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    i7 4770k
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    MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard
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  1. nope, did nothing. Even turned it off to see if it did anything
  2. hmmm...I run malwarebytes and bitdefender. Ill try and put my firewall on default settings and see if it does anything.
  3. G'day everyone, So the problem that I have is that everytime I visit a website on chrome, it tries to load for maybe 3 seconds then cuts out for like a minute. So in Youtube, it would load the first 5 seconds, and then buffers after that. MIcrosoft Edge therefore has been my go-to youtube browser as it has no problems whatsoever. I've had this problem for a few months now, I thought that maybe I just had a faulty software update on my chrome browser, however I ruled this out as the same versions of chrome on different computers around the house have no problem. Checking the resource manager reveals that indeed no requests are being sent or received, and going on speedtest.net reveals that I reach my maximum internet speed, however during the end of the download phase it kinda just stops, like it would sit at the current internet speed and then it would slowly decrease. It would then be stuck for over half an hour. My ping is fine, about 30 in CSGO. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing cache, clearing DNS files. Nothing worked. Could it be a bad driver? Could it be an old antivirus trying to scan what goes online? Any Help is much appreciated.
  4. The new remix os looks pretty impressive, actually considering using an old android (Sony Xperia s) as a basic pc for parents. It's good as it has mini hdmi AND micro USB otg compatible. I was wondering if it would be possible to hook up a hub to the USB otg and not only charge the phone but also use it for a USB mouse/keyboard. Will this fry my stuff or should it be fine? Thanks
  5. bad luck, there is probably nothing you can do about it other than finding a way to boot everyone off the network (dont do it) and keep all the internet to yourself.
  6. sounds like you want a hotspot, you can usually add more data onto your phone, which probably has 4G, (good enough for video streaming) and can be powered by a powerbank.
  7. as a paid user of tunnelbear, and others like hotspot shield, tunnelbear is very simple, unrestricted. Its fairly cheap at 50 dollars a year for 5 devices. I would say pick the one that has a strong encryption and is simple to use. Otherwise if youre more advanced you can maybe pick a more basic but cheaper service and configure it to your needs.
  8. 30 dollars for both keyboard and mouse isnt really alot, if you can save up to maybe 40 or 50 it will open alot more options, otherwise focus more on the mouse, the keyboard will probably not hinder any performance whereas the mouse is very important, your pick of https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/cooler-master-keyboard-sgb3011kkmf1us looks great, shouldnt have any problems.
  9. Personally the G710+ is an all round great keyboard, for me it has the perfect amount of G keys (programmable) (not too much not too little) and has all the features you woudl really want. It is a little big, but if you've got the space for it, all of those keys will come in handy some day. ~ video editing, gaming, all round productivity. Both keyboards are amazing choices, lets say: - g710+ is a serious, sturdy, solid choice for any situation or task, able to offer a great typing experience with its mx browns, and fully programmable G keys. Also, it has the prestige position of being Linus' daily keyboard. - G410 is a gamer's choice, it is smaller so if your desk is small probably get the g410, has rober G switches (also great), tenkeyless (if you dont use it) G710 is more suttle, g410 is more flarey.
  10. Yes it does mean that there was acceleration in the games, in the long run you will definitely be better off with leaving it off, As it means that aiming will no longer be based on guesswork, rather the more precise muscle memory. Some people rather leave it on for day to day tasks as it means that it is easier to click on smaller objects, however im pretty sure 99.9 percent of the LTT community would leave acceleration off.
  11. hidden...quiet... great. But be sure to allow some type of ventilation if its inside the drawer
  12. Good idea just make sure it dosent catch fire
  13. My Sony A6000 that I bought about a year ago cant shoot slowmo. Ive tried updating the firmware and even got myself a new SD card (class 10) for the job, however it still says "This memory card does not support recording of XAVAC S movies. Change the file format or change the memory card." The SD card is a Snadisk Extreme 16gb Class 10 60MB/s. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SanDisk-Extreme-16GB-SDHC-UHS-I-U3-4K-Ultra-HD-Memory-Card-60MB-s-Class-10-SD-HC-/251743512593?hash=item3a9d152811:g:EckAAOSwkNZUgC6R Will I need an sd card that is maybe 90mb/s? Also, is it possible to record slowmo in a format other than XAVAC S? Like AVCHD? Thanks.