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    Stuff, PSU, Soldering


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    MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS
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    12GiB, what's lying around...
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    PowerColor RX480 Red Devil
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    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
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    Crucial MX100, 256GiB, 4TB Toshiba
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    Depends on mood
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    Samsung S27D850T
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    Cyorig R1
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    Windows 10

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  1. rest in piece german psu man

  2. Shouldn't be a Problem for CPU and VRM. However the 4pin Connector it is. With 6A its 144W, with 9A its 216W maximum. That is really really close. And I'd assume that the CPU might be around the 200W Ballpark, maybe even 250W... The old Phenoms can deal with rather high voltages and 1,5V is something you see for example on a 1800X at Stock... The Russians from IXBT Labs IIRC did a Review of that a long long time ago, sadly the Site went down and I don't have a Backup either. It was an awesome Article, even 10 Year later. And I really really loved to link it...
  3. That's not the point. The Point is that one side will do something, the other side will react to it. And there are already some Articles about that on the way! Here an Article: https://www.techspot.com/news/80614-report-intel-cut-desktop-cpu-prices-10-15.html Here the Table for it. https://www.planet3dnow.de/cms/47831-intel-mit-preissenkungen-als-reaktion-auf-amds-ryzen-3000/ The 9600 isn't in the list but the 8600 is, wich is only getting ~15€ cheaper but the 8700 for example is almost getting 30€ cheaper according to th List. The 9900K for example around 50€, similar Drop with the 9700K. Its not that one or the other is better, its that you have to pay more if you want it now and in a couple of days, the CPU gets a bit cheaper, possibly 10-20%. If you don't have a Problem to pay up to 50€ more for ~2 Weeks earlier, fine. Your decision...
  4. Rainbow Six Sieg? Or what do you want to stream? Check the GPU Encoder of your GPU and see if that works. As for Gaming: the 3600 is the best choice due to architectural improvements, though 3700 might be even better, if you have the money. Cheaper B450? No, not really. You should look at the 100€ or more price region. not the cheapest of the cheap, the better ones...
  5. In that case I'd go for the cheaper one. Though the 2700 is faster, 100€ or so isn't really worth it (Assuming you're not talking in Down Under or Maple Dollars) The 3600 is, allegedly, faster or close to the 2700 in multi core applications and the MSRP is 199 USD... Anyway, for gaming, I'd wait for the 3000 series and get one of them over all last gen Ryzen.
  6. Both use the same Architecture. The 9600K is 6C/6T The 8700 is 6C/12T. At the same frequency, its impossible for the 9600 to beat the 8700, it needs higher frequency. And it might look OK now but "the future" will shine for the 8700 because it simply can use more resources. More like 2 years. The 7600K was released at the end of 2016/early 2017. Here: https://geizhals.de/intel-core-i5-7600k-bx80677i57600k-a1551201.html "Gelistet Seit" is listed since... That gives you a rough idea of how old a product is. Now we have 2019. That's a bit more than 2 Years. Not "nearly a decade". Because a decade ago 6C CPUs weren't available for consumer friendly prices. See that's the same Argument as back in the day when people were arguing Core 2 Duo E8x00 vs. Q9550 or Phenom 2 X4... It looked like that was true back in the day but whoever went 4 Cores had a lot more years to use their system. Same with 4C/4T vs. 4C/8T. The ones with 8 Threads are still fine today, the 4Thread people are not. Also you are wrong, here some Benchmarks: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3407-intel-i5-9600k-cpu-review-vs-2700-2600-8700k That proves that there are some issues with the 9600K _RIGHT NOW_. Some kind of hangs/Stutter in the Far Cry 5 Diagram. So the 8700 he chose initially was the better choice... In AC: Origins, the 9600K is around 53fps 0.1% Low, the 8700K at 70.7fps The 9600K is simply a replacement for the i5-8600K. Why should he buy that when he can have the 8700(K)??? The 8700K is above the 8600/9600... In Cinebench (best case for Multi Core), we are talking about 137,7 Single Core and 1042 Multi Core Score. The 8700K has 158,6 Single Core and 1429 Multi Core. SO around +40% in well multithreaded applications. Here the graph: https://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/cpu_mainboard/intel_i5_9600k_and_i7_9700k_review/7
