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Stefan Payne

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    Northern Germany
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    Stuff, PSU, Soldering


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    MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS
  • RAM
    12GiB, what's lying around...
  • GPU
    PowerColor RX480 Red Devil
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    Crucial MX100, 256GiB, 4TB Toshiba
  • PSU
    Depends on mood
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S27D850T
  • Cooling
    Cyorig R1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Stefan Payne

    Switching from a xbox one to Switch.

    Its not just the portability. With the switch you get access to games you couldn't play before. If they are games you want to play, the Switch is for you. But remember: The Console is a device to play games. The XBox has nothing no more. Forza is on PC, Master Chief Collection will come to PC later. But pls look at the games, if they are for you! Case closed. You enjoy the Nintendo games -> Switch is for you. That also means you don't really Enjoy the XBox. And there is one reason for the One X. ONE! And that's a last gen Game. Red Dead Redemption... And of course a compilation of older Games -> Rare Replay. I have an XBox One X as well and I am very unhappy with it. So I can understand you wanting to sell it as there are no exclusive titles... At this point in time, M$ should open up the One and at least allow Steam, UPlay and Origin on the One.
  2. Stefan Payne


    What PSU, what is the Rest? where do you live, what's available? But if the Line Voltage is not stable, you need an online UPS to fix that for you and prevent damage from your PSU.
  3. Stefan Payne

    MSI RX 570 driver crashing

    Rest of the System??
  4. Stefan Payne

    Where do I connect?

    Where did you get the second one?? Same Pinout?
  5. Stefan Payne

    Where do I connect?

    You tell a Corsair Product Manager how his PSU is supposed to work??? You see the Problem here, do you?? As stated, the 8pin connectors are all the same on the PSU side. What you plug in there is not relevant for anyone. PSU especially.... So you're wrong. Simple as that.
  6. Stefan Payne

    Where do I connect?

    How did you come up with that? The label on the PSU is clear that that is PCIe/CPU And the PSU doesn't care what you plug in...
  7. Stefan Payne

    Would the G4560 bottleneck my Rx 570 4gb

    No, its not. Its worse than what you have. YOur CPU might be not great but going to a pentium is worse. You just waste money. I know that that CPU isn't the greatest but to be honest, I'd wait until Summer if possible. If not, I'd look for cheaper AMD stuff with a good Board. In Germany a 1600 is available for 99€ for example in a "Special sales place" for example. That with a decent quality Board for like 75€, you're at ~170€ for CPU with Board and another 50€ for some decent Memory... Really great price is what?! Without Information I don't believe it. Its also possible that its not as great as you think and quite expensive and just seems great. Yes, and?! 5% better Performance at most?! Or what are you talking about?! And why are you so fixated on old, not upgradable Intel stuff, thats EOL?! There are better options that allow you to replace the CPU... But you waste Money on some old Intel shit that isn't even better than what you have?! What about a Ryzen 1500x for example or 1600 with an ASROCK B450 PRO4??
  8. Stefan Payne

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Where?! from whom?! and from when?! Ever looked at how old that thing is?! Cheaper than be quiet Pure Power 10/11, System Power 9, Xilence Performance X, Bitfenix Formula? Those are way better than what you got. And also feature some kind of safety you do not have. Even for that price, there are better ones. That one is almost 60€ over here. For that money you can get far better units. What you got is 30€ Performance with lipstick on for 60€... You both are. The PSU you got lacks protection. Look at those: https://www.computerbase.de/2017-07/cooler-master-cougar-xfx-zalman-netzteil-test/3/#abschnitt_schutzschaltungen ^ XFX zweite Revision is your S12II-Bronze See above. Be quiet Pure Power 10/11 Bitfenix Formula Would be my preferred ones. 400W at least.
  9. Stefan Payne

    Smoking SSD and HDD power cables

    Oh god, why?! Why the heck would you order that old thing?! You had a somewhat decent PSU that had potentially some issues and replaced it with some really bad unit?! WHY?! I really hate that people buy such low end unit whose electrical performance and safety features are worse than the lowest end units of other brands. You're better off with a Cooler Master Master Watt Lite than that... Congratulations! You found the lack of Protections of your new, "awesome" Seasonic unit... Should have went with a better one... Without words... I don't want to check the pinout from a Seasonic unit right now but, here what I could find: https://www.overclock.net/forum/18082-builds-logs-case-mods/1420796-repository-power-supply-pin-outs-68.html Here your old Corsair RM: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=148945 So 12V where 5V should be or ground. 5V where 3,3V should be and 3,3V where 12V should be. Great job, man! Nope, they are totally done as the data is stored electronically. And you might have given 12V to the Drive where 5V should be. Improbable that something survived. And now you know the importance of working protection because if the PSU would have had it, it might not have burned... So you should send your Seasonic back where it came from or recycle it.
  10. Stefan Payne

    What do I buy

    For 10 Pound Difference, I might rather get the 1700. But since you mentioned the 1600x for 120, I'd get that and save the Rest for the update to 7nm Ryzen.
  11. Stefan Payne

    Upgrading to a 9900K?

    You can't upgrade, you have to replace the Board as well. And since you already have something decent, it makes sense to wait and see what AMD has in store later this year...
  12. Stefan Payne

    Would the G4560 bottleneck my Rx 570 4gb

    Where the heck did you get that?! Did you already buy that bundle? If not, avoid it because its a bad bundle because the old 200 series is EOL and doesn't support more than 4 COres/8Threads officially. So the Pentium is garbage as you can't upgrade for reasonable prices.
  13. Stefan Payne

    do germans really love their optical drives?

    Its not so much Germans as older people or what we'd call "normies", who want their optical drives for various stuff. You need/want that to watch a movie for example. And some people do that from time to time.
  14. its irrelevant. Name one proprietary thing that was widely used in the PC area. There is none. Also remember ESA?? nVidia ESA?? No?? That might be because its: a) Proprietary and NOT open b) only used in High End So nobody had that and there weren't many nVidia ESA compatible PSU anyway because nobody could use ESA and it was Proprietary = only on NVidia Chipsets. So no, it is already dead and the other side might not even need it thanks to good Async Compute Capabilitys.
  15. Stefan Payne

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    We're talking about Intel, who have billions of Dollars and wasted a shit ton of money for other "side projects" that also has a ton of experience with cooling products. So yes, they should be able to get a decent cooling solution. Especially since you can look at Designs that did not work and those that did. In general: Blower Coolers don't work for Cards over at around 150W at most.