4ghz whatever voltage i put it in?
  2. Currently running on 3.6GHz @ 1.2v, 2800 and 1.15v soc (1.35v dram voltage)
  3. Tried this, having BSODs with Kmode_not_handled, will try 3000 with 1.15v soc
  4. Was wondering if there's any MySQL VPS within Asia/SEA. Rather than buying separate DB hostings for multiple projects, I just need to get a VPS and install MySQL in it.
  5. Running on F50, just found out there's an F51 (however part number's still not in the memory support list). Should I still update?
  6. Hi, my system specs is currently R5 2600, Noctua NH-L12s, 2x8GB Patriot Viper Steel 3000MHz, Gigabyte B450i, Corsair SF450, all within SG13. Currently running 3.8GHz at 1.2v and was wondering if I there's a way to reach 4 (or up to 4.2) within my specs. Also, was wondering I can't do memory-provided XMP settings and I have to manually OC it according to DRAM calculator. Quick edit: Collecting first suggestions before restarting PC. List away!
  7. I think I got it using least() and having a where clause that the price > 0. Next dilemma is getting the name of the column (from the original table where the price is equal to the answer of the least query ).
  8. it's more of a price comparison tool to get the cheapest possible price (much like pcpartpicker's). i still need the original prices of items per store
  9. Hi, I have this dilemma here. I'd like to know if using min() is viable for rows. Am trying to get the lowest price that isn't a zero per item EDIT: I need to call the column_name with matching price from store1/store2/store3.
  10. I usually reach 71-79C on a long-term stress testing under stock. I limit my former mining to 50% load so that it won't reach peak temp easily
  11. Hi, what can I do to my i3-4170 while I'm asleep/AFK. I started F@H back then. Now, I'm starting to see crypto mining with Monero, Dash, or trying my luck on an online mining that gives reward per block processed. I do run it on stock cooler, which could probably hinder performance (I do plan to only use 50% load so it wouldn't overheat nor shorten lifespan)
  12. Me rn. seems like i've been blocked. anyways, thanks for those answers
  13. I didn't even do anything on the page nor done anything in the past. I just like to see the posts in my feed.
  14. I seem to have a problem. Can't seem to like LTT's FB page for some odd reason. I can't comment as well, but I can share post. Here's my screenshot
  15. i see. i tried it on JSFiddle, it works. But once I tried it on my own page, it doesnt. Think there's still something missing: https://jsfiddle.net/owytgLrs/
  16. where can i find a copy of the ajax call from jsfiddle (sorry, first time using ajax and js here)
  17. yes, I'm hand-coding all. Let's say around 10 items per category. I'm thinking of having an sql database and just call it whenever, but I'd like to hear how json works
  18. it will be echoing different values, here's my snippet: <?php if ($value == 1) { $cpuName = "AMD Ryzen 7 1800X"; $cpuPrice = 27000; } if ($value == 2) { $cpuName = "AMD Ryzen 7 1800X"; $cpuPrice = 27000; } echo "<td>$cpuName</td>"; echo '<td id="alignRight">'; if ($cpuPrice > 0) echo number_format($cpuPrice, 2); else echo number_format($cpuPrice, 0); echo '</td>'; ?>
  19. Here's what happened: <form action="" method="POST" id="forms"> <label class="radio-inline"> <input type="radio" name="store" onclick="onClick1" value="1" checked>One </label> <label class="radio-inline"> <input type="radio" name="store" onclick="onClick1" value="2">Two </label> </form> <?php if ($_POST['store'] == 1) $value = 1; else if ($_POST['store'] == 2) $value = 2; ?> if-else statements are line 36 and 38. it gave me then this Notice: Undefined index: store in <filename> on line 36 Notice: Undefined index: store in <filename> on line 38
  20. I'm stuck at that point. I got used in using a submit button (via isset[submit]). Can't seem to echo Two since it's default value is set at 1
  21. how can i approach it? do i use var on jscript or can i still use $value on php?