  7. Yeah, I'd feel the same in your situation. You're between a Rock and a Hard place. What I'd recommend, regardless of your choice: Get a CPU with at least 12 Threads. DO NOT get a 6 or 8 Thread CPU. (if it isn't a stop gap CPU to survive for a month or two to upgrade) (meaning at least 6 Cores and SMT2, however that is called, enabled). And you have keep in mind that the upcoming stuff from "the dark side" looks pretty good, so you will have regret if you buy it right now. Question is: What do you really want. Do you want to gamble with a good System right now or do you want to gamble and prepare for the upcoming products? Do you want to be able to just put in the new stuff without too much pain, if it proves to be as good as AMD said on Computex and E3?? That's what you have to decide...
  8. Glad to see it working and putting a beautiful case to good use for the next 10 years or more. Have fun with the System!
  9. You can order stuff online, then the guy from FedEX or UPS delivers it and you don't have to drive for an hour. You might also want to check the price online vs. local store. Often Local is far more expensive. But it really is a bad situation as it might be possible to get similar performance to the 8700 for 25-50% less money... And also the possibility of PCIe 4.0 support (only on X570) Replacing the CPU isn't as bad as you think, if you have a decent, not too big Heatsink. Such as a Noctua NH-U12S. Just a screwdriver, remove two screws and use a lever. It is recommended that the Computer is on its side so that gravity inserts the CPU into the socket, not you... So my recommendation would be a Ryzen 2600 (or 2700) Either an MSI B450 Gaming PRO Carbon AC or the Tomahawk 2x good quality DDR4-3000 or 3200. And the Rest from your System. With this System you get a decent Game PC that you can upgrade in the future, when you really want to grab a Ryzen 3700 or 3800. Or might even want to swap it for a 12 Core 3900X. The thing is: You can, if you want. And see that it works... With the new AMD CPUs beeing this close, its a high probability that you will regret getting an Intel when the CPUs are only half as good as AMD said they are...
  10. Then go AMD! But do NOT get a CPU without SMT! Here you have a Video about an older i5 vs. Ryzen 1600: The i5 has some Problems with some games due to lack of Threads. It will be the same with 6C/6T CPUs! Because it was the same with 1C/1T and 2C/2T CPUs. It was the Same with 2C -> 4C It is the same with 4C/4T vs.4C/8T CPUs. Why should it be different with 6C/6T vs. 6C/12T? I don't see any reason why that "rule of thumb" should change. Well, there is also the Timegap Build solution. You can get some cheap CPU right now to survive for 2-6 Weeks (and you might need it anyway to flash the BIOS or ask the shop to do it for you)... But DO NOT GET THE 9600, if you can get the 8700 for a similar price! THe 8700 is the better choice. Even with all those security flaws that Intel has to fight with (and mitigation cost a bit of Performance)...
  11. There is also another Option: Get the cheapest CPU you are comfortable with for AM4 that the store has (and works with your Motherboard) and use that for a bit more than 2 Weeks and replace the CPU then. It might sound weird but from what we do know right now AM4 has a better upgrade path and might evensupport the 4000 series that is said to come next year. And you've seen the pace AMD has started with. Compare Ryzen 1k -> 2k -> 3k. There was always 5-10% more - at mimimum. Even from 1k -> 2k (ie 1700 -> 2700) So that leaves you with 3 Choices: a) go with Ryzen 3000, buy a small CPU (either Athlon 200GE or Ryzen 1200, maybe Ryzen 1300X), upgrade ASAP. An Athlon 200GE is around 55€ on Newegg Canada. You should be able to sell that for at least 30€, probably 40-45€ - and also mention that you can use it to flash 400 Series Boards. b) speculate on Ryzen 4000 series, upgrade next year when its released, get a decent mid range/cheapish CPU such as the Ryzen 2600 or 2700 and upgrade next year. c) stick with Intel, though no upgrade path. You get what you buy and the next generation is probably incompatible to the Socket - same as the 8700 was to 100 and 200 series Chipset Boards! For no reason as the Socket is physically the same and people were able to hack the BIOS of 100 and 200 Series and there is also a Video from Linus with 8700 and 7700 on the same Board.
  12. 4 Cores are dead. LGA1151, even the v2 probably not very upgradable.... I don't get why a 60€ CPU cost the same as a 100€ CPU in India. Bad AMD Importers??? Naa, those are mobile only. Nothing for desktop. The last roadmap looked bleak. Or rather really bad. As in nothing under 14nm in the next year or two.
  13. No, beceuse your system is fine. Even by todays standards its a pretty fine system that should last you another year or two. You don't need to worry, just try it. If it doesn't work (wich there is no reason for it to), you can still think about upgrading. Another LGA2011 CPU isn't a good idea because they are still on the expensive side. The only thing you should do is grab another 2 Sticks of memory, if you happen to find some really cheap deals for that (30-40€ or so).
  14. That's why the GPU Clock is limited. And Power doesn't mean PSU it means the set Limit for the chip is reached and the GPU clocks down to not go over that. What PSU do you have? 500W sounds reasonable for the system. If you have issues with PSU you have random shutdowns, sometimes reboots under certain situations...