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    Asus X99-Pro
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    16GB Dominator DDR4 2666
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX2.0
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    Fractal Define R5
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    1x 840 Evo 500GB - 3x WD Black 1TB
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    2x Asus VS228H-P
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    Kraken x61 - 6x NF-A14 iPPC
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    Corsair K70 Cherry Mx RGB Brown
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    Logitech G502
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    Scarlett 8i6 - KRK RP6 G2 - AV40's - DT880 - HD280
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    Windows 7 Pro

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  1. Wondering if any owners of this keyboard can share some details with me. I am in the market for a full size wireless keyboard for Mac, and this is one of the only ones I can find at a decent pricepoint. - Does this keyboard charge over USB in addition to the solar charging? - This keyboard will spend most of its time underneath a desk (on a keyboard tray), and I'm worried it won't get enough light to charge enough, what do you think? If it turns out this keyboard won't meet my needs, are there other keyboards you recommend? I currently have a Kanex Bluetooth MultiSync Keyboard and it's pretty garbage. Loses connection, laggy typing, some keys are starting to give way and require harder presses to activate, flimsy material, etc....
  2. So about a year ago I posted this thread: (Instead of Necro-ing, which I believe is bad, I'm posting anew) tldr: PC occasionally wouldn't boot, took up to as many as 4 retries to attain a successful boot (with Q Code "AA" or "40") When the PC wouldn't boot, the Q Code was "bF" which the manual states is "Reserved for Future AMI Codes" - no help there, manual. As I stated in the last thread, I replaced my ram (Dominator DDR4 16GB 2666) with a new kit (Crucial Ballistic 16GB 2400), and at first, the issues went away....... .....but now its back. About a year later and I've been experiencing the same crap for a few months. I called Asus today. Their support guy (sounded like he was reading from a handbook) told me that this Q Code is related to having too low of System Agent Voltage or VCore. My current System Agent Voltage is 1.0V (as reccommended by Linus in the ultimate X99 Overclocking Guide) and my VCore is 1.29V. I've read around that the "safe" voltage for X99 / 5820K stops at 1.3V, that true? What boggles the mind is that the Asus rep told me told "reset everything" to default settings, and the "error code should disappear entirely" If memory serves, the VCore and Sys Agent defaults are EVEN LOWER than what I have them now, I don't see how that would solve my problem. Here's my system: MOBO: Asus X99-Pro CPU: i7-5820k - OC @ 4.2GHz (Baseclock at 100, Multiplier at 42) - VCore at 1.29V - This has been stressed with Aida64 for 10 hrs and is fine. Cooling: Kraken x61 GPU: GTX 980 - Underclocked -25MHz (Because that's what I need to do to get that bitch stable, ugh) PSU: Corsair HX750i RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 16GB @ 2133 (No XMP) This issue has now persisted across two different GPUs (760 and 980), and across two kits of RAM (Dominator 16GB and Ballistix 16GB) Has anyone else had this issue? (Q Code bF) and found a solution or workaround? My motherboard IS still under warranty, can send for an RMA if possible (though I've no idea if they'll find anything) but that's a major bummer, as I'll be without my PC for weeks.
  3. OK, here's an update, and something interesting. There may still be some of us that have successful orders. Here's a timeline: > See the deal on SlickDeals, "well daaaamn!" Order ONE SSD > Posted this thread so people could find out about the deal > Maybe an hour goes by > Think to myself "well shit, might as well order more" > Order two more. TODAY, at about 3:00PM EST, I received a cancellation email for my SECOND order only. I have yet to receive a cancellation on my first order (I double checked the order numbers). So I'm not going to mark this solved until I either A.) Get a shipment notification -- or -- B.) Get a cancellation of my FIRST order as well. tl;dr THERE MIGHT STILL BE HOPE!
  4. ** EDIT** I did recevive a cancellation email, but this was only for ONE of TWO orders I placed. The first one appears to still have gone through (no cancellation on that one yet) See my post below v v v
  5. Order confirmation emails came last night after I ordered. No indication of them canceling orders yet, though I imagine it would take some time to write up an apology/cancellation email and send it to all buyers. So far so good. Congrats to everyone that got one, this thread was pretty active last night, plus there were over 1000+ posts on SlickDeals about this, one dude saying he bought over 100 for a company.
  6. Surely they would just cancel the order, not charge your payment method for the price difference.
  7. Well, the website is Dell, and myself and my friend just ordered a few. Order went through, so.....
  8. So this seems like borderline pricing error levels of savings: http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/wd-blue-pc-ssd-wds250g1b0a-solid-state-drive-250-gb-internal-2-5-inch-sata-6gb-s/apd/a9301054/storage-drives-media I just picked up two for an HTPC and any other forthcoming projects because for that price....why the f**k not??? **EDIT** Price Confirmed, just successfully placed an order. Shipping is FREE as well.
  9. Looking to do Push/Pull with my Kraken x61 on the top mounts in my new Fractal Define C. Does anyone own this case and know if its possible? Please note, I am not here to debate the effectiveness of push/pull vs. pull vs push etc.. etc... My reason for wanting to do this is simply "because I can," that's it. My RAM is Crucial Ballistix Elite, the heatspreaders aren't huge, but do add a little bit of extra height. Certainly nothing like Dominators.
  10. Just a quick question, only need to know one thing: What's the height from the bottom of the case feet to the very bottom of the door that swings out? Thinking about buying this case for an upcoming build, but the drawer it would rest on has a slight lip in the front, need to know if the door would clear the lip when swinging out. Pic for reference:
  11. One more question arises: can I plug the USB3 connector for this case into the USB3.1 header on the motherboard without issue? Really hoping I can and it will just throttle the speeds down to USB3
  12. Oh trust me I know haha, I have a 950 Pro myself. It's a spicy meatball. Like I said, once I examine his non-working HDD and see how much of that 500GB capacity he's used, I might consider a 500GB SSD. Will have to see.
  13. I'd like to avoid having two drives in the computer, but I do understand the benefits of an SSD, he's not that great with file management and I think having a system and data drive would confuse him. I currently have his 500GB HDD that won't boot among other problems, if he doesn't have that filled to the brim, I'll check out a 500gb ssd ------------------------------- **EDITED THE ORIGINAL POST*** got the price down by removing CPU Cooler, different motherboard, and I can possibly get a combo deal at MicroCenter.